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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

UFO sighting Video capture 10 white globes floating in sky above Osaka in Japan

The mainstream media has been releasing an enormous amount of UFO, secret space program, and exoplanet related information with increasing intensity over the past year. The shift in thinking within the dogmatic institutions of science alone is enough for even the most close minded to acknowledge. 

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RT news released the following video of an 'Alien swarm' on the 27th of this month. On the one hand we can not absolutely confirm that these unidentified objects are in fact ET craft or part of the secret space programs on Earth, but the affect on consciousness is very real. The average Joe is being given a great deal to think about with these types of reports.

""Breaking"" PLease Share This IS !! Truly the deepest full 

story INTEL i have heard. This one will tell the whole story 

and through to the fruition of Disclosure and creating

Beauty!! Listen to it fully and Intently....lots to hear between

the lines also.

This ONE is ON The Secret Space Program and More!!

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