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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

SOMETHING POWERFUL THIS WAY COMES..THE CITIZEN HEARINGS, UFO DISCLOSURE :Stephen Bassett will soon take (scheduled for Nov 5 2014) the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure to Capitol Hill and press for immediate congressional hearings for scores of military/agency/political witnesses ready to testify under oath

August 4, 2014
Past PRG Updates and Press Releases are archived here.
Congressional Hearing Initiative (CHI) - Status

The Congressional Hearing Initiative has been rescheduled to launch on November 5, the day after the mid-term election. This rescheduling is primarily the result of unfavorable political developments during the election cycle. All PRG supporters will be contacted with info about how they can help this effort succeed in bringing Disclosure.
Year in Review
As most of you know there have been some false starts for the Congressional Hearing Initiative. But early this year a firm announcement was made the CHD DVDs would be shipped on March 31 to the U.S. Congress. They contain testimony which names names and addresses many issues including the Clintons, SETI, the Catholic Church, the truth embargo, etc. That launch was not canceled until the evening of March 31.  

Later on other possible launch dates were mentioned, but nothing firm. PRG was very interested to see what would transpire once the launch was announced. Going back to the first firm launch announcement on March 31, here is what has happened. It's quite interesting.

April 2, 2014 (taped in mid-afternoon)

Former President Bill Clinton, who most likely was not aware the CHI launch has been postponed and would have been under the impression they were on their way to Congress, requests that Jimmy Kimmel ask him about extraterrestrials. Not surprisingly Clinton does not mention the Rockefeller Initiative, but alludes to it - incorrectly. He goes on from there.  Watch here.

May 21, 2014

Congressional Hearing on the likelihood of finding extraterrestrial life within 20 years is held before the House Science, Space and Technology Committee. Of course, Dr. Seth Shostak asks for more money.

July 16, 2014

Articles begin appearing announcing, "from September 18-19, 2014, NASA and the Library of Congress are hosting a symposium on how society can prepare for the discovery of extraterrestrial life. Leading astrobiologists from around the world will convene at the Library of Congress in Washington DC., to discuss the latest scientific theories and developments in the search for extraterrestrial life. Presenters will discuss the implications from recent scientific

breakthroughs in discovering the existence of exoplanets, new theories of the conditions under which extraterrestrial life can flourish, and how to communicate with them. In addition to broad discussion of the societal implications of discovering alien life and how to prepare for these, two of the presenters will discuss the theological implications. More specifically, Brother Guy Consolmagno, a Jesuit from the Vatican Observatory, will discuss 'Would you Baptise an Extraterrestrial?'"

July 23, 2014

A rumor begins at the website the Vatican will soon make an important statement about extraterrestrial life.

One wonders what will happen between now and November 5, 2014.
Developments of Interest
MUFON in the 21st Century

PRG applauds the efforts of MUFON's new Executive Director Jan Harzan and new board member Tony Cataldo to expand MUFON's mission statement and bring this important organization into the 21st Century. MUFON's research files are a major asset to the Disclosure advocacy process.
Director Harzan has set a goal of one hundred thousand new members. The new website, the excellent annual symposium hosted by John Ventre and Pennsylvania MUFON, and the successful History Channel series Hangar 1 are just some of the indications this goal may be achieved.
Hollywood producer, Tony Cataldo has made over a dozen feature films, and worked with actors/directors such as Gus Van Sant, Anthony Hopkins, Christopher Walken, and Brooke Shields. Tony was Chairman and CEO of Miracle Entertainment (formerly Cannon Films) for four years. He is the producer of the film 710 now in production.

CIA Apologizes - Again
Another top national security manager is caught in a barefaced lie. It is not going well these days for the secret empire.

Earth survived near-miss from 2012 solar storm: NASA (article)The Scariest Virus: Ebola Is Back, and It's Worse Than Ever (article)
When trillions are spent on bogus wars while pennies are spent on protecting humanity from the true threats, this must ultimately extract a price. Ebola and CME are on a long list of issues backburnered by the war mongers who care absolutely nothing for any human life save their own.
MUFON Award - Excellence in Ufology 2014
PRG executive director Stephen Bassett was very grateful to receive from MUFON this award at the International Symposium in Cherry Hill, NJ.

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