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Monday, April 7, 2014

My father's best Vietnam War buddy, Reggie Taylor, died earlier this year. In his honor, I want to share my favorite story that he told me as a child.
Reggie told me that after the war, they had a big party where everyone brought their own type of booze -- beer, wine, hard liquor, et cetera. 
 Hairy Buffalo Punch.a story of what's about to happen.
Excerpt from David Wilcock post on April 6 2014,
All the booze was poured into a full-sized bathtub. It was constantly changing and evolving as new people poured in new things and drank the results.
Together, it was called Hairy Buffalo Punch.

Reggie said "everything was fine until somebody added the peppermint schnapps."
"What happened then," I answered?
"Everybody started puking. It was horrible," he laughed.
In many ways, the headlines we are seeing right now in the world's media are mixing up the ultimate tub of Hairy Buffalo Punch.
Which one will be the Peppermint Schnapps?

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