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Monday, July 21, 2014


"Breaking News", Pole Shift, DNA igniting: JUST RECORDED!! DIAMONDS FOREVER 31 Show, Saturday JULY 19, 2014Click to see details.: Blessings of Love Peace and Joy turning to Bliss!! elizabeth Diamond

 Stay tuned for Julien Wells guest again!!   August 9 2014 on Diamonds Show. here is the last show:  

UPDATE, JULIEN WELLS  JUNE 14 SHOW, LINK HERE: June 14 2014 Diamonds Call :// or call 209 255 1099 Pin 883267#  Ref 150#      Guest: Julien Wells Peladian update. Astounding Info, Humanity

Below is LINK TO LISTEN   to show. sat july 19th show: New info on our Changing DNA, and Recent shifting of Pole Shift!!! more   I THINK THE VIDEO BELOW GOES WITH THIS POLAR SHIFT...LISTEN TO THE CALL LINK FOR DETAILS, YOU WILL!! BE ENCOURAGED.

HERE IS THE LINK: Sat July 19, 2014 Diamonds Call    OR Call 209 255 1099 Pin 883267# Ref 159#

  "Attention, please would you consider?" I want to Thank YOU All the World Wide Followers & Galactic wise of the Diamondsforever31, Thank YOU, with much Gratitude.elizabeth Diamond Elizabeth Diamond: on Sabatical: No Diamonds News on July 24, 31, Aug 7 & No Diamonds Sat on July 26 Aug 2: Back on Aug 9 with Astounding Peladian update via Julien Wells Galactic Meanwhile please take advantage and listen to the Archives Thank you elizabeth Diamond click here; Diamonds Replays Also, at this time, i would like to ask for any contributions you would like to make to Diamondsforever31, that is if you have seen your self Expanding thru the information shared. It takes alot of planning, for this sight and diamonds news Thurs & every Sat Diamonds exstended call, i work 40hr wk also, if i had a choice i would stop the 40hr wk grind, but need to pay into the matrix for now. The top right of this blog is the support (donation) button. Thank you with much gratitude for supporting the Awakening, by following Diamondsforever31 blog and show every Thurs Sat & Think it Free!! Question. Another request i have, is i have lost my 40hr wk job, with no financial support not even unemployment, in between jobs, and also at the same time have a 30 day notice to vacate my rental home because they want to sell it. (looking for job and home all at same time), So i would appreciate it if anyone out there has any ideas for me to move, i have pets and would love to communal live or if anyone has home that they need some one to take care of for trade or monetary rent, to live in, or have any ideas for me, I am in the process of looking for job and place to live, will consider moving out of state: please email me at with any ideas, offers or suggestions, or encouragements. I am in Gratitude for all of you followers of Diamondsforever31 around the world and beyond. Thank you for taking interest and using this material for your awakening. Love YOU All, Blessings of Love Peace & Joy turning to Bliss!! to All. elizabeth Diamond.

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REMEMBERWhen I come back August 9, Julien Wells who had the Peladian Update, is back!! Do not miss. August 9 on the Diamondsforever31 Show. Sat 1pm Central. 

In recent years, some spectacular images of the particle-trapping fields around the entire Earth have been taken by sensors on satellites placed in highly elliptical orbits or at Lagrangian points (where Earth-Sun gravitational forces balance out) or enroute to the Sun or other distant bodies. In the top image, the Earth's radiation field in the excited atmosphere is seen in the Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) part of the spectrum by the IMAGE (Imager for Magnetopause to Aurora Global Exploration) satellite; the shape of this field is determined largely by the Earth's magnetic field (note the trailing pattern, related to the geomagnetic tail [see below]. The arc-shaped inner belt is now called the plasmasphere. The distribution of the trapped solar particles in this image is strongly controlled by the Earth's magnetosphere (see below). The lower image is made by the HENA (High Energy Neutral Atom) sensor to show density variations of a hot plasma surrounding Earth.

EUV image of the Earth's environs, as partly controlled by its magnetic field. HENA image of the Earth's environs.