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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


All 105,000 “Smart Meters” recalled in Saskatchewan, Canada Province:
*****Simple changing the energy for good on your smart meter: GO TO CORPORATE WALMART LOL AND BUY FOR 1 DOLLAR COPPER CHOR BOYS THOSE THINGS YOU SCRUB YOUR DISHES WITH. and on roll them like a stocking hat and put it around your smart meters and your computer router. Maybe put your cell phones wraped in one over night.  Glory!! elizabeth Diamond.....*****

Julien Wells: Peladian Update Aug 9 & WoW!! whats in That Cloud? COME TO DIAMONDS EARLY TO GET A EAR..LOL..IT WILL BE AWESOME. National Geographic: Travelor Photo Contest Winner 2014 Today on the CBS National News, they announced this, and the commentator said they nicknamed this: "Independence", "because of the movie Independence day" know UFO. A sign and a Wonder...makes you Wonder. Click for Details Blessings to All of Love Peace & Joy turning to Bliss!! elizabeth Diamond.

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                                 Julien Wells 

who had the Peladian Update, is back!! Do not miss. 

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PLEASE SHARE!! PLEASE CLIK ON ALL LINKS -COLORADO IS NOW GROUND ZERO FOR ALL TO BE ABLE TO MAKE THEIR OWN THC/OIL MEDICINE TO CURE ALL CANCER, thanks Peter for this. elizabeth Diamond: Peter will be on Diamonds show Sat Aug 16 Don't miss it we will Talk and bring out phenominal info....see top of Diamond Blog for call details

SEE THE VISION --you MUST click on the ___see all links below--The blue
highlight icon to open to all links below-------COLORADO IS NOW GROUND ZERO FOR ALL TO BE ABLE TO MAKE THEIR OWN THC/OIL MEDICINE TO CURE ALL CANCER----- The Vision to Easily make pure living THC/Oil with living water and pure dirt cheap ethanol will be shared with the masses for all the world to see. Peter will be aligning with the best and the brightest in the state of Colorado. These simple processes will be taught to all who want to share in the vision to easily and effectively annhialate all cancer and other disease with the most potent living Oil ever created. See all links below for clarity. If you are in the state of colorado and would like to be part of something bigger than yourself----feel free to send an e-mail to brother peter at This easy to learn process will change the world.. Colorado is ground zero for the transformation to invert the cancer lie with this simple process. It is Imperative in order to get the vision for you to go thru all links attatched.. you will get the vision if you follow the bouncing ball.
1.) Why making your own Dirt Cheap Ethanol with counter top distiller will replace napatha and isopropyll alcohol..
Please read. All can make their own medicine by making their own dirt cheap ethanol with their own Counter Top Distiller to terminate any Cancer.
2.) SEE HOW and Why making your own Dirt Cheap Ethanol will replace napatha and isopropyll alcohol.. Please watch this link. See Counter top Distiller with Ethanol making video that all will want and need to make their own medicine.. Must watch.
TIME FOR ALL TO QUIT WAITING FOR THE COPORATE MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT TO BRING A CURE. THEY NEVER WILL. Everyone can make their own medicine/RSO Oil. Ethanol of 180 proof or more is dirt cheap to make. It is the preferred primary ingredient to use to make Rick Simson oil for medicine with the Indica strain of hemp. This video shows all the componenets to make 180 proof for about 10.00 dollars a batch of ethanol.. Just sugar, distilled clean water and Yeast. So simple even a cave man can do it. how to make your own ethanol.
3.) See this Excelllent 9 minute overview to do the Final Step on making the THC/oil with ethanol with the needed counter Top Distiller-- which you will be able to make for dirt cheap with your counter top Distiller.... This link shows the final step. 9 minute video ----Essential Cannabis Hemp Oil Making Tutorial Distiller & Frozen Alcohol -
4.) Why all will want to use living water to make their dirt cheap ethanol to create the most potent healing OIL known to man on the earth. If you do not know what live structured water is.. The link posted below will explain.. The benefits will be effective to the next level that no one knows about.. Structured living water will be the catalyst that brings the oil to a potentcy never seen.
The World's Leader In High-Quality
Processed / Structured / Living Water
What makes MiraculeWater special?
It's the only water filtration system in the world with a patented ORME trap! The MiraculeWater processors have a patented trap on the inside to retain all of the minerals and monoatomic elements while removing all of the harmful contaminents. The result is an alkaline water with the beneficial minerals intact.
Invented by Ron Talmage
• Removes the Harmful Elements, Keeps the Beneficial Elements
• Concentrated ORME Elements-The Elements Of Life
• Increased Cell to Cell Communication
• Increased Function of Body's Electrical System
• Alkaline PH with Magnesium Dioxide
• 99.9% Fluoride Removed
• Purified by a Proprietary Selective Hyper filtration Technology
• Decreased Build-Up in Pipes Using Magnetic Technology
Miracule Water Test
Explanation and Benefits Of Miracule Water
The MiraculeWater Processors© combined state-of-the-art filtration and water enhancement process produces drinking water that is 40 times more pure than the water processed by the best reverse osmosis drinking water system in the world. Scientists refer to what remains in the water after the filtration process is complete as - "Pure Nothingness! This processor removes chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, bacteria, parasites, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, fecal material (poop), urine, drugs and everything else that is considered a detriment to your health. (There is more information located on the website.)
MiraculeWater Processors© are the only known hyper-filtration technology that removes 99.99% of FLOURIDE, and 100% of its magnetic imprinting. Flouride has been banned in 36 countries for its known toxic effects. MiraculeWater Processors© erase the harmful memory of the water using a proprietary Triple-Vortexing© process based on Viktor Schauberger. more... MiraculeWater Processors© then re-imprint the water with its original memory and additional frequencies, including positive affirmations such as, truth, love, peace, health, abundance, bliss, all the colors of the rainbow, as well as 10,000 other positive affirmations.
READ THIS LINK.. If you do not know about how this triple vortex technolgy that re-writes on the water and inverts all the hazardous chemicals into ORMUS which has incredible beneficial effects on the body-- then please read this link in it's entirety. We are now on the leading edge to take the beautiful knowlege Rick Simpson created for the world and have the capacity to bring forward the technolgy and make it even better with the living water technology when using this triple vortex technology of the miracure technology.
5.) For those who are un-aware of what monotomic elements/ORMUS are and how they have major beneficial effects on the mind and body--see this link
Must watch for clarity.. ORMUS-- Lost Secrets of the Ark-----
6.) If you have not seen Dr Emoto's overview on re-writing on water.. There are plenty of links sharing that amazing overview. See 3 minute link for clarity.
Making all your your dirt cheap ethanol with living water will be a catalyst that will create a super living oil -- un parallell to none. This will have healing capabilities the likes the world has never known. i am looking to align with the best and brightest in colorado.. If you are interested in aligningand sharing the vision with me to invert the cancer lie..
7,) -see irrevocable proof thart the Jury is in.. Conclusive studies found that show irrevocable proof that all cancers can be anhialated with TCH.oil..These are the reports that big Pharma and the FDA never wanted us to find. see link. More irrevocable medical studies that prove THC/CBD's -- concentrated oil can cure any cancer know to man. Share far and wide.
Who wants to align and help change their world with peter. Waiting on the liars, crooks and thieves in the cancer industry is not a viable option. be the change you want to be
Colorado is ground zero for the teaching and making of THC Medicine----Looking for the best and the brightest who want
8.) Who wants to align and help change their world with peter. Waiting on the liars, crooks and thieves in the cancer industry is not a viable option. be the change you want to be
[10:51:35 AM] Peter Eugene: Colorado is ground zero----see link --
[10:54:20 AM] Peter Eugene:

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