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Monday, November 24, 2014

Updated NOv 26 2914 THE STREET "We the every day People" Waking Up!!! YES!!

UPDATED NOV 26 2014: 

Rebelutionary_Z LIVE in StLouis & Ferguson

Independent Journalist working with -- I will be in #Ferguson to stream and tweet on the ground from the PEOPLES perspective (whenever possible).

You can donate to help keep me streaming from Ferguson and St. Louis



BITCOIN address: 16MvnMswV3gdX4RtGvukzxwBqxHvLK4Cp7
The Grand Jury finally announced their decision: Police can kill with impunity...
People have taken to the streets to express their anger. From Ferguson to New York, Chicago and Seattle, they're standing up against the grave injustices inflicted on the American People by the Police State.
Livestream from St. Louis and Ferguson:…
Excellent pictures and updates here:
Here is what people are saying about today's Grand Jury decision:
Shocking... but not surprising. Sadly, that is part of the larger problem. ‪#‎Ferguson‬
The media have more criticism for looters than killers. #Ferguson
#Ferguson will prove to be the camel that breaks the politically correct insanity. Americans will not stand for this lawlessness.
A handful of jurors prove to be ignorant, some police racist. Millions prove that they will stand up for the right thing. #Ferguson
The looting isn't for a practical effect. It's enraged expression from a group of citizens historically maligned and ignored. #Ferguson
Police want tanks and to act like soldiers rather than "peace officers." What happens when other side treats you like a soldier? #Ferguson
Tonight, I am praying for safety but I am not praying for the smothering of anger. Anger is justified. Murder isn't. #Ferguson
From Amnesty International: US must address unjustified, excessive and lethal use of force by police in #Ferguson & nationwide.

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AJ+ uploaded a new video.
‪#‎Ferguson‬ protester: "We want something that needs to go to the root cause."
AJ+ reports from Ferguson, MO.

AJ+ uploaded a new video.
In ‪#‎Ferguson‬, retired Philadelphia police captain Ray Lewis tells us why he's out in solidarity with protesters against a corrupt system.
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