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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

UFO Captured on film overtaking flight from JFK Airport

What amazes me is this 48 second video was put up Yesterday and already has 60,000 views!!!!  Folks are getting ready for the shift!

Here's the story I quoted in the Candy Jar Segment from last night.  Also, I'll attach my notes. I didn't read them all, as I felt my 5 minutes were already up.

Notes: Candy Jar New  259# Diamonds Network

August 3, 2015

Yes, this is Candy Carroll with the Candy Shop Shows as Elizabeth has named them.  Here's my Candy Jar Treats for today!

Joyful Loving, remember to say this Mantra slowly  3 times in a row, several times a day and watch how easy it is to Live In The Moment, Joyfully!

Use your "Heart" symbol often!

Here's a new treat:  Happily, say "I Love You" three times a day, at least--to a human, a flower, a tree, and an animal!  Grow the Love!

Listen to 213# with Chris..........

Chris Jacobs helped our Space Brothers destroy the negative HARP network and now the Candy Jar News can report "SHARE THIS: English Father with son's Shocking VIDEO and Testimony To There Witness Of a Massive HAARP Event Over Lockheed Florida! HAARP EXPLODES OVER MILITARY BASE? This is June 29th Breaking News! HAARP EXPLODES OVER MILITARY BASE FLORIDA!? UFO Sightings 2015"

[2 minutes]

Watch UFO Overtake Virgin Atlantic Flight Taking Off From JFK Airport
The Inquisitr9 hours ago
Giant UFO Mothership Over Pampanga, Phillipines, Best Proof Of Aliens, UFOlogists Say [Video]
The Inquisitr3 days ago
On July 29th there was a huge Fireball photographed over SE Australia.

A lake in Iceland turned a mysterious White Color.

Chris has told scanned of the participants on these calls and shared that she has had 7200 lifetimes!

Tolec told Alfred Webre last week that he has been reincarnated on Earth over 7500!

AND, that w/o Roswell crash and back engineering from 1947 we would be at the technological level now of what we were going through 1975 in this timeline.

Tolec quoted Andromedan Council as saying that there's going to be a tremendous Shift both consiously and physically.  

THEN on July 30th Raymond went to see the FAB 4 and for the first time they told him that the Physical part of this upcoming Shift will involve tremendous Earthquakes like we've never seen before!  Mother Earth is going to go through a huge cleansing in order to Ascend to the 4th Dimension.  

Events in outer space will be coordinated with this Shift preparation.

The Cabal set our frequency so low it caused so many problems for everyone....they are going to disappear because theirs are so low.


July 2, 2015 onto 16 months from Italian Crop Circle.

This is the only video I plan to send today from the Candy Jar.

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