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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

US Marine Capt. Randy A. Cramer, Special Section (ss) is an active duty Marine officer: Speaking OUT on What We so deeply have been Decieved on; The Secret Breakaway Civilization, on Mars

Henry W. McElroy Jr. discusses openly the interaction between humans and off world astronauts in the USA. The testimony forces Ufologists to conclude and accept the inevitable conclusion that an organization style MG12 must exist in order to arrange a briefing between the president of the USA and off world Astronauts.
By translating this testimony I hope to encourage Ufologists worldwide to take this testimony seriously and face the consequences of the information of this important whistleblower.

VANCOUVER, BC – US Marine Capt. Randy A. Cramer, Special Section (ss) is an active duty Marine officer deployed within the civilian population of the United States pursuant to Article 21 of Emergency Marine Corps Regulations. Under authorization from the U.S. Marine Corps chain of command, Capt. Cramer is speaking out against US government policies, a secret gene-pool colony on Mars, the depopulation plans of what he calls the Breakaway civilization of the military industrial complex.
Unless the green, advanced technologies now sequestered by the Breakaway civilization are released for Earth’s public good, Capt. Cramer says the Breakaway civilization intends to eliminate Earth’s current surface-dwelling humans and replace them with humans that are now part of a secret Mars colony selected for its preferred gene pool and elite status. As Capt. Cramer states on his website, “DO NOT RELY ON THE OFFICIAL APPARATUS OF STATE TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH AT THIS TIME! They’re interest is not in your survival, it is in reducing your numbers.”
Article 21: When the US Marine Corps can warn the public the US government is no longer functioning
Capt. Randy Cramer states he is speaking out in this interview under authorization of a secret mechanism established by U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower to warn American citizens in the event their government was compromised and in danger of failing them or being overtaken.
Article 21 of secret Marine Corps regulations authorizes the US Marine chain of command to deploy a U.S. Marine as a civilian to speak out publicly against the actions of the U.S. government when either of two conditions is reached:
  • Less that 50% of the constitutional guarantees of the US government are in place because of the actions of an extraterrestrial race; or
  • Less than 75% of the operating functions of the US government are no longer being carried out;
Under either of these conditions, the U.S. Marine chain of command can invoke Article 21 and deploy a U.S. Marine in the form of Capt. Randy A. Cramer to warn the public as to steps it should take so that the American people and its nation can survive.
There has been an official determination that one or both of these conditions have been met now.  Read More:


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