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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


THIS i see!!! as a move by the controllers in the propaganda slavery matrix, to try to stop the NYT from Disclosure of    THE REAL TRUTH!!  for all of the world.  See the david wilcock post below, to understand more.  Love You Elizabeth Diamond.

NYT Resorts To Bypassing DNS Servers Amid Potential Hacking, WSJ Drops Its Paywall To Capitalize

Matthew Panzarino

Matthew Panzarino has been a professional photographer, hobbyist chef, hardware tinkerer, independent Apple blogger, Managing Editor at The Next Web and now Senior Editor at TechCrunch. He has made a name for himself in the tech media world as a writer relentlessly covering Apple and Twitter, in addition to a broad range of startups. → Learn More
posted 2 hours ago
According to statements from a spokesperson, the New York Times may have been hacked, resulting in the loss of access for many customers. Specifically, it appears that the attack has resulted in the redirection of its domain name servers, which has caused the Times to resort to some interesting methods to deliver the news.
The hacking has been attributed to a group of hackers called the Syrian Electronic Army, as some DNS lookup results point to servers in control of the sites.
Amid the outage, the Wall Street Journal has temporarily dropped its paywall, allowing readers full access to its articles without a subscription. This is the second NYT outage this month, and the second time that the WSJ has moved to capitalize on the outage by removing its paywall. The top breaking news item on the WSJ homepage at the time of publish was the NYT outage.
While its name servers, which translate the plain language ‘’ domain into a target IP address, are down, the Times has resorted to tweeting out the addresses to stories with the direct IP of its servers in place of its domain name. This allows access to the sites articles via shared links, and users can browse the Times via the address on mobile and desktop devices.
If you still have access to the Times, it may be because changes to servers propagate across the ‘net slowly. Some users may continue to see the homepage for some time.