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Sunday, August 25, 2013

History Being Made Now in the Spiritual Realm.

This IS another Historic Call.......a MUST listen to.......Wow...Wow....This is Love the Enemy...Beautiful.
Close your eye's and see for your self as almost one million reptillians come to the light. This IS LOVE.

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This was a historic event.  All Dark Entities - the entire Reptilian species who have created misery and pain to humankind - were removed from the Earth plane to be taken to the Light.
Listen to the personal story of guest Michelle Holliday, who had been the human host for Reginald, the Reptilian Leader.  Reginald's apology, followed by the massive ceremony.
Archangel Gabriella, accompanied by her Twin Flame Lucifer, increased her Light column to a blazing beacon, and sounded her trumpet to announce the welcoming of all Reptilian entities to be brought to the Light.
Thousands of Masters attended in full dress, as the massive procession of Reptilians, drawn to Gabriella and Lucifer's Light, passed through to the welcoming arms of the Masters and the Arcturian healers who accompanied them Home.
The procession was directed by Prince Reginald, their leader, who ushered the thousands of Reptilians through the receiving process to be restored to full consciousness and the ability to love.
With narration and commentary by Lori Cantwwell, (Aurora), Kathryn, and a wrap up and final blessing with Father God, who proclaimed that all humankind is now free to begin a new life.

Today's call was unlike anything we have ever heard before.  Make sure to hear it so you will be ready to join us on tomorrow's historic Healing Call.  We are part of the History of Planet Earth ... unfolding as we speak.  

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Disclosure and Ascension
Here is a call with lucifer....don't jump to conclusions...listen and understand...this is love too....

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