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Sunday, January 25, 2015

I Found this Written today January 25, 2015 from The One of my face book friends. This IS Just Be You tiful!!! thank YOU my friend. I will title it "Be- YOU- tiful Vulnerable" Blessings of Love Peace & Joy turning to Bliss!! e Diamond

I think that many of us are afraid to express our full, raw, and 
authentic selves. Instead we "Beat Around The Bush",
half-truths, policing ourselves, and end up feeling only half-
alive. It seems there is some deep rooted fear around 
"Telling the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the
For me, this fear manifests through only partially expressing my needs/desires. Instead of just telling it straight up, I may give a vague or indecisive request. Also, in my deep inner healing process, I've learned that "In order to get it ALL OUT, I have to go ALL OUT." This means yelling as loud as I possibly can, stomping the ground with as much ferocity as I can muster, and crying every single tear that is ready to release.

What would happen if we were totally HONEST and VULNERABLE? Would we end up in a state of failure, rejection, or abandonment? I doubt it. Usually when I courageously speak from a vulnerable place, whoever hears me is inspired to share some of their unspoken stories. Truth leads to more truth.
Even if people do reject or abandon us for being RAW, that is better than ABANDONING and REJECTING ourselves and what we know to be true.
Mainstream Society has conditioned us to "police ourselves" , to be polite, and so that we don't rock the boat. I proudly say "F*^#@K THAT!" It feels horrible to not express our natural instincts and desires. Just look at the animals in the zoo. They have been robbed of their most basic birthright : To be themselves.
Its time for us to break out of the Human Zoo. I invite and encourage us all to express our full, primal selves. Whether its speaking up for a Cause we believe in, telling our intimate partner our true desires, or leaving a situation that is not serving us, THE TRUTH SHALL SET US FREE smile emoticon
Aho. Ahey. ((( heart emoticon )))

One comment i would like to make, is to what you wrote "what would happen if we we re Totally Honest and Vulnerable?"  well i say, in this time of Awakening, coming out of Our slumber, Re-remembering "Who We Really Are, and going Beyond Awakening",  we should practice this on people. This IS Who WE REally are!! and if we practice it on others who are awake and filling up, welling up with that Love unconditional, they will Love YOU even more!! or try to the best they can. And those Who are still sleeping.....well that is good practice for those that are practicing Total Un conditional Love !!  Not holding back, Transparent Vulnerability, to the Un - Lovable's. YOU lover, will be planting a seed INTO the un-Lovable's. What does that produce, you might ask? a seed of unconditional Love. A Love that CONQUERS ALL!! elizabeth Diamond