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Monday, May 4, 2015

In life we step into Mastery when we approve of ALL that we have experienced, accept....................


In life we step into Mastery when we approve of ALL that

 we have experienced, accept

 it and allow the journey we have pre-programmed we

 will take, to unfold. When we 

have had enough of the Old Old Story we simply shut it

 down and write a new Story.

 We are not hear to learn lessons, overcome challenges

 and all that 'old' stuff, we are

 here to experience everything and move on from that

 when we are done with it.

 Depression is an excellent message saying that we are

 living in the past and that we

 are DONE WITH THAT STORY but didn't realize it,

 because that very story is keeping

us in the loop. Shut it down, and it can be as simple as

 taking the stylus off that old

record that you are fed up listening to ~ much love to US all .... i found this written by some is great!! thank you someone!! Love you elizabeth Diamond

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