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Saturday, June 25, 2016

What is this!!! Have YOU heard. wow!! INSPIRATION for YOU Diamonds!! Keep Shinin!!

Who We Really are!!!!


Soul and Body are Not Linked. The Soul Chooses a Body that will be the Most Functional and Accommodating for its Purposes. A Vehicle for Exploration and Study in the Physical Reality. Then the Soul Disregards the Body when it has Competed its Usefulness.

The Soul Returns to the Primary Reality. Taking with it, its Knowledge. If and when the Soul Decides that for Whatever Reason it is in its Best Interests to Return to the Physical Reality. Then it Begins Planning and Preparation to Return to the Physical Reality. It Chooses Another Body that will Once Again Accommodate what the Soul is Wanting to Learn in the Next Lifetime.

The Souls Sets Forth on a New Journey to Expand Upon the Previous Knowledge of the Soul. Every Lifetime Contributes to the Total Knowledge and Experience of the Soul. Though we May Not Realize it When we Are in the Physical Reality.

Eventually, the Souls Knowledge and Growth will Expand so Much that there is Nothing More it Can Gain From the Physical World. So it Moves on. To Expand Further, to Learn Something Else, Somewhere Else. There Are Many Classrooms for our Soul. This Reality is not The First or the Last. It is a Slow Tedious Process, that Takes Many Lifetimes, but Advancement is the Natural Process of Every Soul.

That is Why there is No Punishment or Hell After Death, because the Soul is Constantly Growing and Learning and Moving Forward. It Does Not Go Backward or “Pay” for its Human Mistakes, because there is No Judgment in God. It is those Very Mistakes that Create the Most Growth For the Soul. It is Impossible for Any of us to Know what Another Soul is here to Learn and What it Learned from the Experience. Plus the Human World is Very Bad About Judging and Weighing Others to their own Sets of “Standards”. Getting Rid of those Judgments and Standards Should be the Ideal focus of Those Judging.

Eastern Religions have a Better Understanding of Reincarnation, but Stumble to the Fact of the knowledge and the Purpose of a Soul. The Basic Practices of Forgiveness, Loving Kindness, and Accepting their Reality are Very Similar to the Western Practices. They are Perfect exactly how they are whether they have the Knowledge or Not.

Western Religions have Primarily Embraced Christianity. Even Much of the Governmental Structure was Formed and is Still Based on it. Western Cultures Have Lost Much of the True Message about Reincarnation, and the Souls Existence and Purpose, and why we Are Truly Here.

Christians Have a Little Trouble Accepting Reincarnation, because the Bible Does Not Talk about it. They Believe that if the Bible Does Not Specifically Talk about things then it is Wrong, and Cannot and Does Not Exist.

The Bible Only Talks About Resurrection. So Many Christians Believe that their Soul will be Reunited with their Physical Bodies in Heaven. There is Not a Reunion between Body and Soul.

While Christians are Walking on the Lighted Path, a Righteous Path. Many of their Hearts and Minds are Closed. To Accepting Any Truth Outside of their own Faith and Practice . It is that Very Closed Mindedness that is Holding Them Back, and Most of the Western World With Them, From Truly Understanding and Identifying with the Truth about the Soul and Why We Are Here. Unfortunately, Every Major Religion Around the World Suffers from the Same Closed Minded Sickness.

The Proof of Our Souls Existence May Never Be Proven Scientifically, but you Do Not Need to have Quantifiable, Verifiable Proof, in Order to Prove what you Already Know to Be True.

As soon as this Beautiful World can Stop Spinning its Wheels on Such Trivial Things such as This. The
World will be Better For it. It will be Able to Move on and Grow
Under the Light of a God that has Always been there. The Proof is Here and There and Everywhere, We just Need to Open our Eyes and See it.

Admire the True Beauty and Perfection in the Soul and Body Experience, and the Journey. Help Each Other to Grow and Understand, while We Are Here. Then when they Move On from this Existence, Wish Them the Best of Luck on the Rest of their Journey.

Souls Helping Souls. There can be Nothing More Amazing or Perfectionate in Gods Great Creation. That is Essentially what has been Taking Place Here Since Beginningless Time, But Few could Ever See it.

I Know this World is Ready. I Know that we Are Ready to Transform this World From Confusion to a World of Light and Love and Grace. A World that Lives Body, Mind, and Soul under the Light of God. The World that God Envisioned for us Since the Beginning. Our Eden.

It Will Be A Truly Beautiful Day, When The Whole World Worships God And Each Other Together In Unison.


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