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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

This IS!! Key !! to Your Transforming!! if I were YOu i would listen VERY worth While. Love YOU Diamonds All. elizabeth Diamond

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First Ascension Wave Begins One Day Before Blood Moon?; Master Teacher Given Date Of September 27, 2015

Matt Kahn is a spiritual teacher, mystic, and intuitive healer who, along with meditation guide and yoga teacher and sound healer, Julie Dittmar, travel the world inviting seekers of all faiths to discover their true divine nature.
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Matt Kahn – Date Given for 5D Ascension, First Wave (September 27, 2015)

- Matt says, at this time September 27, 2015, some enter a new earth plane.
-Before you have a “Homer Simpson” response of discounting something, where you have little knowledge, let us keep in mind and heart, that Matt Kahn, has some of the highest vibrational truth teachings I personally have ever heard, come from a human that is hehe… 
-It is interesting that September 27, 2015 co-relates with the illuminati dates many are getting worked up over!
-It is interesting that Sananda, the master teacher of our planet and universe, gives us a little hint, way back in the late 1980′s….
“There will be more than one opportunity, but those on the first migration are the wisest, for they are the ones who will not scorch their toesies. Those of the last migration will have endured or fallen, in the tribulation and chaos. So be it, beloved of Me–check your watches and set thy timers. I suggest you get thy training programs under way. You will be given opportunity but you must accept it and stop of the denial.”

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