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Thursday, March 19, 2015


Auriel Morgana8:12am Mar 19

As we all know, the energetics of this week are lining up to be one of the most important of the year of 2015.

The Sun has become active again, as it was during the last eclipse portal in October 2014. This amplifies all energetics in place, specifically the 7th and last Uranus Pluto square. This final square has been in close conjunction with Mars, planet of war, aggression and action.

 And it is also interesting to note that this is the first time of all the 7 squares which have been occurring since June 2012, that Uranus and Pluto are BOTH in direct motion.

 Combined with the double dose of Mars and the impending ingress of the Sun into Aries (as well as several other planets being present in that sign of initiation and new beginnings), we are poised for a slingshot forward in our consciousness and evolution.

The cosmos is clearly sending signals for a breakthrough of enormous potentiality. The placement of the Eclipse at the last degree of the zodiac (29*Pisces) is a ''critical point”. This is the absolute last degree of the zodiac, before a brand new solar cycle begins in the astrological year by moving into Aries.

 It has been said that this also represents a culmination of all of our earthly experiences and our cosmic history, the wheels within wheels of the akashic, coming to it's fruition.

 The fact that the Equinox/New Moon/Sun ingress into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, occurs 13 hours after the Eclipse cannot be overlooked, or it's importance overstated. This number of course emphasizes further the transformative energies of death and rebirth.

A Solar Eclipse is similar to hitting the ''refresh'' button. Our connection with the past is eclipsed, and we say goodbye to all which doesn't serve our purpose in the new frequencies of our Divine Plan, which are streaming in from the Galactic Core. These eclipses occur during a New Moon, which is always an opportunity to seed potentiality.

 The fact that this is also a TOTAL Eclipse, and is occurring in conjunction with the sign of Aries, after stimulating the last critical point in the zodiac, should not go unnoticed !

When we reach the Equinox, we have come to a point of perfect balance. What better reflection of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine, reaching their point of equilibrium and true equal partnership, and our ability to now bring this intention forward into manifestation.

The stage is being set for supporting our process of an enormous rebirth. We are leaving vast swaths of the past behind us, and are hitting the REFRESH button. The polarity of old/new is being telegraphed to us in grand fashion.

What has stood out for me in all of this is the powerful Sabian Symbol of the Solar Eclipse (29*Pisces):
“A majestic rock formation resembling a face is idealized by a boy who takes it as his ideal of greatness, and as he grows up, he begins to look like it: the power of clearly visualized ideals to mold the life of the visualizer: the capacity for self-transformation”.

This is a powerful, powerful symbol ! It is in complete attunement with what our roles are within this New Renaissance. We are stepping fully into our powers as co-creators with Gaia and with all of Divinity.

It also shouldn't escape us that Mars will be reaching conjunction with the Eris point on Friday as well. Mars and Eris have been referred to as the ''Twins of the Battlefield” by Laura Walker. There is no doubt that the cabal will be doing their part to utilize these energies, as they have done repeatedly in the past, to promote their agenda. This possibility is further amplified by Dane Rudyar's interpretation of this Sabian Symbol:
“At the highest spiritual cosmic level, this is the power used by God-like Beings at the close of a cosmic cycle in projecting the basic formula (the Word) which will start a new Universe.”

Bingo. This is exactly their perspective of self-identity, and is it any coincidence that they have fired up CERN exactly at this time ? To search for the ''god particle'', to harness the forces of the cosmos, matter and anti-matter, to fulfill their bid for domination, control, and indeed, for their quest of tapping into creative powers of universal proportions !
So what will WE do ? We will set our intentions, and run an interference wave, which focuses with intensity upon our VISIONS for a NEW RENAISSANCE, a new paradigm.

There are several possibilities for how we can each manifest this during this time. Laura Eisenhower has created an open EVENT here, which people are free to join as they feel guided.
We can also participate in the WEEKLY LIBERATION MEDITATION, as promoted by Cobra, on this day, which will act as a visualization to end the oppression of the cabal and invite our personal and planetary liberation into manifestation.
Also, as part of the ~Gaia Galactic Dream~* fb group initiative, we are joining in Unity with Gaiafield Project and Children of the Sun, to celebrate World Water Day, and to restore the body of waters of our beloved Goddess to their original pristine state, during this 3 day period which begins on Friday.

There are many more possibilities ! Please search within, go into your heart and feel what is right for you … As we are moving more and more into our sovereignty, each person has a priceless contribution to the tapestry of Oneness that we are weaving … We must continue to become our own authorities, and to solidify our own channels of connection to our Higher Selves, to our Space family and the God/Goddess, our Source of Creation.
The future is as close as we manifest it … there are Infinite Possibilities !
Namasté, Love and Blessings !

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