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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Free Energy release to the World; Keshe Foundation & Stranglet bombs taken care of with The Law of One: Cobra Info

Title: Free Energy release to the World; Keshe Foundation & Stranglet bombs taken care of with The Law of One

LINK  October 19 2015 Diamonds Call  Check this out or call 641-715-3836  Pin 883267#  Ref 301#  Free Energy release to the World; Keshe Foundation & Stranglet bombs taken care of with The Law of One You Tube wil be up soon


Our Diamond Network presented the amazing WORKING free energy box (& neutralized the Strangelet Bombs!) in Show 301#--our best yet.

See link below & start listening about 15 minutes into it......also note/copy/distribute online and in hard copy my two flyers attached.  SAY & Affirm the Law of One Daily for amazing blessings. These I used when wonderful new friends in Springfield invited me to speak last Saturday and they have invited me to return for an all day workshop within a few weeks. (In the 1990s I went to Springfield to UFO & Free Energy Meetings - so this is wonderful to connect with openminded folks there!)

I communicate often with Chris & Elizabeth as we brainstorm how to help the Universe and pass the word among humans, would those receiving this like to receive more of these or wait until we have some 'conclusions' in this wonderful process of helping the Star Brothers' arrange first contact before 2020?!

Remember, the Pleidians will bring us their Replicators when they land in mass, but the Keshe machines will help us so much on the way there!  (Yes, the Cabal tried to poison Mr. & Mrs. Keshe when in Belgium six months ago, but they are hanging in there & have found safety in Italy.)

As I mentioned on the show last night, Elizabeth is wise to direct us to Benjamin Fulford - and he told us a month ago that a revolution would start October 1st, and it did!  General Joseph Dunford was voted in to become the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and his first act was to take the military to each of the private Federal Reserve Banks and nationalize them. In the next phone book the Fed will be listed as a government agency & those 12 families in Europe that have been charging us all that interest are out of the picture!  Student loans will be interest-free & so much more.  Do follow Ben every Tuesday on youtube. AND what Dunford is doing!

(Chris, let's keep them both under our protection!)

So let me hear if you want to remain on this list.....It is finally, happy days!
To start reaping the Benefits now, remember to sit in silence for 9 Minutes A Day!

For Wisdom, Love, & POWER,

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^^"Breaking News, Big!!^^This will Make us "Independent of energies, food, medicine, goverments" Mr Keshe Releasing to the World!! in 10 Days from oct 17 2015 Must LIsten!! "Breaking News!! for The World Earth!!, & Us!!" This is Soo Good News!! You will be Happy!! Planet changing are we in for a change, and finally, rather quickly. Love miracles. Miraculous rescue. Spherical miracles. Peace in your nation.

Please Share This Blog to Every Man and Women and Friend and Family YOU Know, take Action!! This is Good News!! love you All elizabeth Diamond Blessings of Love Peace & Joy turning to Bliss!! to you and your family. and on The Dimonds Forever 31 Shows Mon thru Thurs we will keep you up to date on this and other good News about to come out. Join us see top of Blog for Attending. Diamonds Network; a Light to the whole World Earth and Beyond!!

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