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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Diamonds Broadcasting Network presents: Our Bee Well Activation. Be Well Family.

  • The Bee Well Activation #1 Hawaii 570#

    Our BEE Well : Blue Print Team Activation call LINK

  • THURSDAY - "Our BEE Well : Blue Print Team Activation"

Our Bee Well  Blue Print Team Activation callWeekly Leadership Conference Calls Share the vision, rally leaders!  Thursdays 9 am HST; 11am PST, 1 pm central, 3pm georgia
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Our Bee Well 
Blue Print Team Activation call
Weekly Leadership Conference Calls 
Share the vision, rally leaders!
Thursdays 9 am HST; 11am PST, 1 pm central, 3pm georgia
Call In: 641-715-3836 
Pin: 883267#
Hailey Dawn Armstrong- Kaui
Doron Kutash - Ojai

Aloha and welcome to Our Bee Well!
With Hailey Dawn Armstrong!
I Am Earth Rainbow Queen:
The Professor of Play!

We Focus Fitness and Fun our selves and nourish our destiny uniting wisdom with okay! Mother Natures way!

Tune into our 'Rise and Shine' You tube channel!

Call in Directions
Introduce the unfoldment of the story and visions!
Inspire w the passion presence n power of the Heart!

It is my hearts joy to share this vision!
Come taste of the honey nectar bliss!
We are this!

Share 3 part Vision:
1: I am earth: book cartoon movie etc.
Music video: Orgasmic cosmic bliss
Performance: we light up the world a let's dance experience
Inviting us to the Reunion party: May 6, 2017!

2: Focus fitness and fun: treasure hunt adventure: nectar bliss cereal box.

3: Our Bee Well
Nectar bliss website
The Hive
Wue Wei Festival
Key to Our Bee Well
Duplicated at sacred sites
Own transportation system


Share of the courage and great trust in surrendering into the path of the heart! As we are all living in alignment w our dharma and meeting together it is time for a great Re Union Party May 6, 2017 here on Kauai!

Where we:
We become the prayer
We become the medicine
We become the song
And we Bee Well together!
And we Remember who we are!

Sing my song!

Namaste and Mahalo Keakua!

Honey Nectar Bliss come get a taste of this!

Teams and Links

I Am we are calling in team! Here you are!

I am looking for philanthropist and funders at highest conscious level to see the uniqueness of these visions and the synergistic system that allows all visions to be brought together in a story that connects the inner child in all
Of us to the wisdom within our hearts!

Asking for $555,000,000!

Teams For:
1: I am earth project
2: music video
3: performance
4: nectar bliss website
5: the Hive
6: wu wei festival
7: our Bee Well
8: global transportation

These experts:
1. Manager
2. Producer
3. Agent
4. Costume
5. Music
6. Philanthropist
7. Engineers
8. Designers

Please connect:

Contact Hailey Dawn Directly @ 808-651-0672


Email & PayPal:

F3 website:

I am Earth Website:

You Tube Channel:
"Rise and Shine"

For full details of visions Please call or visit the links below

To Listen Later:Diamond Network Radio:

Or calling

Pin: 883267#

Reference number for Bee Well show

Weekly we meet every Thursday at 9 am
Hawaii Time!

Diamonds Network:
Dial in Live: 641-715-3836
Pin 883267#

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