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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

That’s the basic definition of the Galactic Historian. Being soul family to everyone..........

A Galactic Historian is a person that looks at all the lines of dramatic karma. One planet in this part
of the galaxy creates karma that’s war based; another planet creates drama that’s music based or soul
based. They create lines of drama. A planet will generally have a Theme. Not all karma is bad; not all
karma is good. Some of it’s just… in between. A Galactic Historian goes to each and every line of
dramatic karma and lives in soul family with everyone, so that they see the big picture of all of the karma
that’s going on in a local part of the Universe. What makes it very difficult is that you have to have true
love with someone in that soul family in each and every Time. So the truth about a Galactic Historian is
that to become one, you have to go to all of the worlds, live in all their incarnation and reincarnation
cycles and be soul family to each one.
When our solar system was built from the ground up to clear out the karmic pollution of the
Universe, everyone was put here and I’d already lived the lifetimes. There were four people ahead of
me in this world that had the opportunity to say yes – they said “No”. When it came to my turn, I said
“Yes”. There are two people behind me, beyond me, that can say “yes or no” when it comes to their
turn. That’s the basic definition of the Galactic Historian. Being soul family to everyone means I’ve
traveled a lot. I’m old.
Andrew Bartzis

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