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Monday, December 19, 2016

Benjamin Fulford Report December 19 2016: Old reality fading quickly as pole shift now fully underway

Love Has Won

The collective story by which humanity has been herded into the future is undergoing a pole shift, and the old reality is fading rapidly. The story by which the world, especially the Western world, has been living in was one of a never ending war on terror and an engineered clash between Islam and Christianity. The mass murdering criminals whose “social engineering” has perpetuated this story are being hunted down and killed or else are under house arrest or in hiding.
One of the most senior members of the cabal behind the atrocities in Syria and elsewhere, Bishop Javier Echevaria, the head of the fascist Opus Dei Vatican organization was killed last week after he tried to overturn the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, Pentagon sources say. The Vatican says he died of natural causes.
Three independent sources, one CIA, one Pentagon and one bloodline are also saying that David Rockefeller and Nathaniel Rothschild, the respective bloodline leaders of the US and the EU were also killed last week. No confirmation of this has been obtained, as of the time of this writing from either the Rockefeller or Rothschild families.
The sources also say the Clintons, the Bushes, Senator John McCain and many other cabal leaders are under house arrest and are only allowed out under carefully chaperoned circumstances pending their war crimes trials.
We certainly hope these trials will materialize but in any case it is very clear that the people who have been running the planet (especially the West) until now are in a state of deep panic.
Part of the reason for the panic is that an updated membership list of the committee of 300, the secret government of the West, has been made public.
The fact is that even if these people are now backing away from the never ending war on terror scenario and are instead pushing for a global carbon tax, they have been so incompetent at ruling this planet that they have provoked a mass popular uprising against their rule. This tweet, on an account allegedly put up by AnadeRothschild, captures the sentiment: “Pat Taylor ‏@PT_Fino 11月29日 @AnaDeRothschild I’d like your entire bloodline to be executed on live TV. Call me old fashioned.”
This is why they are now in a state of deep funk.
A visible manifestation of their desperation is the hysterical claims by the corporate media and compromised intelligence agency sources like Saudi loving CIA director John Brennan that “Russian hacking” was responsible for the election of Donald Trump. Just like the Washington Post was forced to back off from a list of “fake news” sites it published recently, the Russians are now demanding that US Presidential spokesperson Barack Obama prove the allegations or apologize. This failing Russia story is a clear indication their ability to control the world story is over.

Another sign of the panic among the leaders of the collapsing old regime is the fact that Hillary Clinton and Obama both contacted the White Dragon Society last week to say that......

THIS BEN REPORT IS IN SPANISH....THE One Below this one is ENGLISH  Enjoy!!!!!


Love Has Won hh

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Twin Flame Union Portal 12~21~16: Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine to Merge into ONE
Posted: 18 Dec 2016 10:12 AM PST

We are nearing a very important portal, that will allow the Divine Feminine and Masculine to merge into ONE. A portal of Endings and New Beginnings. A portal of Twin Flame Union, Twin Flame awakening and BALANCE. On Dec 21, 2016 a 4 year window which was given to us to stabilize the energy will end. Just like 4 years ago on 12.21.12, a hefty number of souls will awaken to the calling within, and just like for many of us 4 years ago their journey of awakening will commence. This mighty portal we will feel for many years to come. Divine Masculine and Feminine, Both appearing on a Scale, a scale that is absolutely equal and not moving, indicates that we indeed are about to enter into a very interesting timeline. READ MORE...


Posted: 15 Dec 2016 08:18 AM PST

Final month of the last year spanning an uber intensive 9-year journey of remarkable inner expansion and transformation. We are at the (official) end of the end, completing the completions of quite a legendary cycle of human experience and as a result, every single one of us is being celebrated by the many enlightened beings who we have been working with us since the beginning to achieve such extraordinary aims. The culmination of this 9 year cycle has offered each of us the ability to defragment, to unify every lost aspect of Self. For those of you who have restored your vision to see every part of yourself as LOVE, you will be moving into the new creation cycle with the ability to now experience yourself as LOVE. READ MORE...

Posted: 15 Dec 2016 08:17 AM PST

December 2016 has been super challenging for many on the spiritual path. After a long period of cleansing many expected some relief towards the end of the year. But the Universe seems to be merciless and is bringing up struggle after struggle and pain after pain. It seems so cruel: It feels like we keep seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but we cannot reach it. And the pain has been very intense for many – including restlessness, deep despair, frustration and anger. December offers you the ultimate chance for your personal resurrection as a complete and whole being. And with it, your ascension into the fifth dimensional frequencies for good. READ MORE...

Posted: 15 Dec 2016 08:16 AM PST

You are carried by a larger current than just yourself. That stream originates from the Earth, from its desire for change, for evolution. Imagine that you are carried safely on that current and that it gives you a nudge now, an urging to do this, or to let go of that. Dare to go with the urging; dare to take this step. The more individuals who take this step and dare to start living according to their deepest desire, the easier it is for others to follow, because you then become living examples that it can be done, that it is possible. It means to have warmth and compassion, both for others and for yourself. That is being a forerunner of the new era. READ MORE...

Posted: 15 Dec 2016 08:15 AM PST

What is Taking place (now) is the process of MAKING OBSOLETE the earlier DEFAULT Programming of 3D. That is right, your Default program of consciousness. That go to place, like comfort food, your old programming. GOING back in consciousness to what FEELS more familiar to you. A reprieve from the COURAGE it takes, to step fully into the unknowable. The Cosmic Override, that is taking PLACE NOW; the rewriting and re wiring of your consciousness. Transforms your entire being, your neural pathways. Your thought processes. YOUR REALITY. READ MORE...

Posted: 15 Dec 2016 08:14 AM PST

These incoming galactic gamma ray bursts from a magnatar, which is a type of neutron star with an extremely powerful magnetic field. These 7th dimensional waves will be transformational. According to Gilliland: If you don’t believe in a higher intelligence just think of Gamma Rays as 7the dimensional energies, the plane of bliss slamming the Earth over and over along with solar flares and ask yourselves what might be the effect? What happens when a higher frequency in introduced to a lower frequency? It is real basic physics 101. READ MORE...


  1. Secureteam10 is your source for reporting the best in new UFO sighting news, info on the government coverup, and the strange activity happening on and off…

An earthquake swarm is occurring in Southern Iran, following the 7.9 magnitude earthquake yesterday in New Ireland Region.
This activity could result in larger seismic movement in Iran, but also in Turkey or Pakistan/India as these regions have not seen larger seismic activity for some time.

No automatic alt text available.

  1. the evenings because the look in his eyes when I'm about to leave tugs at my heart. His eyes reveal a look like he will never see you again and that you're leaving implies that he will be utterly alone until his death arrives in utter despair.
    Julien puts up a mask when he sees people or talks to them on the phone. For some reason he feels the need to not alarm others to his real state of being. Since I've been observing him like a hawk nothing escapes my vision and I can clearly see his internal experience.
    If you've reached this far in this writing then bravo, you are perhaps ready to hear the rest.
    I've been staying with Julien's ex-wife Alecia. When I get back to the house in the evenings we have been exchanging stories on Julien and that has given me some added insight.
    I've been getting deja vue almost everyday so I'm aware that this scenario has been all pre-planned so to say or pre-arranged or worked out for it's goal in the grander scheme of things which would be for the greatest amount of healing to occur. I am a firm believer in the bigger picture of life where our lives or at least mine is all about healing the collective karmas of humanity.
    My view of reincarnation is a little different from the standard viewpoint. I don't believe that a soul's evolution is linear or that one soul in particular must work out their own personal karma alone. I see humanity on this planet as one unit, one collective. All qualities of one individual only represent selective facets of the collective. It's not that one person has so and so attributes and others may have some of the same, it's that there is a pool of attributes and qualities that are available to everyone and each of us simple tap into our selected attributes and qualities depending on our alignments and choices of experience.
    For example I have noticed that there is a collective agreed upon reaction to the death of a loved one. When a loved one dies we automatically move into grief and it is almost unavoidable. The reason for that is that that reaction has been anchored and experienced so many times in our collective history that that experience has amassed intensity and anchorage in our collective consciousness. It has become the default go to experience and reaction for that scenario and it is just one grand experience, not many individual ones. We all may take turns experiencing and taping into it or aligning to it. It is ultimately one experience that we all participate in.
    With all that said I have laid out the foundation for what is to follow.
    With everything I had observed and reviewed on Julien it was as if I was collecting pieces to a puzzle. Last Sunday night all the pieces formed a clear picture in my mind as to the origin or base past life experience that Julien has been dealing with for a large portion of his life.
    I think we have reached a time in our collective evolution where certain past traumas are being forced into resolution because they are no longer compatible with the trajectory we are moving towards.
    The past life impression story I'm going to share about Julien doesn't mean it is specific to him alone, or that he is the sole responsible to deal with that karma. We are one species that share collective experiences and the experiences of one person affects the whole.
    The story that came to me in a kind of vision is as follows :
    It's in the times of world war 2, in a concentration camp. There is young man who is practically still a boy. This experience may have occurred between the ages of 16 to 18.
    People that this boy is close to disappear one by one, and when one person leaves him he never sees them again. He does not know what happens to them but suspects that they die. He finds himself in a very scary environment where the guards show no empathy and he finds himself alone with no support from anyone. He does his best to remain positive.
    He finds some purpose in helping the other children who are younger then he is. He dives deep into his imagination and invents games and stories as a form of distraction from the desperate situation they are all in. All the children are in fear and high anxiety with the anticipation of eventual death.
    The coping mechanism is escapism within the mind. He assists many children with his uplifting stories of self empowerment.
    His assisting others has him receive appreciation and adoration from the children and they cling to him for support. He is empathic and cares very much for the children and becomes very attached to each of them. Many of these children fall sick from the lack of nutrition and die. Each death is devastating. Some times people are taken away to be never seen again.
    Everyone is basically gradually starving to death. When a person reaches the stage when they can no longer hold down any food and they throw up, everyone knows that it is the end for that person. They quickly die afterwards.
    At one point the boy's physical body starts shutting down from the complete lack of nutrition and he dies afraid and in complete despair.
    This is a story of starvation at many levels. Starvation of the physical body, starvation of support, starvation of relations where everyone leaves you one by one. It is a story of lack, lack of love, support, sustenance, energy, health and a connection to divine source. It also leaves a feeling of abandonment and isolation.
    As hard as it may be to hear this story and to see that this story is active within Julien's experience, and the fact that this has come to our attention is encouraging. It means that it is time to heal this story within our collective. He is by far not the only one who experiences this aspect of our collective at this time.
    There has been a kind of lime light shone on Julien in the past few years and hopefully this is all part of a plan for a grand healing with my role being to share this with all those who are interested in Julien's story. Some of Julien's followers may very well be some of those children who listened and looked up to him in that past life experience. I believe it is now time to return the gesture and to heal the healer.
    I do not know exactly how this healing will occur. It may take many forms and heal more then just Julien's karmic imprints. I do not necessarily think it means he will survive this ordeal, only that the collective karma will be resolved to a certain degree if not completely. I believe the choice of whether or not he lives is still a choice he will have to make at one point. Perhaps once the karmic resolution has played out he will have accomplished the number one karmic resolution goal of this life and he will be free to leave this life if he feels he has been through enough. He may decide to stay with us, I really do not know what the eventual outcome will be. In any case helping him accomplish his life's goal is the greatest gift we can do for him and for us as a collective.
    I believe my role here is simply to shine the light on the story and to reveal it to all those that find this. I do not have a next step at this time, I'm playing it by ear as we move forward. At the physical level of course we are doing everything humanly possible to assist him in recovering. My personal impression is that Julien wants to live and my feeling is that there is a high potential for complete recovery. However I do not want to create false hope, so please do not think he is out of the water just because of my impression.
    For everyone who has made it to the end of this writing I'd like to thank you for your support just in reading this. Shining the light of our awareness into the recesses of the darkness within our souls is what triggers healing and resolution.

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Posted by Tai Lopez


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