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Monday, August 19, 2013


it is not from DO-ing that VALUE is derived, but from BE-ing.  In other words, we as Fractal Aspects of Divinity have UNALIENABLE INTRINSIC VALUE based solely on our BEINGIe., we need NOT ‘do’ anything to BE ‘of value’, you see.  This is why a crippled, mentally handicapped baby has just as much ‘VALUE’ as a pensioner on his deathbed and an Olympic athlete in his prime.  If ‘doing’ is valued instead of or even in addition to BE-ing, then we automatically move back into a corrupted, material-oriented system subject to the same horrendous manipulation and stripping of value from people that we are just now moving out of!

The One People to create value through the exercise of our eternal essence in co-creative DO’ing and BE’ing. Each embodiment is a self-governing treasury or value center and through our adventures and exchanges between embodiments, value is generated. Uniting and integrating our DO’ing and BE’ing, we develop Advanced and Absolute Technologies for the use of The One People.
Embodiments of eternal essence use the UV Exchange for protection, insurance and guarantee that the Advanced and Absolute Technologies are transparent and can be reliably disbursed to all with the intent to KNOW, EXPERIENCE, AND ADVANCE ALL EMBODIMENTS OF ETERNAL ESSENCE ABSENT LIMITS.

That conscious knowledge and experience renders any and all former slavery systems, and restrictive financial tools of commandeer, currency, ownership and distribution irrelevant in a twinkling of an eye, and creates a quantum exponential and perpetual advancement of DO’ing and BE’ing eternal essence embodied.
The release of these Advanced and Absolute Technologies that are eternal essence for the knowledge and experience by all embodiments of eternal essence within eternal essence’s universe, ARE eternal essence’s PEACEFUL ENFORCMENT AND PROTECTION SYSTEMS.

paridiegm SHIFT = a brand new way of thinking and a brand NEW way of doing and being and experiencing and feeling and going about our day to day buisness and living, and...................A BRAND NEW WAY. Love Elizabeth diamond.

 The above three paragraphs i copied and you can start learning.......what the Real Value is  YOU!!!!    

Ask your higher self outloud...Teach me how I Am the real value?  How Am I the Real Value?    Believe me you will get the answers!! Love Peace Joy and above all Laughter. Elizabeth diamond

Here is a video thats kind of nice explains your value:

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