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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Cancer New Moon of Emotional Evolution.

The Cancer New Moon of early Monday morning is another in the series of potent lunations that we have been seeing, in part due to the extreme contrast of Saturn-Neptune in square, and aspected by the Sun and Moon. Then, as well, both Uranus and Pluto are stimulated, implying that there is plenty of transformational pressure upon us as we head into what is sure to be an intense, divisive, and interesting summer period. With Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus all in Cancer, this is a highly emotional time, now and setting the tone for the remainder of this thirty-day cycle, a period when everyone’s feelings are right there, “on their sleeve,” and in their facial expressions. Moreover, in this New Moon configuration a Grand Trine exists between Venus, Mars, and Chiron, the Wounded Healer, all in different Water signs, and this Grand Trine aspect pattern repeats throughout the month with slightly different players, most notably on Monday, July 11th and on Tuesday, July 19thwith the Full Moon. With Chiron in this picture we might well find occasions when our inner wounding will arise in interpersonal contacts and hopefully be faced in a mature way; that is, with an understanding of its origin within oneself and with a powerful determination to become more comfortable and accepting of the walled-off parts of our own nature. The emotions that we are collectively feeling will also appear to others, front and center for all to see. They say that misery loves company, and this well-worn phrase could also turn out to be true regarding the strenuous efforts at spiritual evolution and self-love that we are likely to encounter in ourselves, as this passionate month of July continues to unfold.
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