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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Republic for the United States of America: Please Attend via phone or Skype Thurs January 29 2015 9pm Est 6pm PST

Republic for the United States of America

Simulcasting atThe American Republic
Thursday 29, 2015
6pm PST/9pm EST

Republic News Network Host Bob Barnet welcomes Wolf (Christopher Wolf), for an in depth discussion of lawfully reestablishing constitutional government within your county. THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

The focus will be The Committees of Safety, 1775, which were used historically to hold local officials accountable and to educate the people about self-government. This event will be simulcast to several groups and media outlets. There will be a Q&A session. The call is planned to last approximately 2 hours.
You've been looking for an effective way to get involved at the local level...  
Restore the Republican form of government in your states and counties!

Please watch your email for details and call information.  
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Republic for the United States of America
Republic for the United States of America
RICG CALL & INFO Email for the free States

Mission Statement and Thanks
New Format RICG Build the States

To All Governors, Executive and Judicial Branch Officials:
To Join the RICG email list and stay informed:

You will  need to fill out the 
  Affirm Your Support Form
FIRST and then make sure and 
join the email list
Then please send an email   "request to be added to the RICG email list."
If you have already done this, please disregard this reminder. This is an important tool in keeping everyone informed. Thank you!

Help Wanted
National is looking 
for help in the following areas:
Record Keeping, Research 
Experience with keeping records and working with computers and email. Highest integrity and dependable.
Contact Persons in states that don't have representation 
We need dependable folks in those states to coordinate meetings and work with our contact lists.

Building the States Call - Wed evening 
Please consider joining us on this call to talk about and answer questions on filling the vacancies in the "non-green" states, and to educate and recruit more people to the Republic.

Please send all inquiries, questions to: 
rrb.admin@republicoftheunitedstates. org 

Recruiting ideas
- link to map of a group near you!
Call into Radio programs and request to hear about the Republic for the United States of America. Remember to be respectful!
We have a new recruiting tool  This is available for 2 hours daily. Help us use this resource to reach out to the American People. 
Dear Governors, Executive and Judicial Branch Officials:
***Tonight's call will start at 6:00/9:00 pm. We will give brief updates and then go to the Building the States call.***

RICG Call Time   6:00pm pac/7:00pm mtn/
                          8:00pm cen/9:00pm est
        Call number  605-562-3140   Code 245111#

Mission Statement
Please view our new Mission Statement. It is located on the front page of our web site.

To everyone who has stepped in and helped with the media work and on the conference boards, and also with personal computer issues! It is appreciated greatly!


The RICG and Build the States call will be combined. Call information and time is listed above for the RICG call. The RICG number is still just for the officers. The Build the States call number is for the general public. The call will start with brief updates and then go into Building the States and Q&A. Leadership please stay on the RICG number. It makes it easier to separate the Republic officers from the new folks.      


1. Please remember to check your state contact emails and opt in form requests.    

2. We are still waiting on bios and pictures from the officers for the States' Government web sites. We need at least a bio to start. PLEASE BE WORKING ON THESE. You can send them to 

3. Remember to send your updated paperwork from the states elections for the required national positions to the RRB. This includes an updated LCF-SCF-AUDIT form for the state. If you have any questions, please email the RRB.

4. Recruit! Recruit! Recruit! Please point everyone to our web site and invite them to our calls. 

Making your donations to the Republic is easy. Clicking on the Donate Link will
direct you to the Republic Donation web page. 


Also simulcasting at:  The American Republic  blogtalkradio
RNN Welcomes

Walter Burien
January 22, 2015  
Host: Bob Barnet                       Producer: Kelby Smith

You've Been Asking...
Oh...where has all the money gone? Here and there and everywhere! Here are the CFAR'S (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) Read the's there for you to follow. counties, states, agencies, nations

Walter Burien
Please forward this important call information to everyone you know!
712-432-0075  Access Code 300748#
6pm Pacific/7pm Mountain/8pm Central/9pm Eastern

About Walter Burien

In 1977 Walter worked for XEROX Corp out of the Princeton, New Jersey branch for one year and, in 1978, switched over to working in the commodity markets from New York City with an office at 1 World Trade Center. Walter Burien learned quickly that he had a knack for seeing what was going to happen based on what was happening. This talent can be very profitable in commodity futures trading. Walter found out quickly that he was not good at sales but very good at trading. He and a friend opened a trading account with $1,200 having the intent of generating the money to open up their own commodity trading firm. Well, in a little over three weeks Walter had taken that $1,200 up to a little over $53,000. Walter and his friend Roy pulled $35,000 out of the trading account and started Gabriel Brokerage (named after Arch Angel Gabriel) having an office on the 19th floor of 1 World Trade Center. The first four clients of the firm were other brokers who gave Walter $10,000 each saying "Please trade my account"...

The Republic for the United States
of America

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