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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Very very very high frequencies.... ships and galactic DNA activations going on: The Pole Shift, what it Really is Doing!! These are two different sources, Wow!! Blessings of Love Peace and Joy turning to Bliss!!

Very very very high frequencies.... ships and galactic DNA activations going on. The lucid dream has activated, the collapse of the quantum field, realities go bendable, whatever words you desire to use (all the same, different versions). The last few days the magnitude of the electro-magnetic energies are wow, amazingly awesome, yet many are really struggling with these activations and how it is affecting their own realities and physical existence here.

These energies now bring an ion storm that throws the magnetics of all off. Everything goes haywire and for the last week or so I keep hearing/seeing "all is about to collapse", "the walls come tumbling down", "all falls down".... and I do not know if I have shared this here before or not, but a week or so ago I experienced a reality being brought forth here where the reptilian DNA was obliterated with the recent high frequency laser blasts. I was also shown where the human mind will still "think" this is a reality, therefore continue that illusion/play, until they figure it out. Therefore, I am to share this for those who desire to start embracing the new parallel/alternate reality where this has already occurred. Only if one chooses to believe this is still a reality, is it true for them.

Now, the frequencies delivered have given all the capability to see beyond their previous reality limits. Pineal activations and universal pathways (brain) activations (electricity/air in the head), consciousness expansion now gives all the ability to understand on a higher level than before. Mass upgrades quantum style!

The amount of energy running through the new upgraded crystalline body is much higher than the amount of energy that could have been handled before. Many may find that they are short-circuiting out if they do not get enough rest, water and connection with earth (lay on the ground/grass and allow the earth to assist with balancing this out).

The electromagnetic clouds/ships are abundant these days. The weather, the water, all very electric now. Even the air, electrical... it is absolutely magnificent to observe.

Now, these frequencies have to do with the electromagnetic field that held the barriers in place for the visibility of ships to now occur. We had to upgrade to be able to handle the magnitude of electricity required for transfer. We have entered a reality that now allows for this here. It's not "they arrive" it's that we now exist in the frequency to all BE in the same reality "space" at the same time.

There is way too much for me to share here and I "work" to find the words for all that I see and experience now. I will continue to share as the words come forth. I seek words to explain that which can't really be explained with my own human comprehension here. I must step beyond my own human comprehension and share from the unified field. Words beyond my own scope, yet I do know them from within me. It's like always pulling the pieces of a puzzle together to fit, then the frequency will change and the puzzle does too. A new piece in every moment as parallels collapse and converge to create a whole new alternative reality here.

Whatever you do, get into alignment and maintain flow at all times. Let all not true fall away and release any reality that does not feed your heart. Stop participating in anything that is not love and does not support the new. It is your reality, your illusion, your play, your hologram and you are transmitting it all from inside of you.

There is sooooo very much going on right now. Reprogramming, tuning, upgrading in every moment. Embrace it all and let go of any old perceptions that things are still the old way. This is a figment of the old human mindset. It's not true anymore. 

P.S. The ion storm represents the decloaking of the ships, yet I see it from the additional perspective where it throws human navigation systems off that interfered with this galactic existence capability before. This completely removes the physical veils previously held in place. Actual physical materialization for all to be in the "same space" now. Our expansion into that galaxy, beyond our previous physical barriers before. So expand your minds and your physical reality will catch up according to this.

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07/16/2014 call below: Cynthia starts talking...about who we are!! and The POle Shift!! it is good news..

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about 1hr 27min Cynthia starts talking...about who we are!! and The POle Shift!! it 
is good news...goes with source reading above, but yet completley two different sources that do not even know each other. Glory!!!

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