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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Angelic Guides of 2015

This is a reminder email to what each already knows subconsciously. As a guide in manifesting, it might be well to image or think:  Do I want this to return to me... beforeentertaining a thought or word, act, etc. 
IF, if it is agreeable in every way not only for the self each is but for the mass of society also, then it is surely a blessing to be received and sent. IT is also good to think about solutions to whatever ... rather than the situation itself. How would or could it be resolved in the spirit of LOVE? 
In other words, think, speak, act as you would want to receive the thought, word, act sent out -- returned immediately to you ... and, be happy that the idea, word, etc. is recognized by the self as what is or has been sent out. Creation now is more immediate than ever before.  Be aware of this!  It is important to always ALWAYS think LOVE before each and every possible that is sent from the individual consciousness...  Love you so much!  so much. This as I said is just a reminder to what you ach already have within the self/Self.  Helen Andrasko
p.s.  You may want to read this to those who do not have a computer, it is so vital for our happiness. Helen

Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi: What’s to Come in the Year 2015

Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi: What’s to Come in the Year 2015

Posted by Brian Ramsell
angelic_guidesToday we would like to focus your attention upon the year of 2015.
As many of you know, we do not particularly like to give ‘future predictions’ simply because your future is not set; rather it is constantly changing based on the decisions you make in the now moment.
However the ‘future’ energy of the human collective is far more stable than any one individual is. The reason is that it is based on the decisions of the masses rather than simply on one individual’s choices. We will not focus upon events or occurrences, but rather the energy and experiences that will likely manifest continually in each of your lives over the course of this next year; your calendar year of 2015.
As we have said many times this year, 2014 would be a year of trust and faith. Many of you have now experienced a multitude of circumstances this year that have tested your ability to hold your trust and faith in the desired outcome rather than to lose yourself in the chaos that unfolds before you. Holding your focus regardless of what takes place around you is a crucial and critical step in learning how to take charge of your own lives.
As you each regain the ability to become master creators within the physical realm, you have each undoubtedly had experiences where you were able to remain focused, and have successfully manifested your desired outcome; as well as a multitude of challenging experiences that tested your faith and belief in your ability to do so. This is to be expected, as you are each learning to stabilize your thoughts and release your fears. 
The year of 2015 brings forward the strong energy of progress. Many of you will find that much of what you have been tirelessly working towards creating will come to fruition in this year. This is not to say that every wish will be granted; however we would say that by the end of 2015 many of you will look back at your year and see a tremendous amount accomplished.
As we often say, all energy contains an innate ebb and flow within it. You have had several years of reflection, integration, and release; and you are now ready and able to once again propel yourselves forward.
The years in which the energy supports movement and progress can often feel a bit chaotic to some who do not see the true potential in using the energy to their advantage. However, if you can remain focused and know that all is coming together in divine timing, you will surely be amazed at what you will be able to accomplish this year. Some may find this to be daunting, but it is our hope that many of you see the wonderful blessings that inherently come with years such as these.
The most important lesson to be gained in this upcoming year is to remain focused on the end result you wish to manifest, as this year will be filled with a lot of happenings. This will be felt on an individual level as well as on a collective level.
As your year of 2015 draws to an end, many of you will look back and wonder how so much could have happened in just one short year, as you will each be propelled forward further than any one year has taken you prior to this. What once could have only been accomplished in the span of an entire decade will be accomplished in this short year.
We hope that you look to this upcoming year with excitement and wonder. Though we remind you to hold a very clear picture of what you desire to accomplish. This year may very well feel like a whirlwind for the majority of you; but that does not have to mean that it can not be a wonderful, exciting, and thrilling whirlwind. So we encourage you to use the energy to your advantage to launch yourselves into new spaces you have never dared to dwell before.
We hope that this message has in some way served you, and that we have been of service to you in some way.
In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides
Copyright © 2012-2014 by Taryn Crimi. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.
“Angelic Guides: What’s to Come in the Year 2015,” channeled by Taryn Crimi, December 28, 2014, at
To read this message at its source click here: Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi: What’s to Come in the Year 2015

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