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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

""Breaking"" Financial Reset Intel & A Libra New Moon Creates Fresh Beginnings...

I don't know who this Marty is, but I got it from one of my sources, so here it is and it sounds damn good.  Jim (sent from Cynthiaj)

marty doyle October 9, 2015 at 12:01pm
My take on CIPS

I have traded in the option and commodity pits for around 30 years. I have EXPERIENCED and KNOW that money is war, and money is power, and to the cabal money is nuclear war. In June 2013, the USA Corp said to the world "I'm not playing your crap game of RV/GCR, and if you won't play by my rules I am going to take all of you out of the Swift system which is centered in Brussels, and then all of you can't wire money to get products in and out of your countries, and thn ALL of your economies are going to seize up and shut down. You're playin 
​ ​
 by what I say !!! Get it you jerks ? "
Next the BRICS created 200 countries working together, and supposedly created a NEW swift system, a new Gold exchange, and a new world bank and IMF under the Brics control. Supposedly this was all live July 2014. Next the world created the AIIB bank which everyone belonged to except ( 
​ ​
supposedly the USA and a few others ).
AND NOW in the 3D NUCLEAR WAR OF MONEY, China pulls the trigger and says the CIPS system is LIVE. This means concretely that the BRICS have the AIIB to wire money globally, and that ALL the countries that are part of the AIIB will NOW be using CIPS and don't need the Fed Swift system. This means concretely USA CORP you either play my way or the highway, which also means there are no goods coming into or out of the USA unless you use the CIPS system. This also means that NOW and I MEAN NOW all currencies are asset backed which concretely means USA you get the TRN's live NOW or you are out of the global system. More importantly ALL the 1500 TRILLION credit derivatives that are a noose around the global population are NOW toast because these derivatives are FIAT currency, and ALL fiat IS NO MORE.
Now in 3D land again, this concretely means in the very very near future ( Oh, and I mean imminent, soon, or shortly, not 2 years or 2 months but at the latest Oct 30 or most likely before) the RV/GCR is going live, the global governments are going to be all white hats, and NESARA kicks in right away. This is going to be a blitzkrieg of the most positive [kind] for the 7 billion people. Notice the assertiveness and strong arm tactics. There is no more happy, kind, sweetness, BS talk. I also judge disclosure and arrests are in the immediate future, and then 7 billion are going to experience:     FREEDOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Libra New Moon Creates Fresh Beginnings...
Today we celebrate a beautiful Libra New Moon, which ushers in a powerfulAbundance Astrology TRIPLE conjunction between Venus, Mars and Jupiter - SO fortunate!

Expect deep release, wisdom and empathy in this 9 Universal Month, and enhanced money manifestation opportunities :)
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Get your Libra New Moon forecast here >>
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Exciting heavenly developments, including the powerful Abundance Astrology TRIPLE conjunction between Venus, Mars and Jupiter!
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