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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Everything conspires to awaken us to this Relity of EVERYTING is ONE The Initiatory Journey of Life

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The Initiatory Journey of Life

Throughout his existence, every human being is gradually made aware of the fundamental principles that can serve as benchmarks and paradigmatic framework for the initiatory journey of life in this world. These universal principles, that can be found in one form or another in all authentic spiritual paths, can be defined as follows:

1) Everything is One

The ultimate and eternal goal of life is to enable every soul, that is ready and willing, to rediscover its fundamental existential Unity with the entire created and uncreated universe. 
2) Everything conspires to awaken us to this Reality

Every moment, every human being is offered subtle clues and promptings designed to steer him, without infringing on his free will, towards the accomplishment of what he chose to live and learn in the course of his evolutionary journey in the slice of the Eternal Now where he dwells. 
3) Everything contributes to make us realize Who We Are

Every experience, even the most monotonous routine, has the potential to help us understand and appreciate the extraordinary Mystery hiding in the open, and in which we are constantly immersed, but which a profound spiritual blindness prevents us from seeing and feeling, except when the veil of ignorance about our true universal and immortal nature starts dissipating.

4) Everyone is free to walk at their own pace

It is not necessary to impose through any sort of obligation or dogma a vision of Reality, however perfect, pure and truthful it might be, since every soul's path is unique in the entire universe, even if all paths converge towards the same central point, that of the ineffable Luminous Grace of the Infinite Perfection enshrined within every single one of them.

5) A thousand words are worth much less than a single conscious and loving gesture

The validation stemming from an actual experience is infinitely superior to the most eloquent argument, because wisdom doesn't come from books or from being with spiritual guides. To learn, to love and to serve is the perfect trilogy of the initiate's journey in his eternal progression towards the Light. He learns by living what he feels is right. He loves all who cross his path, for they are his masters. He constantly places himself at the service of the Whole that is working through him to reveal Its goodness and Its infinite wisdom to all those he meets. 
And thus guided by these few simple and crystal-clear ideas, everyone is moving from one experience to the next, all of which serve the ultimate Goal summarized in the five principles briefly outlined above.

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For those of you who don't know yet Matthew's messages, speaking (writing actually) through his mother since January 1994, read HERE the story of how their remarkable collaboration started from a tragic car accident in 1980 to develop into a unique monthly commentary, in a question/answer format and on all sorts of earthly happenings and spiritual considerations, offering an enlightening heavenly, discarnate perspective that both reassures about the long term viability of Life on Earth as a magnificently complex school for evolving souls, and helps facilitate the transition to a new era of divinely inspired Peace, Love and Harmony as this living planet continues its ascension towards ever higher octaves of vibrational manifestation.

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