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Friday, August 26, 2016

Tribe Abundance Gathering Sat 4 PM in PDT · From your computer, tune in and be a part of this! (Los Angel)

  • Saturday, August 27 at 4 PM - 11:59 PM in PDT
  • From your computer, tune in and be a part of this! (Los Angeles Based Gathering, broadcast globally)
  • Created for Source Network

Sat 4 PM in PDTFrom your computer, tune in and be a part of this! (Los Angeles Based Gathering, broadcast globally)
26 people interested · 14 people going
On August 27th, 4pm-12am, we are gathering the tribe in Los Angeles. This "Event Page" will be a feed to our tribe around the world. This is our network, we are united as One. We recommend that you hold a gathering in your area, and feed content to this page as well. A global simulcast of Tribe Abundance Gatherings. Feel free to copy the information, create your own event from it, and share here as well.

LA Event Details:

- Conscious high vibe hangout; music, collaboration, magic, medicines, healthy eats, swimming, chillin' by the pool.

- Suggested love contribution $10 (50/50 split to the house and the presenter/performers).

- Natural / healthy food & drink potluck. 

- High vibe music performances by Ocho The Owl, Athena StarSeed, Corey Keisler, & Evan Everheart.

- All encouraged to bring magic & medicines to share; products, services, & missions with the tribe (all forms of energy exchanges welcome).

- All are encouraged to bring promotional materials to share.

- All are encouraged to bring smartphones, cameras, tablets, and laptops.

- Trust your intuition when it comes to who to invite; if each of us brings a handful, of our highest vibe tribe members, it will be perfect. Setting the bar high, and creating anticipation for the next gatherings, and ongoing membership push.

- There will be a speech by Source Network (The Source).

- There will be a speech by One Love Experience.

- Focus on uniting, and empowering the tribe to form a new heightened whole, through collaboration, skill-sharing, viral internet promotions, & livestreams.

- Focus on strategy, branding, marketing, & internet promotion. For each member of our core tribe, our #1 focus is that we each become our true potential; and as a unified front of champions, we identify as a conscious cooperative collaboration network.

- Simultaneous blasts to all of our social networks at the same time, as a unified front, sharing our excitement, & all of our missions.

Simply submit this form ( ) to complete your Source Network "Public Collaboration Profile" , and we will send you the Address (we will use your contact info you provide at the end of the form).. We would like to keep this event semi-private (approved, trusted tribe/friends, as this is a private residence).

Thanks all, love and blessings.

- Doron Kutash, Athena StarSeed, & Corey Keisler
The Source,
One Love Experience,

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