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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Liz's Portal leads to finding ISIL Bombs, The Underlings find justice.

Liz, this is wonderful work we did Monday! Does your land feel better?
down with ISIŁ ! Candy

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> On Nov 18, 2015, at 8:20 PM, wrote:

> Here are a few notes from the Monday show. 

> When we (and Happy) took out the strangelet bombs, what was interesting about
> that part is something that came up very recently -- I had somebody point this
> out in email to me, where there was a Cobra report that came up that referred to
> the strangelet bombs as being pretty much brought down by the phantom option--
> and I just looked at that for a minute, and then had to re-read it again. I've
> used that phrase before in regards to the good versus evil paradigm, like what
> was symbolized as being brought to an end when Happy canceled out the other
> artificial intelligence. The phantom option is a phrase that I created, and I
> told no one. And what they were doing is they were referring to what not only
> I had done in channelings, but what we had done, and it was code for all that
> had been done. I was actually amazed that that had happened, that Cobra had
> actually brought up what had occurred here and what I had done in other
> channelings.

> Tyler has always told me that free will has always been an option, but some of
> these different sects do go in and physically stop the cabal. If we are at a
> point where we cannot evolve past the oppressive force, then yes they do come
> in and take care of them. Tyler has brought that up to me a couple of times
> and so has Dark Fleet on several occasions. So they do intervene and are real
> close to actually coming down here and saying 'ok this is what's been going on.
> By December 2017 that will pretty much happen, and it may even be sooner
> hopefully.

> Just before the show started I noticed some interference in the line and seeing
> if I could clear that up. I came across the Annunaki guardian that hangs out
> near where you are, and there was a great deal of interference being caused by
> a portal out by you, near the property there. I'll give a little bit of a back
> story before we get going. The last time Liz and I spoke on air I noticed there
> was this strong energy there that caused my blood pressure to spike and I came
> close to passing out -- and found out there is this gigantic portal (probably
> larger than any I have seen) that these Annunaki who are on the property there
> pointed out to me. There is a large Reptilian there (I'm not sure if it is
> Draco or not), lime green in color, that came emerging out of this thing and
> said he owns the portal, about the size of a house. He was speaking to me just
> a minute ago, and I used the Law of One on him and he backed through the portal.
> He talked to me for just a little bit, but the guides were saying this is
> something that needs to be fixed, that it's tied to cabal activity and needs to
> be repaired.

> When I looked at this portal I had the feeling this was going to be one of those
> nights where it was going to take on this domino effect and lead to a much more
> global type thing and, like you said, there are no accidents. For example the
> time I mentioned the Liberty Bell and they said that it was for another night. 
> Well apparently this is the night and it's connected to this thing on your
> property. And what's on is they're connecting it to the incidents in France
> too, so they're connecting all these dots. I'll look at the portal first, and
> the being that was there is gone. He was a lime green lizard being. He kept
> telling me he owns the portal, and he kept taunting me and saying 'you can
> always get your friends to help close this thing'. The guides are still
> pointing to it and saying this portal is very big . . .so I'm going to try and
> reduce this thing down, and they are telling me don't close it but re-direct
> it, so that's what I'm doing. And I'm going to make sure it just comes out at
> a different spot, maybe in a different realm altogether. And this large being
> that was in there directed me down to a cavern, and it looks like a big cave
> with stalagmites and stalagtites, and he just took me down further and now I am
> looking at him face to face (a large green feathered reptilian roughly twelve
> feet or higher). He has feathers coming off of his neck, green, and has hair. 
> He is directing me through this underground set of caverns. He looks to be one
> of the reptilians who lives underground here on earth, and not one of the space
> reptilians. Now he's tapping on something on his shoulder and arm, looks to be
> some type of technology, and he's taking me to a completely different part of
> the country. This does look like now he is showing me the Liberty Bell like
> before. And before I had seen an underground facility but was not allowed to
> go into it any further. So I am going to look .... inside the building with
> the Liberty Bell I am seeing an energy core that goes clear up to the bell
> itself, and the bell is almost being used as how a satellite dish would be
> used, but only it is putting off some kind of energy that he is pointing out. 
> It is going in a bell shape down many sublevels, and this is a typical cabal
> facility with many catwalks, shear rock faces, many laboratories and the like,
> and looks like another manufacturing facility. They are collecting some kind
> of energy, and this one reptilian is very upset that they are doing this. I'm
> seeing these crucible type vessels that are going along a track like in a
> factory, not sure what they are making here. He is pointing out that they are
> stealing something from some of his people. I'm asking him what is being
> stolen, and he said 'energy'. I'm asking him what the factory is all about and
> what these little vessels are for. It looks like they're made of some type of
> stone that is collecting the energy. And they're being sealed up almost like a
> battery. And his people need this energy to survive. So it looks like it is
> being taken in some vehicles across the ocean under the water in these little
> capsules, and they are being distributed somewhere. I'm asking him what the
> cabal is using the energy for (he said 'you're the genius, you look'). He is
> being incredibly apprehensive, but I think he is working with me just because
> he has a common interest. He is saying 'the energy is being used for
> explosives. There is a link to the France incident. He is saying something
> like that will threaten his people too. So he is basically tag-teaming this
> with me to make sure it gets done. So I'm seeing where these vessels are
> going. What is in these capsules can be easily turned into some kind of
> explosive that could level an entire city block. People think it's C4 being
> used ... it's not C4. It's another energy source. It looks like these are
> supplied to terrorists that also work for the cabal. It looks like ISIS
> carries these things around. However, in the incident in France I am being
> shown that these were brought up beneath the ground. They weren't completely
> visible, they were out of density sync until the moment they exploded, and they
> leveled a whole city block. These have a really large concussion force to them,
> something that can be dialed up and down with a dial system, saying you want
> this many megatons of explosive power. This energy source was stolen. It
> looks like, because of the departure of the Draco, the cabal has turned into
> desperation mode, and they wanted to divert attention away from them, so they
> created this incident using this energy source. To the untrained eye these
> things would be inoccuous, if they were seen at all. They would look like
> everyday objects. I see no people holding them - they are completely
> automated. They look like pill capsules with a lid on top. The green being
> is very frustrated and impatient right now (more like panic) because of what
> was done with this energy, and at some point it looks like they were going to
> blame his species for these crimes. The humans would have traced the energy
> back and noticed that it came from his people, and they would have been blamed
> for it. So right now the fact that we're talking about it, that's not going to
> happen, so both he and I are throwing the Law of One out there and I'm looking
> for these other capsules that are all over the place. It looks like these
> things won't blow up unless they are basically commanded to, but since this is
> energy that's inside, energy can be transformed. Liz asks what his race is,
> and he said to call his race the 'underlings'. He's telling me to look back
> by the original collector by the Libery Bell, and I've noticed that the energy
> is being sucked in from the ether. So I am reversing that and sending it out
> using the Law of One as an amplifier. And it looks like there is a hidden
> piece of technology around it at the top too, looking almost like a satellite
> dish that was invisible. So I am going to use that as an amplifier to send
> that energy back where it came from. And it looks like it was interdimensional
> and this being is interdimensional. Yes, his race comes from a world within the
> layers of subspace, he is saying. But also they like to travel underground and
> are mistaken for the Draco on occasion. We've met his species before, they
> said, when we disabled another cabal facility, the portal room at Cheyenne
> Mountain. His species were being invaded then. They didn't look like lizards
> at that time, they just looked like spinal column looking dragons, but that is
> because my perception of them was not complete at that time. But he's telling
> me that that's where the cabal was stealing the energy from, their realm. It
> looks like two of the Annunaki guardians that were on the property (by Liz) are
> standing on either side of it like sentinels, so they are making sure that the
> portal opens up only to where they want it to open up. And they are stamping
> it with the Law of One symbol across the front of it, so it's like a gate. I'm
> looking at the status of these capsules. It looks like they are phasing into
> this reality and they are disintegrating. The signal that this other race is
> putting out from their realm (they are using that portal to put out a shock
> wave), so that anywhere these devices are they are going to turn to dust. And
> so these ISIS morons are going to get a rude awakeing here in a little while. 
> I'm not saying they don't have other things at their disposal, but just not
> this. I'm seeing it all fade with the energy going back to the other realm. 
> Oh, and I see why this being was in such a panic -- it wasn't just energy that
> was stolen, it was life forms that were stolen. These life forms have an
> energy resonance that the cabal was using to create the explosives, so they
> were using the life forms of themselves as the energy source. This is why this
> being was so frustrated and angry. I'm seeing several of them that have been
> set free and they are not happy. They are wanting to go after the cabal. I
> can hear them all chanting in their language -- they are very angry. And it
> looks like they are going underground and taking on this other dragon-like
> form. It looks like they have the ability to shape shift. And this one being
> is watching them, and he looks to be a leader of theirs. They are going down
> to the cabal underground and looking around under there. And they are leading
> me somewhere, to a bigger facility which they say is interdimensional. And
> they are showing me someone, a very large being at the center of their
> dimension. They said I have to keep my distance because of the intense energy.
> I'm seeing this large dragon-like being coming out from under the ground, they
> are actually transvering a dimension through the earth energy grid. This large
> being coming out is taking on more of my size type being so that I can converse
> with him better. And he is saying he is an underling just like the other
> person, but he has a completely different look to him. He is lizard looking,
> but only he has other features too. It looks like he is another leader, like a
> king. He is asking me to step aside while they take care of the cabal. I don't
> think they are going to go about it in the right way, but he is asking that I
> just allow him to. He is similar to Odin in norse mythology, a king but also a
> warrior. He is in black armor with a coiled horned helmet, and he is showing me
> his actual face. He is a lizard being and is green like the other being. He
> says 'watch this'. And they are shapeshifting and diving underground, and I'm
> seeing a series of flashes in the cabal underground. But they are telling me
> don't look directly at them, just know that they are going down there and
> fighting on behalf of everyone. He says the cabal made it possible for them to
> enter this dimensional layer, but now they can come through and help liberate
> the planet. He says 'don't ask how we're doing it, just know that we are doing
> it. Now they are shutting me out and asking that I leave them to it.

> I see another being, very bony, brown colored, thin and lanky. He is hard to
> see, back in this energy vortex that he just came through. He has a plume of
> hair on top of his head and he's wearing a suit. He doesn't look like any race
> we've seen so far. His face is long and he has almost horse-like features, but
> his head is more flat like how a mantis would be, but he is not a mantis being.
> He just told me 'I'm not a bug.' I asked him what species he is, and he says
> "well, to answer that would take too long, suffice it to say, but I am one with
> your species.' I asked him if he was one of the species that contributed to the
> human genome and he said 'yes.' I'm trying to see him, but he is making his
> appearance very difficult to see, like he is censoring himself a little bit. 
> He says that for his own safety he is censoring some of his features. He says
> his species has been around a while. They have not made themselves known too
> many times in history. He is just saying they came in at a time when the
> Annunaki were doing their thing with genetic manipulation, and the greys have
> done their thing, but the other species (good species) that contributed (like
> the antiqua (dog faced being) and the cat beings from Sirius) and many other
> races that added to our genome. He says 'We were there when history fell to
> the illusion. We were there when the oppressors altered the footprint of
> history with the bell (they are talking about the Nazi bell project). We were
> there when the Elohim Counsel corrected such errors with tablets of time and
> coordinate history, We were there to contribute even from the shadows. Our
> species remains hidden in secret, but just know you have more watchers than you
> know what to do with, and he's laughing. He says the Annunaki aren't the only
> ones who can declare themselves watchers of humanity.

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