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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

COMMUNITIES Enews is here to help you connect you with new perspectives, clever strategies, bright people, and unique resources to help along the way.

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by Christopher, Communities Business Manager

Communities magazine is here for you!―all of you brave intentional communities, community seekers, and community builders. You are creating, living, teaching, and sharing ways to live in a more cooperative and sustainable world.

Communities is here to tell your stories, to help you solve tough problems and answer hard questions, and to connect you with new perspectives, clever strategies, bright people, and unique resources to help along the way.

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Is It Utopia Yet?Is It Utopia Yet?
Is it Utopia Yet? lets us take an insider's peek into the origins and decision-making processes of one of the country’s best-known and most successful intentional communities, Twin Oaks Community.
Getting a GripGetting a Grip
Getting a Grip is a beacon of hope that serves to remind us that we can all make choices everyday that positively impact the communities we live in, both locally and globally. How to have "clarity, creativity, and courage, in a world gone mad"!
Beetless Gardening BookBeetless Gardening Book
The Beetless Gardening Book
 is a clever sing-along book to learn about or teach gardening in a whimsical way. It contains renditions of popular Beatles songs where the lyrics instead revolve around the pleasures and insights of working in the garden.
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Christopher Kindig
Business Manager, FIC

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