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Friday, January 15, 2016

Hammond Ranch Update: Open Letter To Sheriff David Ward and All Sheriffs in the United States

smoke and mirrors
For those who wish to venture further down the Oregon standoff rabbit hole, here's a 13 minute video from Professor Doom about the acquisition of lands for the purposes of mining; in particular, Uranium. And natural gas. Minerals. There's some damning evidence here, as Dutchsinse showed us earlier.
I don't know about your Offer to Purchase the land your house sits on, but where I live, we have permission to use the surface of the ground, but anything underneath it is NOT OURS. We have no rights to anything of value discovered below.
I think it's clear the US government has been stealing land from The People forever, and profiting from it via corporations. It's what they do. It's always about money. And greed. And control.
The People are now waking up to that fact, and it rankles. Good. Let's wake up a few more. If they can put two and two together, they will see what is happening and hopefully realize this isn't a one-off situation.
I've expounded on this time and time again. Agenda 21/2030, Bureau of Land Management, federal government, land rights, theft, fraudulent courts, corporate interests... until the feds "own" most of the western USA and buy it and sell it as it suits them and kick people off the land for trumped up charges. Where will it end?
It's not even about what they lead the public to believe it's about. It's smoke and mirrors. The corporate media is the magic wand that creates a reality of their choosing so the public doesn't suspect---or suspects the wrong parties. It's a soap opera. Scripted. Lies.
This is what a "government" does, when no one questions, complains, or offers resistance to the activities of their so-called federal government. They're just doing what they've always done---except now a few patriots are paying attention.
The system is broken, because the government is out of control. (BTW, they're not really the People's government---and they weren't elected.)
Thanks, C, for the share.

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