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Friday, January 30, 2015

JUST RECORDED!! readmydna---Everything is Recorded in Our DNA: Diamonds Forever 31 13 Show Sat January 31 2015 2pm EST; Also Two Surprise Guest's in second hour.

Here is the Diamonds Forever show link with Tory and Special Surprise Guest's: 


The You Tube will be up in 2 to 3 days:  Just clik the One Diamond on the Rt side of this Blog, it will take you to the Diamond You Tube Channel with Most recent shows...other shows you can catch already recorded from show Reference 1# to 203#  see instructions at top of blog to call the recorded via skype or telephone. Much Love Elizabeth Diamond

ABOUT: Tory  He will be on Diamonds Forever 31 13 Show Saturday January 31 2015
This blog    is to give information about DNA readings, and about what I know to be true in the Universe. My Life Themes are Healer and Survivor. I do readings as a gift only and is a small part of what I do. I have many Sacred Obligations, as we all do, well, those of us devoted to the Light. I prefer that no comments be made here, and that all question be asked by email or phone. My email is please put reading request in the subject line.
I do energy work daily, and my current focus is seeking Justice,and doing everything I can to help bring child trafficking to an end, so I deal with some very dark ones. I love to do Healing sessions for those of the Light. Sending Light to the dark is an absolute necessity. I am a conduit for Zero Point Energy. We call it that now because we have to pull the energy down into this realm through the zero point.
When I refer to God, it is always Mother and Father God in Heaven. I am very grateful to Them and the Universe, I usually feel all I have is my Faith in God, and the Love of my family.
In 2013 Father and Mother gave me the ability to send demons into the Light. We do it together. What actually happens is, God works Miracles through me, and I give all the credit to God. This happens with ZPE, which is really the Consciousness of God, and it is what powers the Universe, and hold the planets, stars and everything else in place.
I have been communicating with Heaven so long I don’t remember the time. When someone I know dies, I always check to make sure they made it. I like to Petition Mother God for a circle of Angels around someone if they are close to the death process. I highly recommend this to all.
I have been Healing with various Lights of God for over 20 years, and it has become like breathing. The gift of being able to see and read DNA came in 2010, about 7 months after having my DNA Activated from 2 to 144 strands. My current level is 728,000 Strands Activated, with 89% Sacred Light.
Thanks and God Bless!
Diamonds Shows Every Saturday 2pm EST Health/Catalyst (209) 255 1000 or +1-424-203-8405  Pin 883267#   Call via telephone or skype phone, if you have skype to landline credits; (it is only 10.oo for the year).

The Following are some recent Examples of Tory's Blog. Enjoy!! Blessings of Love Peace & Joy turning to Bliss!! to You and your Families. elizabeth Diamond


                       Feline- Humans Are                        Cats Prrrfect?

The Cetacean-Humans of Nunki

Sometimes when we live in the star system of Nu Ceti, which is the original home of Cetaceans, the Dolphins & Whales, [and others I have yet to know] we fall so in love with them, that we decide to have lifetime[s] in the star system of Nunki.
The majority of people there are 1/2 Human and 1/2 Cetacean [Dolphin], and they are one of the 56 species of Humans in our Galaxy. It would go with out saying that they are excellent swimmers, and I have had glimpses of these wonderful people, in memory and reading DNA, but nothing I can pass on in a photo yet.
Another subject that I have started to research is how we go from species to species in various lifetimes, and most of us are one type and then another. But one thing I have seen that is fairly rare, is that sometimes we retain a small percentage of a certain species for one reason or another. I assume at this point that perhaps we are proud, or maybe it is love that makes us do it.
This species is the first one that I have seen that some people retain. There is a difference between having Nunki in your star lines [past life home and having been this species of Human] and being let’s say 97% Human and 3% Cetacean.
When I first saw a person that was 97% Human and 3% Cetacean I thought how cool is that? What is the difference between being in the past and continuing to be in the now? I found a beautiful photo of the Nunki system. This is from the site

Process of Cleansing the Sun Complete

I learned that the Sun was hollow during one of my astral travel visits. Many times to cleanse myself, I would fly over to the Sun and park myself so that the fire would pass right through me. I love those loop rings of fire, and they are perfect for cleansing the Soul. After many times of doing this, one day I decided to go into the Sun and see what was up.
After passing through a very dark substance, I suddenly appeared on a beach. It was so refreshing and I could feel the cool sand in my toes. I looked around and could see huge mountains off in the distance. A man walked up to me and stuck out his hand for me to shake it. I thought he was far away, but when I looked down I realized he was standing right in front of me and his hand was about four times bigger than mine, and he was easily 9-10 feet tall. We spoke briefly with me not saying much as I was in awe of his size.
I later learned that he is a Nephilim, the most common species type of Sun residents. Very large Humans is the easiest way to describe them. As I mentioned earlier in this blog, our solar system is being restored to its former glory and the Sun is no exception. Heaven doesn’t always give me information of future events, just general things. We change our minds so many times anyway, when people ask me about what they will do in the future, I remind them that until they do it, it won’t be recorded in their DNA to be read.
What I do know is that all dark entities have to leave. This one primary reason I always include Sacred Light in the reading, because it is a great indicator of where we are spiritually. 51% or more is required to stay. The Nephilim were given a choice. Either move into the Light, or move out. About 11 billion of them left, leaving the current population around 32 million. They were taken by ships to their new home, which is, get this, 300 trillion Light years away in another galaxy. Considering one Light year is a heck of a way to go, I cannot even fathom how far 300 trillion of them are.
Other dark ones,arrested and taken from Earth, Dracos, Reptilians, and Insectians are much closer at 3 billion Light years in the galaxy of Aeron. I am told that they have already been tried, and after what they did to me, I don’t care to ask what happened to them. I can tell you it is not fun being around those who eat Humans. I am so glad they are gone, never to return. So the process of cleansing the Sun is complete and those who stayed there have moved into the Light, or given the freedom to be who they really are, Light beings. The dude I met seemed pretty cool, and he is still there.

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