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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

GOOD News!!! Coming from Everywere!!! Enjoy Blessings of Love Peace and Joy turning to Bliss!! to YOU All Diamonds elizabeth (Lizba) Diamond

The ancestor spirits are mobile and active today. Blue road grandfathers and grandmothers walk the red road today, in search of their kindred family and clan. The ancestors of earth mothers offspring will be seen walking hand in hand with the ancestors of the winged ones, the finned ones, 4 legged, insect kind and the great star nations. They meet in a great spirit council to express the love for their original earth mother.
They offer a open invitation to all 2legged to come and listen and interact in dreamtime with your own ancestor spirits in this council fire of elders. Bring your flame and fire-magic, drum and rattle. Let the universe know the grand council of 2 legged ancestors meets this year to live, love and learn with those who inhabit earth mother at this phase of evolution
Here is the link for all those who want to be a part of the ongoing equinox solstice series this year. This is 4 hours of incredible material with lots of tools, tips and techniques that will aid you in your sovereign journey into the self.
The special bonus with this one is He who shall not be named and a extend explanation of CERN, past, present and how it effects our concurrently running timelines through mind amalgamation of potential futures. written by Andrew Bartzis  
i found this on April 1 2015 eliz Diamond

Andrew Bartzis, Galactic Historian, is on a mission to enlighten us with ancient knowledge and forgotten future knowledge. This Special Event was created and produced for all of us because knowledge is power, and with that power we gain the wisdom that is hidden in our souls: the secret to our bliss…

By Mathew Bueno
Good Morning! A message from Master Kuthumi my teacher...
Greetings this day of change, let there be bigheartedness in all that you do. Follow your heart and be extremely patient with yourselves, this is the time of change where you tame your mind away from the collective of difficult times and trust what is in your heart rather than the collective of the negative. Resist to follow, be your own light and follow the feeling of bliss and integrity. Allow the energy from Mother Mary's Roses fill your being with exquisite life that you are allowing to be blessed this day. Remember to always look inside when you feel burdens or sadnesses. Ask for assistance and try to look further into yourself for the right answers. This day is special because you are in it. Because you are here, breathing life into the world. Let yourself feel today the energy of this blessing, from the rain, to the sun, and to the wind. Let yourself enjoy the relatives of the land and the energy that your ancestors left behind. May God Bless you this day! MK

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