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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Are. YOU a Healer?: Here is a websight Connecting All Organic Healers. Matching You With the Best Alternative Practitioners. If you are looking for one Keep this sight in Heart. If you Are a Healer Add yourself so we can find you.

My Story:
When i was dying from 2 times in my life, I needed help. No conventional could help me. I didnt know what energy healing was. I searched for many years and made lots of mistake using the "worst" healers that caused more harm. Since then, I spent 7 year to build the "YELP" for Holistic Directory while seeking the best healing modalities. 
Tonight, I stayed up till 5am working on to finish
 it and launch to share with you. I am very excited knowing you guys will have less "suffering" of healing journey than I did.
There are 2 parts to this directory. Part 1 is for all customers whom is looking for healing. Part 2 is for All the holistic, Energy worker, Reikei, Healing touch, Psychic, Astrologist, Numerologist, etc…
I am trying to create the most legit Alternative Healing that can unite the Spiritual/Energy worker and Conventional Healers together. It's bridging the gap of physic and metaphysic.
I wanted to create a "save" platform that energy healers to have access to more clients since they invested so much on healing on themselves. Spiritual energy workers focus on doing blessed work so much and depends on "donation" that they can use extra help in building their businesses.
I hope that this will help everyone create a more positive thinking and actions as we are moving into the new shift of higher consciousness.
I like to ask that since I just built it, please take your time to scroll through, fill out the list if you are a healer of all modalities. Pass it on to your friends, family, neighbors to help them expand their client base and/or connect with others that are like minded.
I so much everyone whom are helping even thought i may not know you directly so please drop in and say hello.

                                            GO HERE: