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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

NEWS JULY 22, MORE OF PELADIAN UPDATE, VIA JULIEN WELLS!! STAY TUNED FOR MORE, ON AUGUST 9 2014; 1PM Central...see Top of Diamond Blog for Call Directions & scroll down too. See YOU (DIAMOND), there!!1 Love elizabeth Diamond.

Published on Jul 22, 2014 Don is somebody who has had many sessions with Julien, so this one kind of turned into a Pleiadian Update, so we felt it should be shared. Enjoy! Visit for current events and links Book a session: -The energy is moving very fast now -Since 2012 -Pleiadians come forward to discuss 2012 -Alternative timeline of 2012 -Differing paces of discovery -Pleiadians suggest easy alignment as far as timelines (Ekotai is the name of the Pleiadian who shares on this, Julien has known him for a while) -NOW is the most solid point of awareness -Observe heart, take it step by step -Collaboration is happening with those who were picked up (11,000 cabal members on June 7th, refer to this video:, and the update which was done one week later: -Pleiadians are here, observing human thought and interaction -Prime directive: will not obscure anyone's path to their heart -Child-like approach we are rediscovering invited their pattern to assist those who choose to find that -Julien describes his 5 year old daughter and her method of allowing what she wants (children are teachers) -Ekotai interrupts to share something he he's about Chicago/Detroit region -He sees a sort of demolition with flowers growing out of the rubble (symbolism) -He asks Don what he feels from this energetically -HUGE jump in crime/murder over 4th of July weekend -Flourishing will start early there, the environment of negativity is imploding on itself -Recording gets cutoff, but the session is basically over at this point. **A couple days later, Don sent Julien a message: "Julien, Reference Ekotai's question about Chicago, something just hit me. In 1871, the city was burned to the ground. Remember Mrs. O'Leary's cow? Anyway, it rebuilt itself, literally like a Phoenix from the ashes, into a major city and the "flower" of modern architectural genius. Not to mention, it's name comes from the Algonquin language (I think) and means "wild onion." More plant-based info. Thanks, Don"

"Attention, please would you consider?" I want to Thank YOU All the World Wide Followers & Galactic wise of the Diamondsforever31, Thank YOU, with much Gratitude.elizabeth Diamond

Elizabeth Diamond: on Sabatical: No Diamonds News on July  24,  31,  Aug  7  &  No

Diamonds Sat on July 26  Aug 2: Back on Aug 9 with Astounding Peladian update via 

Julien Wells    Galactic     Meanwhile please take advantage and listen to the Archives

Thank you elizabeth Diamond    click here; Diamonds Replays

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Another request i have, is i  have lost my 40hr wk job, with no financial support not even unemployment, in between jobs, and also at the same time have a 30 day notice to vacate my rental home because they want to sell it. (looking for job and home all at same time), So i would appreciate it if anyone out there has any ideas for me to move, i have pets and would love to communal live or if anyone has home that they need some one to take care of for trade or monetary rent,  to live in, or have any ideas for me, I am in the process of looking for job and place to live, will consider moving out of state:  please email me with any ideas, offers or suggestions, or encouragements. I am in Gratitude for all of you followers of Diamondsforever31 around the world and beyond. Thank you for taking interest and using this material for your awakening. Love YOU All, Blessings of Love Peace & Joy turning to Bliss!! to All. elizabeth Diamond. 

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REMEMBERWhen I come back August 9, Julien Wells who had the Peladian Update, is back!! Do not miss. August 9 on the Diamondsforever31 Show. Sat 1pm Central. 

JUST RECORDED:Paladian update via Julien Wells June 6th & SAT. JUNE 14 EXSTRODINARY UPDATE SHOW!! (Recorded Link just below, Red Text) TO WHAT THE PELADIANS ARE OFFERING HUMANITY, IN THIS MOMENT OF NOW!! Via Julien Wells, Listen to this first info show below: "Fax from the Multiverse", received on June 6 2014, Then attend The Update Show on Diamonds Forever 31: Sat June 14 2014 1pm central, clik and scroll down past pictures: instruc how to attend this update.

"The Pleidian Offer": via Julian Wells, Recieved on June 6 2014. Update will be given on June 14 2014, Diamonds Forever31 Show.

JUNE 6th: First News click this window....then listen to June 14th update link just below.

Recker Ralph the movie, & Hidden Hand Article, this link:

UPDATE, JULIEN WELLS  JUNE 14 SHOW, LINK HERE: June 14 2014 Diamonds Call :// or call 209 255 1099 Pin 883267#  Ref 150#      Guest: Julien Wells Peladian update. Astounding Info, Humanity

OVER VIEW OF UPDATE peladians via  JULIEN WELL, JUNE 14 2014. see below

-Elizabeth gives cobra update from June 9 -First 10 mins of 1st audio is played -10,971 people left on the ships -Julien shares the dreams he had the night the pick-ups happened -He shares the experience of his is parallel life, the "other Julian" who went -Actually experienced it with him in dream time -The "four-legged" appearance is a technology they use to adjust to standing on the surface of the planet in our density -Julien clarifies miracles/technology, dimensions/density -What the 11,000 are going through/experiencing aboard the ship (less dense reality) -They're living in a holographic "village" which was prepared for them -It's meant to seem familiar to them, Pleiadians are around to answer questions -Experiencing initial physical discomfort without typical "food" -Going through deprogramming -This was considered a radical move on the part of the Pleiadians by other Galactic groups -But their level of empathy with us was such that they could better understand the depth of the outcry -Julien's plans to collaborate with the Pleiadians more publicly -Richard Rockefeller was taken aboard a ship, he did NOT die in a plane crash -Julien speaks about connecting with your Guides -What dreams really are -Moods and attracting reality -Ego/higher self and how they work together -Cabal is very vulnerable now with absence of 11,000 -Children of the cabal -Imminent Pyramid Hierarchy collapse -Questions to the Pleiadians: -What is their perspective on the pick-up? 3 answer who have positioned themselves in "townhalls" to answer questions -Much religious deprogramming (particularly for the large concentration from the Middle East who went) -The Annunaki role -The group is missing their families and inquiring about ways to keep tabs on or remote track the loved ones they left behind -They are learning to understand why they made such a choice as to participate on Earth in the way that they did -Elizabeth's question: what can we do down here to assist with our shift? Follow exploratory state of mind.. it will teach you your own heart -Book a session with Julien to speak directly to Pleiadians (, he will be doing more public Q&A, and wishes to remind people they can ALL do this themselves -Offer yourself to be perceived by them, define contract parameters  thanks Crystal Walker...FOR writing this update. 

                               (The Pleiades Star System)



 DIAMONDS FOREVER 31 Show,  Saturday JUNE 14, 2014: Guest: Pleidians Udate via Julien Wells. LOOK BELOW FOR MORE INFO ON JULIEN WELLS. 

HERE IS THE LINK: Sat June 14, 2014 Diamonds Call, Guest Julien Wells :// or call 209 255 1099 Pin 883267#  Ref 150# 

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About Julien Wells: At this stage in our Awakening, we are becoming ever more aware of the non-physical aspects of ourselves and our connection to each other as One at the energetic level. We have access to just about any consciousness we can imagine, and many are aware of this and actively practicing. Many of us, however, have not yet discovered our own direct link to our higher selves or our guides, the angels, etc. Julien Wells has developed this connection for himself and has integrated it to such an extent that he can be a bridge for others as well, and is now providing this amazing service to the public. He can tell you who your guides are and what messages they've been trying to get through to you, and connect with your Higher Being. The messages come through symbolically and he simply unravels them one by one. Many times there are dietary suggestions which come through as well to optimize your own personal process-- suggested, of course , from your own Inner-being and relayed back to you. Julien is a most kind-hearted wayshower who is humbly making himself available to anybody who has been trying to make these connections with themselves and finding difficulty. Julien also has a direct empathic/telepathic link with the star civilization The Pleiadians, and shares much insight from their perspective. Click the link below to find out more about booking, and find links to the things he's shared publically at No more than 5 minutes of speaking to Julien, his kind (and Canadian!) authencity simply shines through, and his psychic abilities and connection to his own heart are undeniable. I live with the guy, I can certainly attest as these are sincere words from my heart! -Crystal



!. on The Real Truth call 2, first 3omin about 7min in talking about the Paladian june 14 update, diamonds call with julien wells, and how it went viral:  6/02/14 - Buck, Dr. WC, Capt & The Real Truth Callers                         
6/17/14 - Dr. WC, Barb, & The Real Truth Callers                                        Listen To Call






or listen here: Awesome, update!! Awesome Expanding!!! YOU