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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Awsome News!! Comments by David Wilcock, regarding Dec 8 2014 Ben Fulford Report.

The official release of the torture report is extremely significant, and shows a massive sign of progressThe statement by Lagarde about the IMF seeking an alternative to US stonewalling the implementation of the new financial system… is also very significant
[the Cosby story] They obviously did [know what he [Cosby] was doing]. And they were complicit in covering it up. Cosby has become America’s Jimmy Savile. Once again the media are heavily implicated…
a coup has now occurred in the CIA. Fully 60 percent of the CIA is no longer under the control of the Cabal. This has been an ongoing process since Petraeus left. Many people who were supporting the Cabal, to varying degrees, have now flipped. This is how the torture report got out there. This change is extremely significant and unstoppable.
The Sony hack… by a group calling itself “The Guardians of Peace,” has nothing whatsoever to do with North Korea — and everything to do with the Alliance… this falls in line with the pattern of other recent hacks that have happened… Wikileaks, then the NSA, then more recently JP Morgan, the White House, and now this. The controlled media obviously wouldn’t dare to point out the similarities, nor the idea that there could be a unified group effort behind it that is quite international in scope.
what we are seeing here is Snowden 2.0: The Hollywood Hack. The Cabal is doing a “kill two birds with one stone” trick by using this event to promote a major new film, which now everyone will have to see…
The GOP [Guardians Of Peace] / Alliance has said that there will be a “Christmas Gift” of far more damaging information yet to come.
this hack is intended to reveal the sordid Cabal influence on showbiz, as Amy Berg’s recent documentary about rampant pedophilia revealed… the film has still been blocked from distribution, and thus its revelations haven’t quite become common knowledge yet.
…it has significantly rained in California with more on the way. I was recently discussing the idea of HAARP being used to stop it from raining in California, as an effort to destroy the American populace by wiping out its bread basket. The level of heat and dryness has been mercilessly effective… One way we could tell that things were really changing was that it would start raining in California. And not just a little, but a lot… That is exactly what has happened — barely over a week after I had that conversation…
…Australia is still under the control of the British, but the UK in general is quickly separating from the Cabal, so it is interesting times.
If people view my life from an ordinary perspective they really cannot understand what I go through. Nonetheless, I am so stoked to see how much we are winning that I continue to have the inspiration to plow forward.