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Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Best Dreams Happen when you're Awake.

There are times in our lives where we come across triggers in our soul that in such moments, nothing feels more important. Music is a popular one, if we feel so in tune with a song and we want to truly feel it until we get so sick of it we love it and then it fades away, or perhaps it may be the vibration of a person, a popular phrase that is said which you end up using for a time and get people to express it so it becomes like a comfort for the soul. Well, it can happen in dreams two, which is where we feel so in tune with an energy at any given point in time, we start to remember more about who we are as we bring all these points together into a collective consciousness respectively.
To me, a soul flame is a spark that brings about a sense of calm and excitement at the same time. A place you do not want to leave because you feel like it is right where you need to b, it may not be a feeling of completeness but it temporarily will give you a sense of satisfaction. It is experienced materially when we eat a very good meal, if we win a lot of money, if we have a very shocking event happen to us or if we get recognized for something we are hoping to be known by in a good way. Examples such as these offer a chance to reconnect with your spirit and just be happy, a good memory will stick with you and often helps you to overcome bad periods in your life which again, do not mean your life is in any way for ever effected by it, butt being caught up in it does at least give you a chance to interact with a feeling of being happy, and interested, a calling you can accept with curiosity and joy. It is this energy that I wish to share with you, I feel joy as you are here with us, it brings to me a love that is ever lasting no matter what, this feeling, if you get the chance to experience it, is worth living for.
Happy new year everyone. This is just one of the many feelings I can share that makes it truly become a family at peace, which is what we are as a whole. So I give to you, this and many other blessings of prosperity and peace as well as a way to find out who you are and be in tune with the being you all possess within.