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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

This world in which we live in is absolutely perfect. There is nothing that needs to be changed, because how can you change what is already in a state of self-sustenance, balance, harmony, beauty, and thus, perfection? The only thing that needs to be changed is humans.

Not due to some flaw in nature, but as a result of the flaws in our learned perception of everything so that we can come into harmony with the inherent perfection of creation. The fact that we view the world as imperfect, as dangerous, and as broken, is what makes it so. Nothing else. There is nothing imbalanced in nature accept that which we have made so. Because we see ourselves as imperfect, broken, incomplete and impure we act in accordance with those beliefs and manifest them into our creations, interactions, lives, and society.

If we would all take the time each and every day to cleanse ourselves and reconnect with our infinite energy, infinite consciousness, and infinite potential through a daily spiritual practice, we would come to see this perfection within ourselves and in the world, and we would act in accordance with it instead. (To learn how read lifestyle design.)

A daily spiritual practice is all that we need to facilitate a global and personal spiritual awakening.

“An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.”
- Mahatma Gandhi

Spiritual Awakening Of The Individual

Every human being has a specific purpose which they came here to do. Through a daily spiritual practice we will all discover and live this purpose. When a human being is on purpose, they are in alignment with their true nature and they are continually undergoing a process of spiritual awakening.

When we can understand that we are infinite and perfect in all respects, there will be no striving for success with egotistical motivators such as competition, winning, achievement (for the sake of achievement), or status. Our success will be displayed in abundance by the quality of our lives judged not by money, status or recognition; but by happiness, purpose, and passion.

By establishing a daily spiritual practice (Sadhana), it will become impossible to do anything in your life that is not your life purpose. That is the power of a daily spiritual practice. It gets you so in tune with your true nature and the universal mind to the point where you will be guided, drawn, and pulled so powerfully to your life purpose, you will not be able to miss it. Not instantaneously, of course, but as a gradual shift increasing in sense of purpose, commitment, and certainty over time.

All of our life missions are different, yet they share a similar chord of truth: we are all returning to source by awakening the infinite potential within. Some will be destined to be world renowned in what they do, while others are destined for different paths that may not be as recognized. And the fact of the matter is that a spiritually awakened individual would see no difference; they would be so spiritually connected and aware of the infinite nature of all beings, that it would not even occur to them to judge another based off superficial considerations.

They would see only the infinite, energetic nature of all other individuals and would recognize that we all have our own purposes and paths in this lifetime, and that they are all equally great in service to the universe. That is what really matters. Thus external validation of success is a non-issue; it is the energies they live their lives with that is the only thing of importance.

It doesn’t matter what people are doing, it is how they do it. A person living their life purpose is so connected to the divine and filled with high frequency energies that they would not doubt their magnificence for a second. Even if they had the choice, they would have no desire whatsoever to choose a different life other than their own because they are so in love with what they are doing that there really is no other choice for them. It would have been like Jimi Hendrix choosing to play banjo instead of guitar; Einstein choosing to be a poet; or Michael Jordan choosing to play hockey. I’m sure they would have been great at whatever they did, but in truth, they really didn’t have a choice in the matter.

Everything about our lives is perfect because it is exactly what we need for a spiritual awakening. All the experiences, circumstances, dreams, ambitions, and flaws of our character are exactly the learning we need to graduate to new levels of existence. It was set up that way by higher levels of our consciousness.

All that we are, and all that we are experiencing in this moment, is the culmination of our accumulated karma and the epitome of what we need to learn in order to evolve. If we can become impeccable and move towards perfection, then we transcend all the old limitations, habits, trained perceptions, and identities that held us captive, and we become the limitless, energetic beings that we are . Thus an evolving individual would not run away from their lives, but accept them wholeheartedly as the challenge, and the perfectly designed path of spiritual awakening that they are.

There is no greater purpose than service. Awakening individuals are so connected to universal wisdom that they know unequivocally that the greatest purpose in all they do is participation in the divine co-creation and evolution of all humanity. This is what we are all ultimately serving individually, and collectively. All our actions, experiences, triumphs, and failures in equal measure, are all contributing to the advancement of creation and evolution of life. Knowledge of this grand design and conscious participation is what I desire most for myself, and for every other person in existence.

Not a fancy house, fame, nor fortune, but a spiritual awakening to the magnificence of the reality in which we all are blessed to exist in, and an awareness of the universal mind for which we are all projections of; a spiritual awakening to the greater purpose of their individual existence; and lastly, to the underlying order of ones life and the peace that comes with knowing that everything at all times is as it should be, and that we are all magnificent divine beings (despite our disguises) serving a purpose that is much greater than any one individual alone.

The rest of all the global and personal changes will be the result of that new awareness.
Spiritual Awakening In Culture – A New Earth

As we achieve a spiritual awakening of this magnitude, there are a relatively small number of immediate external changes on the planet that would occur, but they are key changes, and would radically transform the face of the planet and the direction of humanity in a relatively short space of time.

We would stop using harmful fossil fuels, choosing instead renewable and cleaner sources of energy; electricity for example, or extracting energy directly out of the vacuum structure.
We would stop genetically modifying anything, as the result of a new understanding of the inherent perfection of the universe, and learning to trust the wisdom that created us. (Also we are now realizing that changing DNA in the proper way is an energetic process, not a surgical one.)
We would shift from mass produced foods and products, in favor of locally grown or made, creatively designed, organic, and sustainable alternatives when realistically possible. This would increase the prosperity (economic, creative, and otherwise), resiliency, and strength of our societies by supporting individuals creative efforts and strengthening the bonds of our communities.
We would also become more in tune with nature (and the universe) and thus become more environmentally conscious in general. This would increase our awareness of our unity and connection with the natural world thereby increasing our motivation to halt pollution, and clean up our cities by returning nature to them, for one thing.

These main external changes are few in number, but they would (and are currently) producing astounding positive results in general prosperity, health, and quality of life not just for humans, but for all life. These changes are occurring in a gradual fashion, but they are occurring nonetheless. And as our desires shift according to our new understanding and level of coherence with the universal mind, the greatest changes are yet to come.

The greatest shift would be in how we lived. Our lives would not be governed by a struggle for survival, for money, because we would know with conviction that we are powerful beings above all that. Instead our moments would be spent delving within ourselves for deeper realization of the perfection of the universe, and our actions would be aligned with our purpose in life. We would live in a state of compassionate service for the benefit of all life, and our lives would contain incomprehensible levels of joy, inspiration, love, and gratitude. Simply because of the opportunity we have been given to live and serve in this beautiful world by doing what we love to do.

Negative energies will probably never be gone entirely, because the universe is polarized, and without an experience of one, there cannot be conscious movement towards the other. Indeed negativity seems essential to evolution, in moderation of course. I assume that even the best of us have moments of anger, frustration, or doubt. The difference would be that we would have the understanding, the awareness, and the humility to forgive ourselves and others for their shortcomings, and consciously choose compassion and acts of kindness instead.

Human culture would then be brought together by such a deep sense of peace, harmony, kindness, service, security, and love for one another that everything about our world would radically change. We are an amazingly diverse race, yet even still we would be brought together in harmony out of respect for our mutual desire of spiritual awakening, and our equal nature as beings of consciousness. This change would be so clearly observed in the interactions of the people of the world, such as:

Parents would trust the infinite nature of their children and thus allow them to develop naturally due to a deep understanding of the magnificent force which we are extensions of and which creates us all.
The educational infrastructure would see the divinity in each student and practice non-interference, thus graciously allowing them to express themselves, learn, develop, and grow, all on their own acting as nothing more than an observer who is there merely to witness learning, and to guide when necessary with questions, not answers.
Our streets would be filled with happiness and laughter, with trees and flowers and creatures of all kinds, and there would be such a deep sense of trust and security that not one person would feel any trepidation about going anywhere, or allowing their children to go anywhere, alone and unattended.

For in this new culture, we would all nurture, serve, and care for one another in the same way we would nurture all life.

Our cities would begin to closely resemble the natural surroundings to the point where it would appear as if we just established our homes not to impose, but to blend in with the exquisite naturally beauty of the Earth. Our vehicles will be much different and would run off clean energy extracted directly out of the vacuum structure, or run by electricity harnessed through renewable channels. Public transportation would be the norm because it would give us an opportunity to relax, sit, observe, and connect with our fellow humans; thus it would become much more extensive and efficient being as it would be replacing the vast majority of private vehicles.

The streets would be for walking and playing. They would be resonant with laughter instead of cars; smell of flowers and herbs instead of exhaust; and be bright and colorful, without the pollution from our engines and tires. Everything would be clean, pure, and natural; because of our increased environmental consciousness, and our compassion for live we would decrease pollution drastically, and instead create space for nature to thrive.

Human beings the world over would live such inspired and passionate lives, but they would never work. Their actions would be the result of inspiration, passion, and love, therefore ‘work’ would be an expression of their life’s purpose and would be considered as play. Play would never end from childhood into old age, and we would remain vital and exuberant; even as our hair grows white, our eyes would never lose their light. The myth of ‘maturity’ and ‘responsibility’ is merely a lie told to cover up and rationalize the decision to do things in life that you do not enjoy.

The whole world would slow down, and we would be focused much more on connecting with the universe first, and then allowing our actions to be the direct expression of that connection. Then all that we do would be in accordance with the divine co-creation.

The major focus of our culture, and of the lives of every individual would then become continual spiritual awakening. We would all rise before the sun and do our practices to increase our level of consciousness and come into direct contact with our source, the universal mind, a little more each day. Then we would rejoice with gratitude and pure bliss with the rising of the life giving sun splashing its radiant rays and revealing the splendor of creation, and the exuberant joy which is existence.

This magnificent spiritual awakening which I have described here as giving birth to a new human culture is not imaginary, it’s from observation. All that I have described is the natural perspective and way of life of those who have consciously chosen spiritual awakening as their supreme goal. It can be seen in the eyes of many individuals in the street the world over; in their smiles; and felt by their genuine warmth towards one another and towards life in general.

We are currently experiencing a spiritual awakening on this planet, that much is clear. It is not far off, it is here. There is nothing that we can do or say to make it go away, for its been a long time coming and it is here to stay. We cannot even speed it up, nor do anything to halt the process because divine timing is the pace at which all things flourish, and everything happens when the time is ripe for it to occur. Like the flowers blooming in spring, so too are we blossoming in the dawn of a new age, and in the birth of a new earth.