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Monday, August 26, 2013


                                                                                                                                                                             I have found some profound information in studying all davids info listed below. See if you discover the treasure, as i did.

 This is David Wilcock on Coast to Coast August 19 2013: David says some astounding things in this show!!   

At last! Enjoy David Wilcock's epic new YouTube comeback video!

50 minutes of incredible new information reveals that we are indeed witnessing the full exposure and takedown of the Cabal -- thanks to the work of an international alliance.

Disclosure is happening now. Watch as David takes you through a guided tour of the biggest headlines of the last four months, and shows how they are all leading up to something very big!

Even better, you will find out that this is the fulfillment of a cycle predicted in over 30 different ancient cultures around the world -- forecasting a coming Golden Age of seemingly impossible wonderment!


This is the first of a four-part series we are now editing and post-producing for maximum quality. It's well worth the wait!

As usual please make sure to visit David's blog Divine Cosmos for the rest of this story:

In the video I tease about the connection between Jimmy Carter and Cato the Censor of Rome.
This is one of the most fascinating and cutting-edge connections that I explore in the book -- as it is very much a present-day phenomenon.
I give extensive proof that Carter appears to be the reincarnation of Cato. There is an astonishing facial similarity, for example:
Some people might write this off as a coincidence, despite the scientific research of Dr. Ian Stevenson and Dr. Jim Tucker with over 3000 reincarnated child cases with forensic face-matches.
The most stunning connection is how these two men have extraordinary similarities in many areas.
This actually includes them doing the same things at the same exact times, exactly 2,160 years -- one Age of the Zodiac -- apart.
We show the same phenomenon occurring, including the face-matches, with Hitler and President Richard Nixon.
The most fascinating aspect of this story is how Carter has actually jumped onto a positive timeline.
If Carter had repeated his karma as Cato, he would have become a strong voice that goaded us into World War III -- which would have started in 2011.
This would have been a repetition of the Third Punic War.
The previous two Punic Wars overlap with World War I and World War II very precisely in the Zodiac cycle.
Instead, in 2011 we had the Keenan lawsuit -- which synchronized with two different cycles, as I clearly explain in the book.
When Carter said "The US has no functioning democracy," he fulfilled the prophecy I'd already written into the book -- over a month before its release.
The cycles reveal that Carter will have a key role in defeating the Cabal and promoting Disclosure -- and the prophecy is already coming true.
Even if Carter never says anything more, simply making this one statement -- as a former President -- is good enough.
In the previous cycle, Cato didn't even live this long -- so clearly Carter has jumped to a more positive timeline, and shows that fate is not fixed.
As we learn our collective lessons, these same cycles can begin producing positive experiences instead of negative ones -- as we are now seeing.
At the time of this writing, there are eighteen ecstatic reviews of this new work on Amazon -- and all but one of them are five-star!
This book fully exposes the Cabal, and their nefarious actions -- but also reveals how we have not been abandoned by a loving Creator in the midst of this.
Instead, a grand design of soul evolution, through reincarnation, afterlife planning, karma, synchronicity and great cycles of history, is spelled out.
Unlike The Source Field Investigations, scientific fact is woven together with a narrative storyline and lots of informative, inspiring spiritual philosophy.
Already, the comments are saying this is the most influential work I have ever created -- and a significant improvement.
Here is a brief summary of the first eighteen reviews on Amazon as they now stand -- beginning with the newest. These are only short excerpts to keep it moving:
Almost impossible to put down..., August 25, 2013 By malom
Wilcock has certainly written a great piece with The Synchronicity Key.
The book is over five hundred pages, and I found myself completing the whole text in just a few days.
His writing style is very captivating, which led to me saying "just a few more pages" over and over.
I found it very difficult to put down and was left wishing there was more.
Wow!, August 25, 2013 By garaine
Lots of synchronicities have been happening to me lately anyway, but plenty in the few hours I've been reading. I'm absolutely hooked!
I loved the Source Field Investigations, and this is just as good -- if not better.
David has helped to bring me a flicker of hope in a very dark time….
A great book of intrigue, August 24, 2013 By Easternoracle
This book is excellent….
Must-read metaphysical masterpiece that integrates science & spirituality, August 24, 2013 By Jed Shlackman (Miami, FL United States)
Wilcock's first mass-market book The Source Field Investigations synthesized his research into metaphysics and ancient knowledge, offering empirical data to support the idea that everything is interconnected via an Infinite Source Field….
This book is engaging and inspiring, presenting a clear picture of the grand intelligence that guides creation and the purposeful nature of our lives here on Earth….
Synchronicity is recognized as a sign of the Divine Intelligence that underlies all manifest reality.
Since nothing is truly separate from anything else, or from the Source of All, then synchronicity is intrinsic to Creation.
If you are looking for a book of intrigue, spiritual wisdom, advanced knowledge, and authentic personal stories, then this book will likely be quite satisfying.
Wilcock is one of the most important spiritual teachers reaching the public in this tumultuous era, and his books are highly recommended for those seeking insight into their own lives and the world around them.
Am loving it!, August 24, 2013 By Completion
I have only just started the book this week, fresh off the press, and cannot put it down.
I love David Wilcock and have a very strong intuition he has uncovered the major pieces of the puzzle regarding humanity’s journey.
While I did have trouble understanding a significant portion of his first book, so far this book reads like a thriller and keeps me engrossed.
Shaking your head in Belief, August 23, 2013 By cjay "cjay" (Los Angeles, California USA)
This is a monumental work....
[It] will mark this time as a turning point in our collective liberation -- from the bondage of ignorance and fear that has defined our human experience for thousands of years.
A book for everyone!, August 23, 2013 By Kalani (Planet Earth)
I was so happy to receive my copy a day earlier than expected.
After ripping open the box, I opened the book to a random page - WOW... page 149, the chapter heading is "Reincarnation" and the section is "The Cayce Readings on Reincarnation."
This could not be more synchronistic for me!
I first heard about David Wilcock when I found and read "The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce" nine years ago.
If you are new to David's writings, just read the dedication and you will know this book is for you
I have done my best to stand and fight -- using science to collapse cult dogma and superstition.
I am asking you to stand and fight with me now. This is a wild adventure that could fundamentally change how you see life on Earth -- even if you are a seasoned scholar.
By making this body of work a part of your life, you are also helping ensure that it will be heard by many more people.
If the knowledge in this book were to become truly "mainstream", the effect it would have on our society can barely even be imagined.
I do believe that it will have quite a tremendous effect, no matter what.
The forgotten, old science of the "Ages of the Zodiac" turns out to be the greatest mystery of all time -- underlying every great ancient spiritual tradition worldwide.
Once again, we find that the oldest teachings and artifacts turn out to be far more advanced than our current science has reached in its "modern" understanding.
When I encountered this knowledge in 1999, the cycle research only went up to 1980. I didn't attempt to bring these cycles forward to the present until 2010.
One of the greatest moments of my life was in realizing that these cycles were still working just as well now as they were when Francois Masson researched them in 1980.
Deciphering 9/11, and seeing it was only one of a series of five or six key events in our modern timeline that overlapped precisely with the 1400s, made it very personal.
It took me two and a half additional years of meditation on this subject, after I'd written a first draft of the cycle data, to understand why this is happening.
During this time, many dreams asked me to pursue the Financial Tyranny investigation.
The cycles had revealed that an epic change was coming, and the Financial Tyranny work was intended to help it come into being as smoothly as possible.
By "making no wine before its time," I was able to take a book that could have been very dense and scholarly and made it extremely passionate, engaging and personal.
Many approaches were tried and rejected -- but in the end, many of the pages I wrote were able to be re-worked into a single, grand whole.
I have a deep relief on a soul level in knowing that I actually managed to tackle the greatest mystery of all ancient teachings, including the Bible.
Even better, we can use this knowledge as a scientific vehicle of prophecy -- revealing that very positive changes are about to occur.
The laws that will produce the Golden Age are as consistent and inevitable as gravity.
This is due to the fact the Universe is alive. We are all holograms of a single consciousness, experiencing apparent duality.
Life on earth is a grand, structured illusion -- for the purpose of our enlightenment and awakening.
Once we realize the same events keep happening again and again, the persuasiveness of the material world quickly falls away.
The Universe itself becomes a hall of mirrors -- reflecting a single consciousness.
Life on earth is teaching us lessons. Nothing is random. We have tremendous amnesia about who and what we are -- but we can indeed "pierce the veil".
Synchronicity in our own lives is a mirror of much greater forces that are always at work.
Our lives will be inexorably influenced by these cycles, again and again, until we master the curriculum -- through forgiveness.
Otherwise, new people will keep popping into the role of the villain -- and turn us against each other in every way they can.
It doesn't have to be that way.
We are at a "choice point" -- and as the mass arrests occur, we will have a lot of growing up to do, very quickly.
I do not know what the mass arrests will come to be called. I do know they are going to happen.
It will take months for the "average person" just to learn the basics of how much they have been lied to.
The people who laughed the hardest at "conspiracy theorists," out of fear, will have the greatest degree of emotional upheaval to move through.
By reading and understanding this book, you can offer them incredible insights that they might never otherwise have had.
This book will act as a guiding light to help people through what could otherwise be a very dark and sickening time -- as the full negativity is revealed.
Furthermore, understanding the cycles can help us avoid the "torches and pitchforks" mentality that could lead to the same cycles repeating even more.
We have the greatest opportunity in recorded history to alleviate suffering on a worldwide level -- much faster than we had ever dreamed possible.
These changes will happen no matter what. The insider and intuitive data have both reached critical mass. Something really big is coming -- soon.
Understanding the natural laws that will bring this change into being gives us the opportunity to make the journey much smoother and safer.
The external world reflects the internal emotional process we're all going through.
After writing The Source Field Investigations, I still didn't feel satisfied. I had to take a tough look at the reality of life on earth and what I knew about its spiritual underpinnings.
In my own life I was suffering. In my own life I felt much pain -- even as I was offering so much support to others.
I had to look deep inside myself and find out why in the world I was still suffering so much.
That question became the core of the entire book -- and is phrased right from the very first page of Chapter One.
When we try to force life to only be "good," this ensures that we continue suffering. Learning to flow with the up-and-down cycles of life is the key to freedom.
The negative experiences, both on a personal and global level, are part of a class we are all going through, and repeating, until we understand and master it.
As a result, I feel as if the journey of writing this book was a personal healing and epiphany as well as an offering of truth for others -- in the purest possible form.
This is written so that even "ordinary" people can read it and have their lives transformed by it -- as you saw in the reviews.
I do not believe political figures are the only ones who are precisely repeating major experiences in each of these cycles.
Most likely, this is only our first, fleeting glimpse of a phenomenon that is far more widespread than the cases we identified.
I believe that all of us are going through these very precise repetitions of personal and planetary events.
Understanding why they repeat also helps us ensure that this doesn't have to keep happening.
We can reach the top of the Wheel of Karma, where life is happy and we attract more and more positive experiences -- and stay there.
I thank you for stepping up to help -- and ordering copies to give to your friends as well. This one is definitely worth it!
Available in hardcover, audiobook and ebook formats!
David lovingly dictates the entire book in the audio version.
#1 Best-Seller in "New Age Divination with Prophecy" category on Amazon!
#1 Best-Seller in "Spirituality" category on Amazon
#3 in "Movers and Shakers" on Amazon
#45 in all books on Barnes and Noble, 8/20
#23 in all books on, 8/24!

Very few people seem to be aware of what is happening in the world right now.
You might be quite concerned, even nauseous, as the full scope of negativity and surveillance in our world is finally exposed.
Many people are going into a "dark night of the soul" experience right now -- feeling that all hope is lost, and doing whatever they can to distract the pain.
The news headlines we are seeing -- which I talk you through in this new video, step by step -- are building up to something much bigger than we could ever imagine.
I strongly recommend you read my previous article, CONFIRMED: US Military Alliance Defeating Federal Reserve, for the latest and most current information.
I would consider this "required reading" for everyone who cares about what is going on -- and the massive, transformative events that this is leading up to.
Many thousands of listeners were inspired by the three-hour radio show I just did on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory as well.
I made some very bold predictions in this radio show -- and I wouldn't have done that if I didn't have very strong faith in their validity, from multiple sources.
I have been in contact with multiple insiders who are aware of this alliance to varying degrees -- and the overall plan to restore freedom on earth.
Edward Snowden headed off to Russia -- and then never left.
For years now, we have been leaking intel on this site revealing that Russia is at the forefront of this alliance to defeat the murderous Federal Reserve.
At one point it was called BRICS -- Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa -- but it has since grown much larger than that.
A significant majority of the US military is now supporting the Alliance. This is a good thing, not a bad thing.
If the Federal Reserve cabal is not stopped, they will destroy our planet. We cannot afford to let them do that.
I have risked everything -- my life, my security and the people I care about -- to join this fight, and help spread the word about the positive nature of these events.
On some levels, this is a consciosuness war. The Cabal has systematically infiltrated and controlled the mainstream media -- in many different forms.
All the traditional outlets of magazines, newspapers, television news, television shows and movies have been compromised for many years. 
There have always been books and radio shows that revealed the truth, but without video publicity and mainstream press, they have been ignored.
The Internet has been an incredible force of change. Without it, we may never have been able to defeat the Cabal.
The war is being fought for your consciousness. For how you think -- and what you think.
Surprisingly, this is all being allowed to happen by a loving, intelligent Cosmos.
The "Powers that Were" have been the biggest, most powerful organized religion in the world -- for at least hundreds, if not thousands of years.
The true scope of the secrecy involved -- and the nature of the crimes that have been committed -- would make most people shake with fear.
This group does have a spiritual philosophy. The closest known analogue to it in mainstream philosophy studies would be Deism.
This group believes the Universe was created by a "Great Architect" who set up a system of natural laws, and then abandoned us.
In their belief system, "there is no God" -- no loving consciousness overseeing our evolution.
Instead, they believe the objective is to "become God -- where none had existed."
In my new book, The Synchronicity Key, I completely collapse this false belief system with the arresting truth of scientific fact.
You are about to see the first of an epic new four-part video series where I make the case.
Many people come up to me in person, say they have "seen all your videos," but then say "You have a website?!" when I ask them if they read my latest article.
There is a large percentage of our overall audience who seems to be predominantly using YouTube to obtain information -- and our videos have millions of views.
This is the first of a four-part series we are now editing and post-producing for maximum quality. It's well worth the wait!
In the video I tease about the connection between Jimmy Carter and Cato the Censor of Rome.
This is one of the most fascinating and cutting-edge connections that I explore in the book -- as it is very much a present-day phenomenon.
I give extensive proof that Carter appears to be the reincarnation of Cato. There is an astonishing facial similarity, for

Go to   on the right hand side you will find the posts titled below, read them and you will beome more awake. 

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Synchronicity Key: David Wilcock's Epic New Video, Part 1!
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