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Monday, October 27, 2014

"Now, the Global Currency ReSet. It is being REACTIVATED now" per Deb Pietsch: The most important part of this return to Australia has to do with the New Earth Creation Codes and the Activation of the Global Currency ReSet. It is being REACTIVATED now

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Dear elizabeth,

Hello Beautiful Creator Being of Light!
Note From Deb
What a ride it's been!  

First I want to apologize that we haven't had another live show since the 3 back-to-back shows we did a few weeks ago or the follow up we anticipated. The bottom line is that we left the States much earlier than we expected...and came back to Australia last week! There are many details that will be shared about why - which has a lot to do with the energies in the States and Los Angeles vs. what we were experiencing BEFORE we left Australia.

But for now, please accept our apology that our follow-through has been very slow...closing down living in one country to re-establish back in another country entails quite a lot of upheaval & moving parts!  
Our re-entry to Australia has been, once again, filled with tremendous light, grace, ease and abundance - which is uniquely different to many of our experiences while in the States & specifically Los Angeles. We, along with our multi-dimensional team, has learned A LOT from this journey-of one (country) matrix to another (country) matrix - and how the energies (for Creating) are vastly different.  THIS will be the topic of many teachings,  insights, recalibrations of Creation Codes of the New Earth Reality Unified Field and more. 

The most important part of this return to Australia has to do with the New Earth Creation Codes and the Activation of the Global Currency ReSet.  It is being REACTIVATED now.
I hope you understand the magnitude and importance of holding space, intending & focusing on this GCR being done and what it means to Mother Earth AND humanity.  It's far beyond the releasing of prosperity and abundance...far far beyond JUST that...It IS the First WAVE of LIGHT to wash across Mother Earth for the Great Shift of the Ages to truly begin.

I AM Love & So Are You!

Live with Judy Anderson Wednesday Oct. 29th @ 11am PST
Woo Hoo!  It's Been Quite A While!
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You're invited to get jazzed and joy-filled with us and your amazing hostess Judy Anderson

(U.S.) Wednesday, October 29th @  
11am PST / 2 pm EST  

(Australia) Thursday October 30th @    
5am E.Coast / 3am W.Coast 

The recording will be available for a few days  
after the Live Show   

Are you ready to Transform and claim Your Magic?

What if you could truly create a Life of Magic? To transform your life in a new way?  
Would you like to claim, own and acknowledge just how unique and magical you truly are?  
Judy has a rock solid reputation for being a facilitator that truly over delivers to create a heart space for you to be profoundly transformed have a laugh along the way to your bliss zone!
Please join us for a heart-opening adventure together? Judy and Deb always have a GREAT time!!  And this time Scott will be joining us! 

You'll also receive some incredible gifts that will gently assist your evolution back to YOU, as you begin this amazing journey of transformation and joy.
In order to engage & participate, you need to REGISTER on the link here: 
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 What others have said about Judy's Amazing Summit:
"Judy, your series has changed my life.  I'm now employed after being without a job for two years.  I'm so THANKFUL!  My life just seems to be filled with miracles-big and little - all of the time!  Much love and THANK YOU!"
~ Tina, USA
"I feel like I've hit a home run!  Spirit led me to your summit and I am so glad.  I'm so much happier and at peace now after a tumultuous year. I appreciate you and your show so much."
~ J.A., UK

"Your shows have been so incredible for me.  The meditations before the show and then the processes and meditations during the shows have led me to a higher level of viewing my live and living my life on a whole different level.  Every day I am just amazed with what has happened
to my life since I have been able to listen in to your shows."
~ Terri, USA
Click here and get ready to enter the magic zone with Judy and us this Wednesday, October 29th (U.S) / Thursday, October 30th Australia!!

May your heart's desires be what is leading you through you day!
Bunches of Love, Laughter and Gratitude!

New office #:  310-299-2919