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Friday, August 16, 2013

Diamonds Forever Call TODAY Sat August 17 2013 1PM CENTRAL 209-255-1000 pin 883267#

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What's Sovereign Media, you may be wondering... is a collaboration between various 'source streams' to bringawareness of sovereignty, self empowerment, true nature of our history, andfoster clear communication channels between source collectives and soul exploration of the true nature of our subtle reality.

Elizabeth Diamond comment: I have learned so much from this brother. I have laughed, I have cried...I have healed....mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and i am sure physically to follow. You can not pass up learning from this our brother.

Initially, we will be working with Andrew Bartzis as Galactic Historian.
His job is to be a conscious neutral perspective of the complete akashic record.
We will be working with various other streams/collectives and giving them,
and the larger collective, 'access' to the complete neutral akashic through their questions.

The Galactic History Show is moving:
Yes, we are moving over to the in5D network.

The next two shows are:

Recommended introductory listening:

Elizabeth Diamond comment: THIS is a History, mind blowing, joyous, adventure!!! YOU will learn alot if you follow this show. Every once a week..check it out on   Love YOU All.

This second in this series of shows features the 'Pleiadian Collective' connected through
Julien Wells asking questions of the neutral Akashic record through Andrew Bartzis.
Julien does not consider himself a 'channel', as he is interpreting through his perspective,
not acting as a voice for another.
This teleseminar took place on
Thursday, August 8, 7:00pm Pacific time, and was about 2 hours long.
Cost is $8.00 (replay of the broadcast available)
Be sure to click "return to Creating 5D / Sovereign Media" at the end
the transaction, so you get the confirmation page with instructions.
Click here to see a sample of the screen with directions!

 Enjoy the conversations:
Julien Wells – Oneness Space Session 18 July 2013 Click here

A Chat with Our Cosmic Cousins in the “Oneness Space”  7.11.13   Click here                                                  

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