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Monday, April 7, 2014

Encouraging EXCERPT from David Wilcock Post on April ^ 2014, On What IS About to Happen!!

In my second book I proved that the universe is not only alive, it has a personality and a plan for all of us to follow -- just like the 92 percent believe.
This time I went in knowing exactly how many pages it had to be, and I crafted a much more user-friendly narrative flow -- following the rules of filmic storytelling.
Researchers like Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell have named this greater universal intelligence the "collective unconscious".
Certain thoughts, symbols and patterns repeat in everyone's dreams, visionary experiences and intuitive states. These symbols are called archetypes.
The archetypes are essentially all-inclusive. Everything that has happened, is happening and will happen to us fits into one of these patterns.

Each archetype is a specific experience we will have in life -- both the ups and the downs.
There is a certain order in which each of these archetypes follow one another. Together, they form a story.
The story has a beginning, middle and ending. The Hindus call it the Wheel of Karma. Campbell called it the Hero's Journey.
We keep repeating the basic experiences that make up this story -- and we learn from them all along the way.
In the process of mastering the story, we become stronger, wiser, more loving, more intelligent and more responsible.
We learn to face our fears and become true spiritual adults.

As I argue in The Synchronicity Key, this story is also written into the progress of history itself. Time is not linear -- it is cyclical.
Nothing that happens to us is random. The main "plot points" in the global story are quite specific. The precision with which these cycles repeat is astonishing.
For some seemingly inexplicable reason, the most significant events in history keep repeating -- in remarkably organized, time-calibrated ways.

Our most important time-fractal was seeded throughout more than 30 ancient cultures -- and we know it as the 2,160-year Age of the Zodiac.
This is particularly interesting since we just shifted into a new 2,160-year cycle -- the Age of Aquarius -- as of December 21, 2012.
Less than six months later, the Cabal was very actively being exposed by the Snowden NSA revelations.
Now there are so many provocative and fascinating headlines coming out that I literally cannot keep up with them on a day-to-day basis.

It is quite a serious adjustment to think of history as following a pre-designed script, written by a greater cosmic intelligence -- but the data is conclusive.
Russian scientist Dr. Anatoly Fomenko revealed that all of recorded history is repeating itself in cyclical patterns -- all the way back to Sumer.

I never understood the full importance of the Ages of the Zodiac until I did all the homework and wrote a book about it.

I had studied these cycles for a long time -- but never really understood the full importance of the Ages of the Zodiac until I wrote The Synchronicity Key.
It will be quite interesting to live in a world where this becomes common knowledge -- as it apparently was to the ancient civilizations that preserved the information.
There are multiple clues in the Bible showing that the people and "angels" of that time were aware of these cycles, and hid them in various passages.
In our personal lives we have glimpses of a greater reality through events such as synchronicity -- the bizarre correspondences of seemingly unrelated events.
Most interestingly, even the behaviors of sociopathic organized crime syndicates are all being governed by some greater identity we all share.

Right now we are at the very end of World War III -- in cyclical terms.
This time things are very different than they were in Rome. The equivalent of World War III has been much more covert -- and almost unknown to the general public.
In The Synchronicity Key, I rigorously prove that World Wars I and II both happened precisely in alignment with the Zodiac cycle.
Last time around, these epic conflicts pitted Rome versus Carthage in the Age of Aries -- in the first, second and third Punic Wars.
Carthage was located in the land we now call Tunisia. They had a direct marine attack route to Rome through a nearby peninsula.

This time around, very similar events have played out between the United States and Germany in the Age of Pisces.
The beginnings, endings and key plot points of what are now being called "World Wars" appeared precisely 2,160 years after their Roman counterparts.
I can only touch upon this body of data in an Internet posting. It took 500 pages and nearly 700 references to properly make the case in a full-length book.
The proof is so voluminous, and the data so extensive, that it would take a full-length book for someone to even try to adequately attack the science.

The Carthaginian general Hannibal came back as the German Nazi warlord Hitler.
They did very similar things, at the same times, in the same places, exactly 2,160 years apart. 
[These events are not exactly the same, but they have a remarkable number of similarities.]
These two men even look the same, minus the differences in facial hair.

Interestingly, the players in these cycles and the roles they play can shift. 
This seems to depend upon who actually learns from their experiences and who ends up blindly repeating them.
The powerful faction within the United States that emigrated from Germany after World War II, such as in Project Paperclip, is the group that is now being defeated.

World War III has been fought quietly and covertly.
Hardly anyone has even understood it was a war.
They do not know who is fighting, nor why they are fighting.

BRICS Alliance Leaders: Brazil, Russia, India and China (South Africa not pictured)

One might argue that World War III began in August 2011.
At this time, the first two of approximately 26 underground bases, built and used by the Cabal, were destroyed with some form of advanced technology.
These underground cities were intended to be safe zones the Cabal would hide out in after destroying the surface of the earth in a nuclear war. 
They were built with Tunnel Boring Machines or TBMs, like the ones you see below. Existing underground caves are also used whenever possible.
Each photo is clickable to the source where it came from, and is entirely real. These are not Photoshopped. They are photos of actual machines in use.

The idea of underground bases may seem laughable to you right now. It may seem even more laughable that something could have destroyed them.
For many people, the idea of the NSA tapping everyone's phones was laughable prior to June 2013.

The main hide-out for top executives in Washington DC was destroyed in August 2011, creating a 5.7 earthquake that shook the entire East Coast of the United States.
This put the Cabal establishment on "Code Red" status.
They have been in an ever-accelerating spiral of defeat since this initial, staggering loss.
However, it's much like an illegal drug dealer having his grow room completely burglarized and destroyed. Who is he going to call? The police?

Some Internet commentators are looking at the conflict in the Ukraine, economic uncertainties and currency wars, and think a new world war is about to begin.
What they do not realize is that the third and final world war is about to end -- or at the very least reach a major, undeniable turning point.
I boldly predicted this would happen in The Synchronicity Key, and provided a cogent scientific argument for why it would occur.

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