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Thursday, January 26, 2017

"Breaking" Read all Details Here Today January 26 2017: Restored Republic on the verge of implementation:

Great recap of America's true history below commentary from Taansen


Dear One,

        Let us send our universal Love to everyone who was less than thrilled with the inauguration of President Trump, and assure them that regardless of the possible occasional appearance of differing viewpoints, we take it all lightly, with a sense of humor, and an infinitely higher priority placed on our oneness.  We truly have great reverence for them as Beings of Light, and commend them for the tremendous radiance they have been shining in the world otherwise.  Let us bow at the feet of the Divine within all.

        The sameness in our political orientation is that first of all, we are not all that much involved in politics, and none of us regard what goes on in politics as being the greatest cause of the evolution of humanity on Earth.  We all know that higher divine and cosmic powers are the real determining sources, of which national leaders in governments are simply factors in the expression.

        Another sameness is in our favoring of third parties such as Natural Law and others.  There are other samenesses between us as well.  We could enumerate them for pages.

        The displeasure many have had with Trump's inauguration stems from the fact that among our New Age and higher consciousness sisters and brothers, there is a smaller class who have much deeper sources of intelligence regarding what has really been going on.  Thus we are very accustomed to the conclusions that this class reaches being met with disbelief, ignorance, and misunderstanding, even among our otherwise high consciousness and good hearted colleagues.

        The negative things they have said about Trump are typical of this less informed mindset, and it illustrates the old adage, "You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can never fool all the people all the time."  One of the oldest tricks of the cabal has been to create well funded "controlled opposition" -- where it divides itself into apparently opposing factions that are deliberately made ineffective.  Likewise, it controls the media outlets that report on the news relating to those it deems as threats, purposely steering public opinion against them.  This latter tactic is one of the very effective weapons used against Trump.

         Fortunately more of our correspondents have been very well informed about Hillary Clinton, but  having watched the disappointment that many of our friends had when she lost, it was apparent that her Wizard of Oz stage masters did a fantastically clever job of snowing most Americans about her.  You certainly have to credit them for the snow job they did, massaging the minds of millions to paint her as some kind of savior, while demonizing Trump and Sanders and others, and obfuscating or distorting the truths about Clinton's crimes.

        Less common, though, have been the people who have seen past the mass media depictions of Trump as a nasty arrogant figure.  It has been the crystal clear perception of the insiders that those who think Trump is a card carrying cabal member is a highly salient sign of the great success of the obfuscation campaign the cabal's own think tanks have done to sway the otherwise higher consciousness community in the wrong direction.  They may be spiritually ignorant, but they are at least monodimensionally highly intelligent in certain frequency bands -- including and especially in understanding that The People don't like the "cabal".

        The insiders, on the other hand, have known better for a long time, and they have known that "the election of Trump would be the greatest disaster for the cabal".  That's why the cabal did its very best to make it appear that Trump is one of them, to throw people off.

        Just being rich and powerful is not always synonymous with being cabal.

        This is no discredit to those who misunderstood, not at all.  It's not a discredit because lacking sufficient understanding in a certain area is not an indication of lack of intelligence.  Great intelligence doesn't mean omniscience.  So lacking certain areas of understanding is entirely forgiveable.  But it does indicate that they haven't known what they are missing.  They have missed out on the great elation they could have felt from knowing the Truth about who just got sworn in as the POTUS.

        Those dedicated to truly good works to improve the world have vast credits and good karma associated with their work in so many other areas -- and once again, differences aside, our genuine and truest emphasis is on our common ground . . . and our mutual respect.  Despite the few things that we seem to "know" differently, the common ground we have is vastly greater, and is nearly all-encompassing.  So that's where our focus should be.  We truly do feel great brotherly and sisterly Love for all those of different viewpoints, and genuine admiration for the great work they've been doing.

        In closing, it would be wisely suggested that before responding, take a few minutes and read the attached article "Restored Republic Becomes a Reality with the Inauguration of President Donald Trump".  It is highly insightful and explains a lot of things.  Hopefully it may clear up some doubts.  It contains some of the intel from insiders referred to herein.
In Fellowship and Oneness, Taansen
International Natural Law Trusts and America's Best Debt Cancellation System

The Restored Republic Becomes a Reality with the Inauguration of President Donald Trump
• Restored Republic on the verge of implementation
• Two versions of the Republic were in competition with one another
• Inauguration day Donald Trump becomes President of the Republic

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It has been a long, hard-fought battle, yet here we stand on the doorstep of our Restored American Republic –– the Constitutional Republic originally envisioned by our great Founding Fathers during America's War for Independence, beginning all the way back in the year 1776. Thank God, we have made it. Yet again!

Donald Trump - President of the Restored Republic
Yes, the Second Great American Revolution is happening.

The amount of disinformation and distraction at this late stage of the game in the month of January 2017 has reached an all-time high. It was to be expected given the intensity of the energy and transformation pouring into our 3D/4D reality experience at this time on planet Earth.

High level sources have indicated in the Fall 2016, we eventually would reach a point where the disinformation would become so intense, and so overwhelming, it would thus become a clear sign the tide was turning permanently towards the light. It would appear we have arrived at that time now.

Therefore, we would like to address the voluminous amount of disinformation associated with President-Elect Donald J. Trump, who was sworn in as the 45th President on January 20, 2017. The information presented below has been culled from several high-level sources along with published alternative and mainstream news reports as noted.

Here is what we can report to you thus far.

During the 2016 primary season leading up to the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, Donald Trump was the only Presidential candidate to be considered worthy enough to be given special briefings by the US military. which were done while on a campaigning in the Southeast.

Not Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. Not Green Party nominee Jill Stein. Not Libertarian Party nominee, Gary Johnson. And certainly not, (God forbid), Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton. Only Donald Trump was given these special briefings.

Donald Trump was considered by the US Military and White Hats/White Knights to be a true and authentic American patriot. He is not loyal to or owned by the international cabal. He cannot be bribed or bought and he is not interested in participating in the New World Order agenda. He is honest, sincere and has a real and genuine love for America. And despite media reports to the contrary, he does not lie about his agenda as the incoming President of the United States of America.

Previous reports indicated Donald Trump was already well versed on alternative media and so-called 'truther' movements for quite some time. Yet, when he was read into all the intelligence regarding the cabal, the Illuminati, the secret societies, etc., and the many evil ways of the world, he was understandably in a state of shock to the extent of what he learned.


During the subsequent Republican party primaries, Donald Trump blasted through each of the state elections like a one-ton wrecking ball. No one and no thing was left standing in his wake. All the while gathering more votes than any Republican candidate in American history, as he created a very real and formidable political movement.

Mr. Trump conducted his campaign very courageously and very strategically to such a degree, he was able to neutralize the entire Bush family's political dynasty and the Neo-Cons ­ most likely forever ­ during the Republican debates when he started to raise questions about 9/11, as well as the role of then-President George W. Bush, Jr.

Shortly thereafter, brother Jeb Bush decided it was likely an opportune time to quit the race rather than risk more exposure to his family's long list of dirty deeds. Shortly thereafter, he officially 'dropped' out of the Republican pool of candidates shockingly early on February 20, 2016 and was barely heard from again.

Donald Trump also exposed the collusion within the Republican party when Ted Cruz and John Kasich unsuccessfully attempted to team up together to horde delegates from the states of Indiana, Oregon and New Mexico. He also began raising the issue of voter rigging during the Iowa caucuses, and then repeatedly and consistently warned the nation it may likely happen again during the general election. Eventually, he was proved to be exactly correct.

By the end of the primaries, Donald Trump had decapitated much of the cabal influence within the Republican political establishment to the point where it will likely never, ever recover the prominence it once held. In effect, Donald Trump has managed to wrest control of the Republican party away from the Neo-Con cabal which hijacked and held it with a death grip since at least the late 1980s, when George Bush, Sr. became President in 1988.


Once he had secured the Republican nomination at the RNC convention in Cleveland, Ohio on July 19, 2016, Donald Trump set his sights on Hillary Clinton and the insidiously corrupt Democratic party, even though she had not officially won the nomination.

In fact, barely a week later many watched in horror live on national TV as the Democratic nomination was stolen outright from Bernie Sanders, who had won the popular vote and was clearly the preferred candidate by the majority of the delegates at the DNC convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In reality, Bernie Sanders should have been granted the Democratic nomination instead of Hillary Clinton on July 27, 2016, as some of the leaked emails disseminated by WikiLeaks clearly demonstrated a bias and collusion among the DNC.

The Democratic party convention was perhaps the most outwardly disgusting and treasonous political spectacles in American history. The many faithful Bernie Sanders supporters had every right to be angry and to feel their candidate's victory was robbed from him right in front of the entire nation.

During the divisive and nasty Presidential campaign which followed, Mr. Trump was not afraid to put the heat squarely upon both Bill and Hillary for their rampant corruption and years of bad behavior by specifically calling out each one of them on a number of occasions. All the while, WikiLeaks was further exposing the unbridled corruption within the DNC, the Clinton campaign and the mainstream media through the release of yet more scandalous and salacious emails.

Yet, Mr. Trump saved one of his best, most memorable performances for the second Presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri on October 9, 2016. Responding to yet another Hillary Clinton insult in which she charged, 'it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country.' Mr. Trump shot back immediately in his inimitable, fearless style by saying, 'yeah, because you'd be in jail," as the audience yelled and applauded.

Presidential Debate - DT: Because you'd be in jail! - Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump

It needs to be clear, the Clintons are one of the most ruthless, dangerous criminal families in the history of our country. They have been implicated in a whole host of nefarious activities for decades while leaving behind a trail of bodies in their wake from Arkansas to Washington, DC and beyond. Therefore, the amount of guts it took for Donald Trump to make such a statement was something to behold.


During the final weeks leading up to the general election on November 8th, there was clear evidence the Clintons were attempting to launch a civil coup of the US government as the final nail in the coffin for America under the spell of the New World Oder agenda –– or, so they had hoped.

However, the coup was stopped dead in its tracks.

Reports indicated on the night of the election on November 8th, the Trump campaign, the US military and White Hats within the US intelligence agencies became aware of illicit actions by the Clinton and Bush Crime syndicates to 'hack' the voting totals in as many as twenty states. The hacking was reportedly traced back to Langley, Virginia and CIA headquarters, as well as, an IP address associated with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Fortunately, a counter-coup was immediately implemented by the White Hats and this time Hillary Clinton was prevented from stealing the Presidential election outright. We learned much of this intel through the reporting by Judge Andrew Napolitano of Fox News, and subsequently by Dr. Steve Pieczenik, a former CIA operative and declared spokesman for the White Hats within the US intelligence services.

In fact, it has been determined the Clinton crime syndicate eventually managed to steal election results in at least five or six states, or likely more, and therefore were able to supposedly win the popular vote by some 2.8 million votes. Yet, it has been estimated if the vote totals were calculated correctly, Donald Trump actually won the 2016 US Presidential election by a landslide margin of as many as 10 million votes.

Mr. Trump has managed to accomplish all of this willingly while subjecting himself, his fortune and his entire family to an unending litany of abuse, slander, lies and utter contempt by the mainstream media and cabal mouthpieces more than any other political candidate has ever had to endure in the history of US elections.

Nearly the entire political establishment lined up to take pot shots at him again and again, while the mainstream media ran 10-to-1 negative coverage of Donald Trump as compared to positive coverage for Hillary Clinton. He easily became the most vilified political candidate ever to run for office in America, all of which proved beyond a shadow of a doubt he was a major threat to the political DC establishment, the international criminal cabal and the New World Order agenda.

For what Donald Trump has already achieved thus far, he deserves a medal. Or at the very least, the unending gratitude of the American people. Who else since JFK has been willing to put himself into harm's way such as this? Do you really think ole' Bernie Sanders could have done the same? Or even Ron Paul? Or any other candidate in modern history?

Now granted, you may not like his style, or the tone of his delivery, or you might not like his lack of 'political correctness,' but you cannot argue the man has forever changed the political landscape in America and has shaken up the status quo, as never before.

And if anyone bothers to take the time to actually listen to some of his speeches, Donald Trump offers more honesty, substance and truth to the American people than any Presidential nominee has ever been able to do previously.

The Trump Effect - Trump The Establishment

However, the mission to save America has only just begun.

This is not to suggest Mr. Trump is perfect or a saint by any means, however, it must be noted it took an extremely tough, committed and relentless person of his character to take on a job so arduous and so dangerous as going against the entire New World Order/cabal political establishment. These people are extremely nasty, violent and hard-core criminals who have no compunction about doing whatever it takes to accomplish their goal of total global domination.


It is vitally important to keep these major political developments in perspective. Donald Trump is a manifestation of a massive populist uprising amongst the people which is occurring not only in America, but across the globe. It has been stewing and brewing for many, many years to reach this most pivotal time in world history.

The populist uprising really busted wide open with the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom, where in an absolute shocking development to the political elites in the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, who simply did not foresee it coming. All they could do was watch helplessly as the people of England voted to leave the European Union on June 23, 2016 and rock the entire continent.

Donald Trump's shocking rise up the political ladder caught nearly everyone in the Washington, DC establishment and mainstream media totally off guard, as well. In fact, the elites were so sure Hillary Clinton was going to win, knowing the vote-rigging fix was likely firmly in place, Newsweek magazine had printed up a 'Madame President Special Edition' with yet another fake Hillary photo on the cover, released on election day.

In essence, Donald Trump overcame all the odds stacked against him. And those odds were staggering because he was willing to stand in direct opposition to the incalculable evil within our nation.

Is it possible to suggest, with all he has overcome ––  there may well be some kind of a higher power, or higher purpose, guiding Donald Trump into the office of the President at this time, at this stage in American history?


Since his election win, the attacks have only intensified. First, there was the George Soros/Clinton crime syndicate-financed voter recount scam as conducted by Jill Stein. Ironically, and not without a sense of comedy, Hillary Clinton ended up losing 131 votes in the state of Wisconsin while the courts stepped in to halt other recounts in the states of Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Then, radical left-wing/liberal/Democratic, and even Hollywood entertainment operatives turned their attention to the Electoral College electors with a co-ordinated crusade of harassment, intimidation and even death threats, all of which eventually led to Hillary Clinton losing up to 30 Elector College votes.

This campaign continued right up until January 6th when Congress officially certified the Electoral College vote totals, yet not before another last ditch effort by treasonous Democrats to declare Donald Trump ineligible for the Presidency.

Each and every one of these seditious and outrageous agendas by the cabal have failed miserably.

Despite all the rumors and speculation, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin), the former running mate of Mitt Romney in 2012, is not going to become the next President. Neither will Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford, who previously served as interim-President of the Republic until Donald Trump was officially declared the winner of the 2016 Presidential election, in the wee hours of Wednesday, November 9th EST.

We also have learned there were two vastly different versions of the Republic which appeared to be in competition with one another, at least for a period of time. A version known as the 'New Republic' was to feature Paul Ryan as President, hence the rumors of replacing Donald Trump at the last minute. The New Republic apparently was a cabal-controlled counter movement.

Rather, there always existed an authentic version of the Republic which has the full backing and participation of the US Military. It is officially known as the 'Restored Republic," now featuring Donald Trump as President. The Restored Republic was initially installed on Friday, November 4th, a full four days before the US election on Tuesday, November 8th.

Thus, when Donald Trump was formally inaugurated on January 20th, he became the President of the Restored Republic, which also officially 'unofficially' came into being at the exact same time. It remains to be seen how the Restored Republic will be publicly revealed to the American people and to the world. However, it is likely by the time the majority of Americans learn of the Restored Republic, many of its foundations will already have been firmly put into place thus ensuring a seamless transition away from the USA, Inc. government so a Restored Republic can be peacefully achieved.


Make no mistake about it, even after the inauguration, there is still an attempt of an all-out coup –– or a civil war, if you will ­ to prevent Donald Trump from continuing as President.
10,000 Troops Protected the Donald Trump Inauguration and Prevented a Coup Takeover
The cabal and the Washington, DC political elites, both Democratic and Republican operatives; rogue elements of the CIA, NSA, etc.; and propaganda arms of the mainstream media continue to manufacture a false narrative about Russian interference in our election which allowed Donald Trump to win. Therefore, there is an all-out effort by these entities to declare Martial Law, or some kind of "national emergency."

Sadly, there continues to be a very clear and deliberate effort to delegitimize the Donald Trump Presidency even after taking office. Last week, the cabal actors tried to plant phony intelligence dossiers from Russia into the mainstream media. Further, they charged the Russians had influenced the election to prevent Hillary Clinton from winning, while even claiming Donald Trump is a Russian agent controlled by Vladimir Putin ––  as if he were a so-called "Manchurian candidate."

Russia had nothing to do with the leaked emails from the Clinton campaign, nor the so-called 'hacking' of our elections. All of these smear campaigns are merely signs of total desperation by the soon-to-be replaced Washington, DC elites.

To demonstrate how serious the threat is against Donald Trump and our Restored Republic, 5,000 National Guard troops were activated to be in Washington, DC for the inauguration. Along with 1,000 United States Marines; the full Washington, DC Metro police force; and a further 3,000 private security personnel were called into action. Those numbers which total over 10,000 means there is an ongoing, extremely serious effort to protect the country from yet another coup d'etat.

In addition, thousands upon thousands of bikers who are among a group known as "Bikers for Trump" have declared their intention to form 'a wall of meat' around DC so radicals, anarchists and protesters will be unable to incite riots and violence during the inauguration.

Trump Coup Maximum Moment of Crisis

The political elites and the mainstream media still refuse to acknowledge the populist uprising momentum which propelled both Donald Trump's and Bernie Sander's Presidential campaigns. These two candidates were the representation of an unstoppable populist movement in America. It had been brewing for years fueled by the dissatisfaction with both the Barack Obama and George Bush, Jr. administrations.

The populist uprising is now very likely going to explode across Europe throughout 2017, specifically in countries like France, Germany, Italy, and perhaps even the Netherlands, with upcoming new elections and the possibility of the downfall of even more pro-EU governments.

Deep State to Create National Emergency to Supplant Trump


Donald Trump has surrounded himself with a group of loyal and patriotic Americans within his new cabinet, many of whom are either military, or ex-military. His cabinet members have been chosen very strategically so the US Military can be intimately involved with the transition of the USA corporation over to the Restored Republic.

In addition, components of the N.E.S.A.R.A. law (now known as G.E.S.A.R.A.) have been methodically implemented into place as part of the Restored Republic, which began as early November 4th, or more likely sooner.

In addition, the long-range plan to implement the revaluation of global currencies (also known as the RV) and the Global Currency Reset (GCR), has been determined necessary to be delayed until some time after President Trump officially took office when the government, political, banking and economic environments can be safe and secure enough.

Hopefully, it is anticipated the RV and the Global Currency Reset will roll out sometime within the first quarter of 2017. Various reports have indicated President Barack Obama has blocked the RV implementation in America on numerous occasions.

Once in office, Donald Trump hit the ground running with a series of major actions. These actions will include repealing Obamacare (also known as the Affordable Care Act), the US pullout of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), along with as many as 200 Executive Orders to be signed by President Trump during his first week, thereby abandoning much of the corruption within US government laws.

There will be an absolute flurry of activity undertaken by the Trump administration as related to the Restored Republic. However, much will depend upon how quickly Congress approves incoming cabinet members, particularly Attorney General Jeff Sessions. AG Sessions is expected to pursue the prosecution of Bill and Hillary Clinton, and very likely many others. Regardless, expect to see a massive and unprecedented amount of changes undertaken in our nation during President Trump's first 100 days in office.


Granted, to some, Donald Trump appears to be a polarizing figure. Perhaps you have believed some of the mainstream media's deliberate campaign to demonize and undermine him at every turn. Perhaps, you preferred someone other than Donald Trump to become our next President.

However, realize the mainstream media is nothing less than pure propaganda more than ever. The US Congress and President Barack Obama have legislated both government and media propaganda through the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), beginning in 2012. The NDAA lawfully allows the US government, and thus the media as a further extension of the USA, Inc. to literally and liberally spread propaganda to the American people. The NDAA accounts for the recent operation to stomp out so-called 'fake news," while at the same time censoring "real" alternative news.

We will likely see a great deal of unconstitutional laws, treaties and agreements created during the existence of the USA, Inc. such as the NDAA; the Patriot Act; the Surveillance Act; NAFTA; GAFTA ; and many, many others go by the wayside as mandated by the framework of a Constitutional Republic.

Donald Trump Press Conference - January 11, 2017
On January 11, 2017, President-Elect Trump held his first official press conference at Trump Tower in New York City. He visibly demonstrated for all the world to see his total command over the mainstream press and in so doing eviscerated both BuzzFeed News and CNN for the purveyors of fake news, both of which reported on the existence of a phony Russian intelligence document.

It is quite possible, President-Elect Trump has dealt near-fatal blows to BuzzFeed, CNN and much of the mainstream media outlets who continue to dispense nothing but propaganda fake news. High level sources have revealed there may be a major shakeup within the media industry coming soon with many media corporations being taken over by White Hats.

Donald Trump has already announced he will only be taking $1/year in salary as President. In addition, he will be completely pulling himself out of his Trump Organization business empire and will donate profits from foreign governments at Trump Organization hotels to the US Treasury.

He has also pledged to reopen the 9/11 investigation, has vowed to totally revamp the CIA. While other rumors suggest he will re-institute the gold standard, will audit and shutter the Federal Reserve, and will declare George Soros a 'national security threat.'

The Trump administration has also announced plans to open up the White House Press corps to alternative news outlets and internet bloggers in a newly revamped press room situated outside of the White House which will hold ten times the amount of media as the current press room.

After a long and ridiculous period of anti-Russian hysteria during the Obama administration, the Trump team indicated there will be a long overdue summit with Vladimir Putin most likely to occur in Reykjavik, Iceland within weeks of taking office. President Trump will then forge a strong and permanent alliance with Russia to finally defeat ISIS and all remaining cabal proxy armies in the world. Thereby, finally putting an end to any further threats of World War III.


We are now witnessing the rapid transformation of the United States, the Earth and the 3-D/4-D human experience right before our very eyes. Those who have longed for a better, more peaceful more truthful world to live within have finally had their prayers answered.

Perhaps, it has not worked out quite the way as some expected, yet as the saying goes –– 'be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.'

The long-range plan to return America to its Constitutional Republic is now happening. It is a reality! The goal to set the people of America and the world free from the bondages of slavery and servitude is now unfolding. The programs to bring prosperity, abundance and peace to our world are in full motion. All are about to be revealed.

We now finally have a man in the Office of President of the United States who is committed to these goals as any patriot, lightworker or wayshower has ever been. This the right man, for the right job, at the right time. He and his family deserve our prayers.

Yes, we have a great deal to be thankful and grateful for at this time. Long live the Restored Republic! And, as always, God Bless America!

We Have Won the Revolution

Truth Trumps Lies

Dr Pieczenik is the spokes person for the Alliance also known as the White hats. There are USA White hats and white hats in most countries globally. Revolution is happening worldwide. The criminals are being taken out and world peace can now become a reality.

Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, MD, PhD
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