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Thursday, May 29, 2014

The latest update from our friends, the fifth- and sixth-dimensional beings known as the Collective, onboard the New Jerusalem.

A Message to Lightworkers – May 29, 2014
The latest update from our friends, the fifth- and sixth-dimensional beings known as the Collective, onboard the New Jerusalem.

COR: My friends, what is the best thing we can do right now, to bring on Full Disclosure regarding the ET presence by the western governments? Namaste!
Namaste, and greetings to all, across your fast-progressing, greatly changing Earth world.
There are several levels of action to be taken to bring out Full Disclosure this year or next. And is must happen soon, as Mother Sekhmet has been clear about the timeline, and there is no questioning decisions occurring on that level – thankfully.
For one, there is the work of unblocking and dissolving those obstacles in the hearts of those in government, who though they see the old power group being unseated, still fear or answer to them doggedly, nonetheless.
Starry Night - MEDIUM
And so the work there is a matter of sending Love, Light, and speaking directly to their Divine Selves, requesting a release of vital information about all of us in the Galactic Federation. All of us who watch and wait patiently as humankind works out its own ascension path and disclosure formula.
For though we can assist in your development to a degree, we cannot create it for you, nor would we wish to try – that would be to violate your sovereignty as individuals and as an Earth race, and we would not take that from you, nor the joy of reaching forward by your own intention and solid action, as you are doing.
Of course the Lightworkers and Way-showers on the leading edge are always impatient to awaken the rest of the world. And this is occurring, but at a pace at which peoples can accept the information with a minimum of (or overriding of) the cognitive dissonance you hear so much about now.
For there is great disbelief regarding the corruption and evil perpetrated by what has long been taken to be stately, distinguished, higher-level forms of your human communities.
And so you find now, that not only does not all that glitter turn out not to be gold, but that much of it is the lowest form of illness and death that humans could ever imagine, and beyond.
It is demonstrated in the low worship of that which does not create life but consumes it as an egoic pleasure. And so yes, there is much of a “shake-up” in the Vatican, and there are royal persons stepping down from duties across Europe, because their sad and evil games are being found out and broadcast across your internet and even your older forms of communication, long run by these same power groups – but no longer controlled by them.
Cloudships over snow-capped mtn - Medium
Another form of creating Full Disclosure is to contact members of your Congress, your President and Vice President (though that latter holds little power), and members of your mainstream media, demanding that the Truth be told, and freely and publicly this time, without “closed sessions” of your legislature and without documents being sealed and kept hidden from public view, as has been the case for many decades, and in some cases, many centuries.
Yet another form is to broadcast through meditation to your entire race that the Truth is here now – that we are not alone, and that those watching us are our friends, space and spirit families, and allies against even the lowest of human impulses.
You may feel that this last is not helpful compared to the second measure in particular, but we can tell you that such meditative “announcements” and broadcasts of energy and intention are indeed what has molded many a human movement in the past, and shall continue to mold many in present.
Your heart and mental images contain a special energy that travels round the world, particularly with pure and prolonged intention behind them. Hence the old adage that the wings of a butterfly beating in one place create a shift in the wind that is felt a thousand miles away.
And so it is! You are not alone. You have your vision, and your dreams, and these are more real than you can know in your present state.
And so do not despair that yet another year is passing without the Truth being told. For from where we stand, friends, it is coming closer to the surface at every moment, pushing forward so as never to be suppressed or hidden ever again, even in the imagination.
Your entire human consciousness – the group collective unconscious and conscious energy mass – is looking up to the skies and asking to know where we are, and when we shall all meet.
And that time is coming nearer now, in ways so powerful we cannot even describe them fully.
Be of good cheer, and be encouraged! You are not alone.