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Friday, June 19, 2015

Are YOU in Love!!!

And I will ask you ALL again...How long can you stand in front of a full length mirror, NAKED, eye to eye and nose to nose..... find and see your worth, value, preciousness, honor, dignity, .....Do you see and talk to yourself as a person of high regard, importance, integrity, ....... because if you cannot you do not REAL love others and YOU are part of the fake, phony, faux, plastic,.....Hollywood, religious, .....bullshit crowd.

Do I Emotionally FEEL REAL Love love for ME??? What is MYself talk telling ME??? How do I talk to MYself when I "do" it wrong according to others who do not REAL Love love themselves????

It is NOT God, Source, Essence of ALL that humanity is,......Unconditional REAL Love, the devil, demons, spouse, races, nationalities, governments, jobs, religions, Hollywood, music, kids, in-laws, out-laws, germs, is ME. I am the one in control of my life, health, future,....When I point the finger at someone or something else I have 3 pointing back at me.

REAL Science, REAL Mental Health, REAL Health, REAL Life Givers say,....... to love others as you love YOUrself and if YOU do not REAL love love YOU you do NOT REAL love anybody else .......not your spouse, kid(s), significant others, ....

Chaos within ourselves and self hate is the REAL problem. It is NOT government, religion, media, Hollywood,...

Look in the mirror. Get quiet. Turn off the noise. Get quiet. Do not follow the herd. Get quiet. Question everything. Personal Responsibility.

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