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Monday, November 28, 2016

Benjamin Fulford Report for Nov 28 2016 Khazarians being flushed out of underground hideouts as US revolution continues

There can be no doubt the United States is in the throes of a revolution. As a part of this, US military sources say “44 wildfires in the Southern states of Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina smoked out underground cabalists,” making it clear a real purge is ongoing.
The Pentagon sources are also saying “another cabal spacecraft escaping earth was shot down over Florida on November 21st.” Yet a further cabal spacecraft was shot down off the coast of Fukushima, on November 22nd after it attacked Japan with an earthquake weapon, White Dragon Society sources in Asia say. A video of the craft going down can be seen at this link.
For those of you who think this is too far-fetched, please bear in mind that stealth jets were flying for close to 30 years before they were revealed to the public. That means the F-35 flying turkey is just a diversion and the US military has stuff that is at least 30 years ahead of what we are being shown.
Speaking about the military, Pentagon sources say they are pushing to have generals appointed as Secretary of State and as Secretary of Defense. In particular, they are pushing to have Marine General John Kelly as Secretary of State.
The Pentagon sources are also saying Trump will have a “private army of 2 million veterans, bikers and gun owners to confront Hillary thugs in DC for the inauguration.”
Newly appointed Education Secretary Betsy Devos will be “another general in the Trump cabinet” since she has her own army run by her brother Erik Prince who founded Blackwater with her money, the sources add. This means the mercenaries will no longer be sub-contracting for the Khazarian mob. If so, then it really is game over for the Khazarians.
Also, four separate sources, two Pentagon, one CIA and one ruling bloodline family say some major financial announcements are coming soon, possibly on December 1st. One announcement which will have a big impact on the gold market is tha.......

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The Galactics have been saying on Diamonds Network every (Mon shows see top of this Blog for attending) that this Election would not be "as usual" WOW!! October SURPRISES ABOUND. LIKE I ALWAYS SAY "IT'S a Sighn & Wonder makes you Wonder" Love you All!! elizabeth Diamond co-founder of Diamonds Network

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