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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Diamond Path: The New Creative Adventure of Love and Abundance in 2015

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn ~ The Diamond Path: The New Creative Adventure of Love and Abundance in 2015

31 December 2014

On this first day of the year 2015 you are stepping into a new beginning and a new adventure on Planet Earth.  2014 was experienced by many as a difficult and chaotic year with personal challenges to many of you. But, Beloved Family of Light, it was also the year in which the gateways and portals of Magical Abundance and Creativity were anchored on the Earth. The challenges that you faced helped you to truly stand in your power and be the Creator of your own Reality. This is the essence of a Multi-Dimensional Master of Light.
In the year 2015, you will be given the opportunity to further develop your skills and abilities as the powerful Diamond Light energies create further acceleration of consciousness and further activations of DNA codes for spiritual and physical evolution. We call this new Time Spiral the Diamond Path, and on this path you will discover the power of Infinite Love and Compassion. You will discover your power within the Galactic and Cosmic energies and you will focus this into the creation of a loving and harmonious reality as you travel the Diamond Path as multi-dimensional Masters and Creators.

The Energies of the Year 2015

Beloved Family of Light, there will be three very powerful moments of Change and Transformation in 2015.  The first will be in March and April of 2015, and it will be initiated at the time of the Equinox.  At this time, the Earth will experience a Total Solar Eclipse that will provide the opportunity for the Planet to shift away from dualistic confrontation and aggression and into a more balanced and harmonious state of collective co-existence. For those of you who have opened up to a state of higher awareness and become Masters of Manifestation, this will be the moment to hold the energies of Inner Peace, Harmony and Love, and to focus on the Creation of a Reality of Harmony and Abundance on the Earth.  You will have the ability to harness the creative magic of the Sixth Dimension and assist in manifesting a new reality.
There will also be a Total Lunar Eclipse on the 4th of April, and the period between the 20th March and the 4th of April will see many shifts and changes on the Earth, opening the way for new forms and new creations.  These changes will be felt on the individual and the collective levels.  We ask you not to be intimidated by these changes, Beloved Ones, but to hold the focus of Love and Creativity, seizing the opportunity to align with the new Timeline Energy of 2015 and to create Abundance and Harmony rather than to contribute to lower timeline energies of conflict and chaos.
The Second powerful moment will be at the Planetary New Year, from the 26th of July to the 12th of August, and will include the energies of the Lion’s Gate as a fulcrum of evolutionary and creative progress.  The high point will be on the 8th of August at the 8/8/8 Time Gate.  The Cosmic Energies that pass through the Lion’s Gate will amplify the new higher energies and create opportunities for many to begin new projects or to step into a new career path that will be more in alignment with their revised mission and purpose on Earth. At this time, the Higher Councils of the Galaxy, in alignment with the Solar Council and Earth Councils, will initiate many new energy vortexes or timelines that will allow for manifestation of the New Reality in physical form.  These projects will prepare the way for the powerful initiations of 2016 and 2017.  The adventure of the Diamond Path is certainly under way!  Those of you who are ready will step forward into this new path of accelerated consciousness and opportunity.
The Third powerful moment will be at the September Equinox, which falls on the 23rd of September.  In this month there will also be a Partial Solar Eclipse on the 13th of September and a Total Lunar Eclipse on the 28th of September.  The themes of these powerful shifts will be a continuation of the new energies of higher awareness that were initiated at the March Equinox and Eclipses.  There will also be further opportunities to anchor the Diamond Light of Harmony, Peace and Abundance and to create a New Reality.  It will be an exciting and challenging time, but also filled with new opportunities.  Again, we ask that you focus on these opportunities to empower yourself as Masters of Light and Creativity, and to assist in grounding the New Reality for Planet Earth into the Human Collective Consciousness grid so that form may follow on the material plane.  This two week period will be rich in opportunities to work with the Beings of Light and the Angelic Realms, and also the Magical Elemental energies, to anchor this magical and miraculous New Reality.

The Diamond Path: Higher Consciousness and a Higher Frequency Reality

Beloved Family of Light, this higher consciousness and higher frequency of Being we call the Diamond Path.  It is the frequency that anchors the sixth dimension and allows you to fully experience your multi-dimensional being.
At this stage, your anchor in the sixth dimension of elemental Magic and Miracles will allow you to move between dimensions of being without anxiety or loss of equilibrium.  When you are centered in a deep sense of Inner Peace and Creative Compassion, then you will be able to experience the lower frequencies with this inner power and strength and without losing your inner connection and sense of direction.  You will be able to adventure in the fifth, fourth and third dimensional energies without adverse effects.
Of course, Beloved Ones, if you should find yourself on a mission or an adventure in third-dimensional density, and surrounded by duality, conflict and chaos, you will know how to find your center in your heart, ground yourself into the Earth and follow the guidance of your Higher Self and Spirit and the Infinite Creative Wisdom of the Divine Creative Intelligence.  And know, Beloved Ones, that simply as an act of magical choice, you will be able to return to the higher dimensions of consciousness.
How is this possible, you may ask?  Well, you must ensure that you are well connected to your Magical Higher Self.  You must cultivate the Magical Garden of Inner Peace, Serenity, Joy, Peace, Love and Abundance.  As you create this inner garden, so it will also manifest in your outer world as a Sacred Space that will anchor and reflect your personal frequency or Energy Signature on Earth.
Your personal Sacred Space will also transmit your Energy Signature, and will begin to interact with and to shape the external world around you as you open up a multi-dimensional space on Planet Earth!  Beloved Ones, the Earth herself is overjoyed to once again dance and play with Beings of Light in many dimensions.
So, Beloveds, the Diamond Path is your passage to Multi-Dimensional lightness and adventure.  You are becoming  creators of realities, initiators of timelines, and  co-creators of planetary consciousness in the higher frequencies.  You will gain the confidence to ride the Galactic waves and shift frequencies in creative adventures of light.  And you will learn how to manifest light and energy into form as you create a New Reality.

The Blue Diamond Children of 2015

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As you move into this new phase of Creativity and Empowerment, you will be supported, as always, by an incoming wave of newly arriving and incarnating souls. These will be called the “Blue Diamond Children”.
These children will derive from, or have a close connection to, the Angelic Family of the Elohim.  The Elohim are the Creators of Form in the Universe.  The purpose and mission of these incarnating beings will be to support and assist the creation and manifestation of the new forms on the Earth as the New Reality begins to take shape on the Earth.
These children will be Cosmic Spirits who are closely connected to the Galactic Families and the Galactic Council.  They will be Masters of Manifestation and will be skilled at bringing forth form in graceful and elegant ways.
They will also be empathic and powerful, and will be able to “read” the energies  and the people around them.  They will use their empathic skills to direct powerful energies of healing and abundance creation where they are needed.
These children will incarnate in Soul Pods or Groups, as twins or as siblings, or within communities where they can best work together to form a powerful focus of Blue Diamond Light to assist in the creation of new ideas and new forms of individual and collective being on the Earth.
Beloved Family of Light, we wish you a Grand Adventure on the Diamond Path in 2015!

The Diamond Codes

If you would like to learn more about the incoming Diamond Light and the Diamond Codes you can explore the new book by Celia Fenn called “The Diamond Codes: Light Information for the New Reality”.
DC book cover small
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Thank you and Namaste!

Electromagnetic(wave) nature of thoughts, aspirations. How they use it in modern psychotronic devices to manage Consciousness.

I am starting this note today not to scare some people by saying there are total control of our thoughts and Self-Consciousness or that “bad guys” enslave “good guys” with psycho methods. Quite the contrary… Fortunately, due to the nature of Life and the structure of the Universe it is impossible to “enslave” anyone against their will. At the same time, it is obvious that very powerful methods may be used currently to control thoughts and behavior. There are such devices as UHF or EHF generators, transmitters, laser, ultrasound, infrasound, X-ray, millimeter and submillimeter wavelength range radio and ultrasound, infrared, ultraviolet, isotopic, gamma transmitters etc. Nevertheless, I am quite confident that when people have additional information, they are able to withstand any “external pressure”. As they say, “Forewarned is forearmed”.
These are translated (from Russian) quotes of Iissiidiology. Although it is almost impossible to pass such information via translation with a high level of trustworthiness, thanks to your efforts we are trying to do something about that together with you.
Someone calls it “knowledge from Atlantis and Lemuria”. Others claim it ‘”knowledge from Pleiades and Sirius”. People also may call this knowledge in any way they want an ideology or a part of any institute, pseudo-science or science fiction, even ravings of a madman and they are all right, but it does not really matter. I think the name or classification type of the knowledge I share is not the main point, but that Iissiidiology sheds light on many difficult and unanswered questions in science, philosophy, religion, politics and economics.
 The author of Iissiidiology is ORIS. Up to date there are 13 volumes of the knowledge (700-800 pages each) are published in Russian. Moreover, the author is working day and night to deliver more info. If you have 20 mins of time and want to see him please watch this video He answers some questions about some scenario of possible "future". 
You may also read this short article to find out what Iissiidiology is
There are several  books available in “broken” English (sorry!)

Below you will find some explanations about the unusual words you can see here. These are universal sound Cosmic Codes АИИЙВВФФ {AIIYVVFF}. Iissiidiology gives the codes to people which are already able to meditate on these codes to get the most TRUITHFUL information themselves without any assistance. Also this is for ALL other people, because in the future everyone will have an opportunity for such a kind of meditation on Cosmic Codes.  
What is universal Cosmic Codes? 

The universality of Cosmic Codes is that these combinations of sounds can be reproduced by any inhabitant of each of the "physical" (3-4-dimensional range) types of subjective realities.

They exactly match the certain synthetic conditions of Forms and are adopted to the specific characteristics of the various physiological systems of sound reproduction. They maximally reflect a more subtle, "internal" meanings of phenomena, processes and relationships. The variety of advanced space communities “pass” the “inner” meanings not by verbal way (with words and sounds), but using “form-images”. These “form-images” are structured by “emanations” of Thoughts and “psychonations” of Senses.

Through the specific combination of different sounds each AIIYVVFF-Code reflects more truthful quality state of Energy- Plazma then you perceive now in current groups of Continuums. Each AIIYVVFF-Code also defines the semantic range of many other advanced civilizations’ individual features, their universal conceptions about “themselves” and the "surrounding world”.

The codes will greatly make easier the establishment of mutual understanding with our Space Brothers in Mind. As it will enable them to perceive the codes in accordance with a quality of vibration of its universal “form-images”. These “form-images” reflects the true meaning of AIIYVVFF-Codes, which is understandable by each of space civilization.

Due to the specific characteristics of different races and civilizations speech organs, the codes are distorted very strongly and peculiarly by pronunciation in different languages and in different ways. Therefore, the Sound Cosmic Codes truly become effective only when the majority of people will have   ability to communicate at the level of telepathy.

3.0192. In the subjective human’s 3-4 dimensional realities СФУУРММ {SFUURMM}-Forms* are spectrums of electromagnetic vibrations of different quality (also electrostatic, color, sound or other vibrations). What we define as a "human" or "personality" is essentially a compacted "clot" of electromagnetic waves.
Therefore, the level of civilization depends on frequency that most of its people could approach in their creativity.
The human being is only a tiny fraction of the energy-informational and slloogrentnogo**Space. (This Space calls Noosphere on our planet). It is always possible to connect with Noospher by certain way in order to get the information needed as people’s thoughts, feelings and desires are material after all.

СФУУРММ-Формы {SFUURMM-Forms} Thought and sensory "Archetypes" of Self-Consciousness. Our subjective perceptions, knowledge, choices, actions, intentions and aspirations.
**Sloogrentality- simultaneous (synchronous, parallel, concurrently) interreflection of "High" Forms features in "Low" Forms and vice versa. (something like holography term.)

3.0193 It is very important to know and always remember. You often do not think about the fact that all of your thoughts, feelings, wishes and aspirations (interests) have as the same wave nature as your focused НУУ-ВВУ {NUU-VVU} * -configuration, as well as any other object around you.
Effectiveness of your continuous refocusing, your health, prosperity, mental reactions, intellectual capacity and spiritual capabilities depend on the quality of Self- Consciousness’ levels that you operate in your Focus Dynamics. More precisely, it depends on the quality of waves that your SFUURMM-Forms are modeled.
Therefore, the more your "current" SFUURMM forms** have energy-informational characteristics peculiar to your "personal interpretation” of higher quality, the sooner you can resonate with favorable groups of spatio-temporal “future” Continuums.

*НУУ-ВВУ Forms-type {NUU-VVU}- Mikstumnie { Mixtum} analog of НУУ-ВВУ Forms-type {NUU-VVU} - Forms of self- consciousness of all people (physical persons).  No matter in what time’s flow they are simultaneously may be manifested and how qualitatively they realize themselves.
** СФУУРММ-Формы {SFUURMM-Forms} Thought and sensory "Archetypes" of Self-Consciousness. Our subjective perceptions, knowledge, choices, actions, intentions and aspirations.

3.0194 This fact affects not only your interactions with the surrounding reality, but also vice versa, it shows the realities selective attitude to you "personally".  These interactions are not always useful to you and quite often, they are out of your control.
СФУУРММ-Формы {SFUURMM-Forms} from surrounding world project themselves to the qualitatively corresponding wave spectrum of Focus Dynamics of your "personality" making a resonance. It influences actively the quality of your mental reactions, provoking either a horror, fear and stupor, or joy, passion, pleasure and inspiration.
For example, when the frequency of your external environment’s electromagnetic field coincides with the frequency of your brain’s alpha rhythm the various oppressed states may be caused in your perceptual system such as attacks of irritation, panic and unchecked fear.
Any tense expression to something or someone is the evidence of a predominance in your Focus Dynamics of incompatible relationships with respect to object, subject or phenomenon. Not being able to come to resonation contact, this selective dissonance organizes such appropriate fully incompatible СФУУРММ-Формы {SFUURMM-Forms}between different forms of Self-Consciousness as misunderstanding, criticism, disappointment, insult, temper, anger, aggression, and the like.

3.0195 SFUURMM-Forms can be modeled by both magnetic and electric fields. However, using generators of electric fields only it is possible to control various emotional states and actions (choices) of any person, inculcate in them any thoughts and feelings.
For the correction, it is possible to take root into short-term and long-term memory, erase their existing acquirements and develop new ones very quickly. In other words, it is possible to carry out the process of forced "personality’s” refocusing to certain scenarios, replacing their gained life experience by new one.
Many other things can be done not only to the reactions of “living” organisms, but also to various physical objects or even elementary particles (such as electrons).

3.0196 This property of SFUURMM-Forms is already widely used today in various psychotronic devices such as UHF or EHF generators, transmitters, laser, ultrasound, infrasound, X-ray, millimeter and submillimeter wavelength range radio and ultrasound, infrared, ultraviolet, isotopic, gamma transmitters etc.
It is used for instant information transmission through any screen to submarines. It is used for messages or orders to DNA molecules either to improve the functioning of the cellular mechanisms and human life extension, or to "self-destruct" (for example, by activating the “genes of death").
By wave methods, it is also possible to distribute new incurable diseases carrying imminent "death", to both individuals, and the entire national groups.
The emitters can hit the organism at a distance almost through any obstacle. The facilities of residential buildings are used as antenna’s transmitters to transmit these waves from its generators. (lighting wiring, telephone and microwave connections, heating, water and plumbing pipes, glass of windows, fire alarm system, television, player, computer and so on.

3.0197 The radiation generated by our brain comes "out" through the human eyes. It is also known that this radiation is formed not only in the wavelength range.  Human eye has the ability to emit X-ray waves powerful enough that they can even be recorded on photographic film. So that in certain mental states the eyes are more or less powerful "personal" psychotronic generators. Eyes model through the brain SFUURMM-Forms of X-ray and other wavelengths and emit them towards rest of the people. Highly sensitive screens have been created already. The outlines of images appear on the screens when someone looks at them closely and thoughtfully.
The cases of weight reduction or complete levitation of material objects have been reported in many phenomenological studies such as levitating of yogis or just people who are in a transcendental state. It appears during directional random psychophysical impact (psychokinesis).

3.0198 Everyone has a unique configuration of consciousness and hence we have our own range (spectrum) of psychic energy radiation. It is possible to use the desired SFUURMM-forms by turning to this individual range in order to affect any person.  With so-called P-waves generators, the "installation" of the brain can be performed (i.e. to carry out targeted programming on an unconscious level). Polarization waves (p-waves) have a frequency of 1040 Hz approximately.  Their rate of movement in vacuum is millions of times greater than the velocity of light!
There is an equipment already, which is capable of recording these frequencies, i.e. it can read thoughts of people at distance without any contact with them. Thanks to p-waves, any information from biological objects can be copied, including their "personal" feeling, the specific perception, subjective experiences, and it is even possible to "see" through the eyes of another person. For example, if we record a splash of joy in a particular way (in the p-waves frequencies), and then forward this form by p-wave channel to another person, they will also experience a sense of joy.

3.0199 Being in the states of powerful mental stress associated with a threat to life or having an extreme dominant motivation to achieve some vital goals, people are automatically able to cope with insurmountable obstacles such as raising the enormous heaviness or moving instantly over long distances, and so on.
During the sudden and significant change in psycho-mental states, the phenomenon of short-term increasing or reduction in weight is wildly known. For example, the person's weight is significantly reduced in somnambulistic, sleepwalking states or when the quality of their psycho-mental dynamics improves.

3.0200 By acting on the human brain with light pulses it is possible to "turn on" or "off" some genetically encoded switches in the brain. This allows them to record immediately the necessary information in memory of "personality", bypassing the stage of its subjective awareness and understanding. The direct recording allows gaining a complete control over certain neural circuits. Neural circuits can be stimulated to obtain the necessary mental state and behavior of the "personalities", as well as to introduce in her memory false memories of events that never happened in reality, but only in her mind
This allows direct entry to gain complete control over certain neural circuits and encourage them to obtain the necessary mental state and behavior of the "personality", as well as to inculcate into the memory false remembrances of events that never happened in reality, but only in their mind.

3.0201 Unfortunately, because of our current Interests we focus ourselves in such an imperfect group of spatio-temporal Continuums, where the wave properties of SFUURMM-Forms do not serve the intellectual and spiritual development of humankind, and the growth of all people’s prosperity. These properties are widely used more and more by various military, intelligence agencies and criminals. They can make an accelerated processing of any disagreeable person’s (or group) levels of sub consciousness and the collective unconscious. Resulting, people lose the guide contact with their past and are being programmed on an unconditional, unconscious submission to the orders of “masters”. Therefore, people become targeted zombies.
At the physics’ heart of this phenomenon are the idea that every wave structure has the signs of either so-called "subject" wave or “supporting” wave. In case of “subject” wave, the object is exposed to a particular radiation. The “supporting” wave "projects" in space the holographic image of the object and recreates on device’s "screen” the configuration of person’s (object) usual psychic and mentality. Focus Dynamics of any Form of Self-Consciousness also operates on the hologram’s principle.

Please see the full story

To be continued . It is being updated everyday. Please follow if interested

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