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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Learn & Listen to The Truth in Love from Music!! This Man i meant Personally 5 or 6 yrs ago; I got Drunk in his Music he writes and Plays; he has been from Hell in his life, & NOW!! lives Life!! and Life!! Abundantly!! Here is full link, please click aND listen to short video:

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Renowned musician, author, and speaker reveals stunning discovery in music therapy with...


The 7 Secret Frequencies Uncovered in the Music of King David...and the People Convinced of its Incredible Healing Effects...

What if I told you that you could have the power to heal yourself and your loved ones with the gift of music...
Without dangerous drugs...without expensive (and dangerous) surgeries...and absolutely without spending your life in a hospital!
Would that be okay with you?
Great! Because here's a synopsis of today's safest, most powerful, and creative modality of health that you've ever seen.
Simply by listening daily to this music you could...
1. Wipe out your unhealthy fears, drop feelings of guilt and shame, and show you how you can help restore your liver, brain, and kidney functions...(SONG 1, 396Hz)
2. Remove the recurring, negative cycles in your life like procrastination, addiction, and junk as sluggishness and lethargy disappear and productivity and creativity increase...enhance your digestion, ease stomach issues, balance your metabolism, and erase headaches and lower back pain...(SONG 2, 417Hz)
3. Discover the Master Key that precipitates all other frequencies. You'll feel soothed by its multiple health benefits as you're tenderly enveloped in peace. This is the very same frequency David used to soothe King Saul's depression...(SONG 3, 444Hz )
4. Hear the most curious frequency of all...this has the power to restore broken DNA. This is the root of disease. Relax and let the transformation lift you to a seemingly unreachable height...gently relieving hormonal imbalances, muscle tension, weight problems, and circulation troubles...(SONG 4, 528Hz)
5. Enjoy the fostering of peace and forgiveness in all your relationships. Also known to positively affect the endocrine system – particularly gall bladder and adrenal issues...(SONG 5, 639Hz)
6. Gain a keen awareness of your very own spirit in this powerful yet delicately performed miracle of healing. Experience deep spiritual and emotional healing while cleansing your immune system of common infections. Super-charge your circulatory system to support your healthy heart and blood flow...(SONG 6, 741Hz)
7. Revel in the frequency that celebrates the King of Kings. Purely spiritual – connect in the worship of God, His love for humankind, and His return to those who await Him...(SONG 7, 852Hz)
As you read this, I’ve been playing - Transformation, at 528 Hz. Feel the vibrations in your body ... I thought it was the perfect sample to welcome you to this amazing product...
Best of all...

Click the video above to learn more about Wholetones

Hello my friend,
Let me ask you...
Did the shark in Jaws snap you to the edge of your seat with its now infamous THEME ...dun-dun...dun-dun?

Can you still hear the music from the Titanic?
Was Darth Vader more intimidating with the ominousImperial March playing behind him?
Do you think of Jack and Rose pretending to fly on the bow of the Titanic when you hear the opening to My Heart Will Go On?
Of course the answer is yes...
The soundtrack to a movie is what creates your mood ... moves you to feel anxiety, serenity, and even the pain of the characters...
In fact, throughout our entire history, music has had the power to transform us spiritually and physically.
Because as Longfellow pointed out...
Music is the universal language of mankind.
Now we're discovering what the ancients have known for millennia – music also has the power to heal.
Native Americans have used music and chanting as way to treat and protect against disease.
In an article published by The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) in 2009, Dr. Assad Meymandi writes:

Aristotle knew the power of music could heal the sick
PLEASE CLICK THIS TO WATCH THE AMAZING VIDEO!!! llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
"Since ancient times, music has been recognized for its therapeutic value. Greek physicians used flutes, lyres, and zitters to heal their patients. They used vibration to aid in digestion, treat mental disturbance, and induce sleep. Aristotle (323–373 BCE), in his famous book De Anima, wrote that flute music could arouse strong emotions and purify the soul. Ancient Egyptians describe musical incantations for healing the sick."
And so it goes in Biblical times with Zephaniah 3:17 – "He will rejoice over you with joyful songs!"
Today we're discovering how we too can use music to heal, repair, and protect against disease.
In fact, a recent study by the UK-based Journal of Advanced Nursing has revealed some impressive findings...
They saw...
Chronic pain and other painful conditions reduced by up to 21% ... depression by 25%
And more and more, music is being used in hospitals to soothe postoperative pain, lower blood pressure, and boost immunity.
The reason for this is because music can balance hormones, boost the release of endorphins, giving you a greater sense of peace ... which could lead to faster recovery and give you more profound healing.
And that's the reason I'm writing you today -- to tell you...
How I discovered healing musical tones