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Monday, October 6, 2014

We Are Changing OUR Lives!!!, i received this Most Beautiful email. Thank you.

I just listened to the last show, the LEAP show.  It has changed my life and I feel a healing coming on!!

Thank you so much, you ask the best questions.  The prayer Language question I have been looking for that answer for over 5 years.
Thank you.  I also received my prayer language, "light language" I guess, long ago through church, over 25 years ago.  I am 58 now.

I did donate, and I will be donating more.  There are no words in this language to thank you enough for what you do.

Have you ever asked Franco if all the things that have been forcasted, like internet going down, disruption of american commerce, 
like food transportation, banking going down, etc. are going to happen?  I do not fear those, but I know many others do, and I was just wondering.  Cuz you know we are the ones they will be running to and asking , lol!  

I am so excited I can't type and my computer is going even crazier on me, so if you are too busy to answer, (I listened to that part of your interview), I will so understand !  Will just keep watch on your blog, you are the best!!  

Be well, and Thank you again, no words for my appreciation !!